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Drama Club

"I never signed up for your drama club!"

I love the K-12 movie! The visuals are beautiful, the songs are amazing and the story is great!
But what really got me is the song "Drama Club"! But I must admit, mostly because of the dresses.^^°
I mean I love all songs and drama club also sounds amazing but I think I'm mostly hooked by that song because of the scenes. What can I say, I'm a sucker for old fashion dresses.^^

If you saw the movie, what is your favourite song?

K-12---> Melanie Martinez

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*click* Noice.

Love the dresses, love the lighting, love the linework. It's focking precious, mate!

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Thank you! Glad you like it!^^
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I have no idea what the k-12 movie is But the dresses look amazing! So do the poses & the drawing over all! Love it!
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Its a movie from Melanie Martinez wich you can watch on YouTube for free! But it wont be there any longer so maybe watch it as soon as you can If you want to watch it^^°
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Wadtched it directly after i commented and hoooooooly shit!! Its great thanks for putting my attention towards it!!!
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You're welcome! And good because the movie is taken down now since yesterday and its only available for purchase.^^°
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UUUhhh  lad I caught it on time
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oooo!! :0 This looks absolutely awesome! :heart:

I've seen the movie recently and it was super great! I really loved the concepts in it?? It was fantastic! c: I think my favorite song would be Drama Club as well? Or Lunchbox Friends! I had those two on repeat afterwards and I think I can't get over the choreography of Drama Club, in the movie? It is pretty great! <3
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thank you!!!

Its really amazing! Or the choreo of show and tell is so on point! Like what!
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It's alright!! <3

I definitely agree!! ^^
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