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Some more near future sci-fi. Here is a Remotely Operated Vehicle used for deep sea exploration and perhaps salvage work.

Based loosely on a concept sketch by Ben Proctor, this combines his basic design with more real-world robotic and propulsion technology for a more believable appearance.

3D Studio MAX - Vray - Illustrate (plug-in) - Photoshop
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LaPerleoStudent Traditional Artist
This is so COOL! I can totally picture it slowly churning through the inky blackness of the abyssal waters, collecting previously unknown specimens and mapping uncharted regions...
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i love this piece, it has that borderlands apeal...but MUCH MUCH better!!...i need to get my hands on that plugin, great job!!...you have a new follower :)
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does Vray - Illustrate exist for maya? great work
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dangerussProfessional Digital Artist
This particular plug-in is only for MAX. There are other NPR (non-photo-realistic) render apps that are Maya compatible though. Even the toon shader in Mental Ray can produce similar results with some effort
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i like your sci-fi art a lot! you're very talented! keep up with that ;)
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karanuaHobbyist Digital Artist
Good play on words the "Deep-See" given the optics on this probe. Quite an amazing model too.
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The design is excellent for some movie but actually this ROV would not survive one dive :)
You can not control it to precise underwater and it is often that it hits some underwater structures, that is why they build them in reinforced cages.

This is the ROV I did in 3D, it is actually a 3D model of Sub Atlantic ROV : [link]
I am working now on design of cooler looking ROV but the one which can actually be built and used.
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dangerussProfessional Digital Artist
Why so serious?
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I did not say that the design is bad, I like how it looks. I just say that it can not be built in real life because there are some restriction if you are designing something like a underwater ROV. Otherwise it looks very good excellent for game and cartoon industry.
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MDARTZHobbyist General Artist
Love the detailing. And it is believable. I am just an newbe at this stuff but I am an artist and can't wait to get to this level. Very Nice.
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i thought they had 2 arms:? also i dont quite see the turn props:P:meow:
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Nice job, at first I thought it was actually a photo...
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maxxdamage01Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing work! I like it and I envy you. Love the detail level :D keep it up!
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Reminds me of Little Geek and Big Geek from James Cameron's Abyss. The only thing I might gripe about is the use of the bubbles. I know it helps to sell the idea of the subject being under water, but they somehow feel out of place with the rest of the piece. Maybe fewer bubbles. Great work though.
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SDGstar1Professional Digital Artist
I have personally worked for Oceaneering (world's largest deepsea/diving company) here in Houston, TX and several other Oil and Gas Engineering Gig's. this is quite accurate to concept capabilities from the Electronics Control Module connected to the drive motor and gear/bearing for the pivoting multi-camara head......the external cabling/hoses are fastened with much more sofisticated fiber/metal pin connectors......and most of all the cage and overall body has to be more structurally capable of handling depth pressure's and/or bladder's for large internal compartments such as the box with the crappie logo.....
our industry now send's these little expensive box's about 12,500-14,800 ft deep. At last I checked my ECM on the FSSL control pod held the record at 15,982 ft.
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dangerussProfessional Digital Artist
Interesting. Thanks for the comments. I'm shocked that you say it's accurate. I did the barest amount of research. If I had imagined that these sort of things went as deep as you say, Id have done somethings differently. I was guessing 5000 feet.
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Outstanding. I'd love to see your design work featured in a movie.
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Reminds of the better aspects of seaQuest.
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Oddly enough, my favorite part of this picture is the "Komatsu" logo on the side.
I'm odd, I know.
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sykosanProfessional Filmographer
Great design and render !
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SpectralCircleStudent General Artist
Such an amazing work, i have never seen a piece so good in this style, great work man...
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Great concept and I love the detail work.

It seems like the top 3D work on this site was rendered with VRay. I cant get anything close with Mental Ray. I think u have to be a Senior Mathematician minoring in Rocket Science to get good renders with Mental Ray. :)
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dangerussProfessional Digital Artist
Mental Ray is "fast" or can be if used efficiently, but there's just too much farking around to get good results.
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dmalandHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice, especially with the NPR giving the design such strong lines!
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