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Opel Astra OPC - Vexel

Vexel: Vector-Pixel Hybrid [link]

I sure wish GM would bring the Opel line-up stateside. It certainly beats the crap out of anything Chevy has to offer.

Here is an Opel Astra OPC tuned in Vexel style. Wheels are modeled in 3D Studio Max then "toon" rendered and incorporated into the remainder of the image which was accomplished with Photoshop CS2. Oh yeah, it's another blue car. Ya gotta love 'em!
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Danielletje's avatar
Very very nice i love this :3 OPEL :dummy:
bfktoniq's avatar
nice job dude, i like it
Samholy's avatar
gaaah another nice work !
tigergts's avatar
Greeat job! :+fav: Something in plan for the Vectra OPC ? :D I would really like to see something like the Astra :)
KDN2197's avatar
Thats awesome!!!
waxyboy's avatar
why dont my astra look lyk dis :(

nice work :D
Argenay's avatar
amazing work but i found a mistake xD the racing fence on the right bottom isn't there... but on the left side there is a racing fence ^^ i hope u understand me xD
granturismomh's avatar
Opel (Vahuxhall) Astra Rocks! =D
granturismomh's avatar
Opel (Vuxhall) Astra Rocks! =D
CROBO's avatar
how much does this car cost
HFizzle's avatar
Man...I envy your talent :sniff:
SDkidd's avatar
O yes!!!

Opel OPC, 177kw of four pot power. Respect man. Nice work on this. I drive a Opel Astra Coupe and I love it to bits... Maybe you should do a tuned astra coupe too???

Would be nice since most people dont even know what a opel is
Johnie12inch's avatar
I think the only thing you might have in america thats half decent could be the Fort Focus.
LuBiFeRa's avatar
aweesome work..

cyanide227's avatar
Sphinx1's avatar
i see you've got the opc colour right. nice!
Chrispy857's avatar
Its a pleasant suprise to see a euro car in here with all these Japanese makes.

I think you should do some european cars to balance out your collection. If you stick with just Japanese cars, the style sorta becomes... monotonous. Yeah, thats the word. Maybe some German makes or possibly some italian exotics?

dangeruss's avatar
Working some Euro models as I write this. I've got some neat fan supplied shots of some interesting Euro cars, so I'll be mixing it up somewhat. I've done 2 Lambos in the past few weeks for your Italian exotic quota, I'm rather bored with Ferraris though. They're nice, but pretty much all alike as far as being stock, The few tuners out there, don't compliment the car very well.
brocco3's avatar
Aboslitally amazing!!!!
ragingpixels's avatar
OPEL belongs to GM? cool, never knew that, well you learn something new everyday, nice color and details, doesnt look as real as the gallardo or the wrx, but still very very nice and clean, great vectoring!
gothikangel60's avatar
so good ,great work :clap:
faramir's avatar
Very very cool :)
katopz's avatar
i'm wait for another version of civic 2006 si ,hee hee
jark's avatar
simple and plain, badass as usual!
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