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Vexel: Vector-pixel hybrid

After seeing *donbenni's kick ass RX-8 in White [link] I was gagging to do a "White" car too :) Here's an Acura TSX (dont' see too many of these tuned, or tooned for that matter) in prototype A-Spec bodywork with a few custom touches. Wheels are 3D toon rendered and manipulated in Photoshop. The remainder is all Photoshop fun. Background is photo derived. Yeah, the perepective is not a spot on match, but fuckit, it's about the car.
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afronoodles's avatar
amazing every-time I see your work
DeStryker17's avatar
how do you understnad this form of the gloss reflections so well? I think that's something I need in order to produce work of this high quality
DeStryker17's avatar
btw im in the middle of doing a '05 TL
nrslkrkc's avatar
extreme details...
maddinc's avatar
amazing I loved :sprint:
aminion's avatar
:wave: woowww...! so damn great.
u re gifted. (^_^)
geno8r's avatar
dhillaz's avatar
Once again, you've transformed (what I know as) a boring Honda Civic into a pixel perfect racing machine!
khm3rblad3's avatar
i really like this one too. damn you are good.
Dantespice's avatar
Wow,now thats clean like a dang guy! :D but i have to say,how does one vexel those headlights? there preatty amazing.
austin123's avatar
Holy shit, as I hope this isn't considered spam since this is so old, damn Gotta have this, thanks for making it.
grid001's avatar
Man I have to say I'm a big fan of Hondas. I own a '99 Civic myself, hence when I see your
Honda\Acura renditions I just go :jawdrop:

Excellent work Russ!
sankoko's avatar
This is absolutly.. amazing! as is all your other works but i felt like i had to comment and favorite on this one first ^^ *drools* i really want a car like this (*o*)
gloomknight's avatar
That is truly sick, go EuroAccord :D
crasteler's avatar
looks brill dude
madbrainsurgeon's avatar
sweet man kinda crushed looking but sweet
ProfessorKC's avatar
Looks pretty cool, would criticise slightly but I can't do nearly nething as good as that :D
VEXTA's avatar

DUDE !!!

ausome :+fav: for agesssS

Airdrian's avatar
Christ dangeruss ur pumpin these out like nuttin!
sans2012's avatar
Hot bro, very, very hot;)
andythefragile's avatar
want to touch it---have to touch it

omg sweet.
Hubman's avatar
Fuck it, it's about the car!
Henbob's avatar
This is f***ing amazing! :+fav:
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