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Sauber Mercedes C9 WIP

A work-in-progress. I might add some detail later :)

Rhino - 3DS MAX - Vray
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nice as usual !
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You are amazing man I've seen couple of your renders you are awesome Brilliant, Great work,
whats your clay render / clay material settings?
In the majority of cases you don't really get a benefit of getting so much in details. That's why I think you must be in love with 3D modelling. Now I understand what it means to be real good at something. You don't have to do something for material benefits. Do it for your joy. I wish I can some day...

Thank you for getting me realize that.
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great works bro welll done;)
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You have to pay for my eye surgery. they just popped out and i dunno how to put em back. ;) godlike detail
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Brilliant detail!
this is amazing!

what rhino like for modeling? ive only used 3ds max
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wow, that's look very complicated models
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that's a production-level detail here!
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wow! Fantastic!
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Amazing Job!
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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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This detailed monochromatic car is very atractive, even it is not yet finished.
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I've been wondering, Do you sell your finished 3D models? Or is that bad practice?
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Really it's amazing, very nice, but I have question plz:
What the render techniques you are used.?
Please! create tutorial about V-ray render settings.
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Yeah, I copy that .. We'd like to learn some of you techniques :)
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hey man the engine detail is awesome its like u wanna hear turn on hehe be waiting to see the finish detailed and rendered one
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Awesome modeling detail. Can't wait to see the textured/lit version.

You ever considered making a dirty car just for the heck of it? Like actually trying to make one of your models look old, dusty, minor rusting, etc?
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Totally amazing!! :omfg:
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ok, this thing did it to me again. I meant to click on the Wow! but the icons disappeared and I got the mad one instead.
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you are a big!!
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woooooooow....its niiiiiiiice
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