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Speedart 2010 Porsche GT3

A quick redo of my Porsche GT3 - this time in a brilliant Yellow and the scene I created for my BMW M3.

3D Studio MAX - Vray - Photoshop
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hey dude can i use your art for my youtube channel? 
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In what way? With what credits?
thanks for replying man. Well just me and a bunch of friends are creating our own youtube channel about cars and Im looking for a channel art for my youtube page.  your car looks awesome! any chance we could use it? well we could mention artwork by your name. We are not doing this channel for any commercial reasons.
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yes, go for it.  Please send me a link when you're "live".
thanks dude. 
here is our link. do subscribe if you dont mind! Thanks a lot!
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Wow this 3D GT3 is just amazing. Could be great to add the render time in your description
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Nice render, however you might want to check the proportions of the rear light and the front bumper length and height ;)
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Beautifully done!!
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trully more than perfect work here , I love everything...words can't descride how perfect this is

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OMG! Looks really real! This is awesome! Great Render Settings and cool car! Love it :D o.O
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hey that door handle is a texture isnt it? :lol: looking nice tho
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nope - sort of looks like it though. This shows it better: [link]
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could u show some wires?
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If you take a short look, you thought it was a photo.
Very photo-realistic. Well done. I added it to my favourite.
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hey dude absolutely stunning photo os an awesome car, I was just wondering how you made it? was it from blueprints or photos, ive looked everywhere for blueprints of this car and i cant find anything grrr, Ive you have them could you possible send them my way ide love to make this car =)
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The back wheel well looks a bit awkward, but other than that, this is fantastic! I had to go to full view to convince myself it wasn't a photo.
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Really amazing detail, reflections and everything. From the thumbnail I thought it was a photo!
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great work, i lov ur works

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