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I sort of missed doing UI stuff; creating buttons and textures since I stopped skinning applications a few years ago. Done for fun, this is a subset of controls for PIONEER's MEP-7000 mixer.

I did redesign the screen UI for a cleaner look.

All Photoshop

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Elegant work and your Photoshop skills are amazing. Very nicely done.
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Very cool work! :)
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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Now thats impressive.
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Nice work! I really miss your Windows customizations.
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Looks very very neat!

Just 4 minor details if you don't mind...

1. MT in the Master Tempo button isn't horizontally aligned
2. The "+" in the button under "PITCH BEND" is not aligned in the middle
3. The orange led "OUT/ADJUST" overlaps the big knob
4. The "A load" & "B load" led buttons look like if they are pressed down at the top

I'm kinda thinking by myself now: "who am I to judge such a great artist!" :s
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Yes.. who are you?
man, i absolutely got to learn how to do this stuff. looks amazing. but i'd rather chose the meedle album for sound file :-)!!!
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Is the lightning setup a hdri studio map , or a custom studio light rig with area lights,3-point lighting with rim light maybe (i see that reflection of the light cards in the display screens)? Because it looks really good.
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It is a Photoshop painting...
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Silly me,i just saw it's all PS, not a 3d scene.
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a few years? ten years, maybe :)
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yeah - where does the time go?
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down the drain and into the fingers as routine, apparently. :)
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awesome Russ goes back to his roots :wow: .. epic glows and lighting man :)
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YES! So glad to see you back at skinning! You may not agree, but skinning had become synonymous with you and we will always remember you as a pioneering force. Hope you'll go back to shells, too :D A fav for this. At least :nod:
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Really Nice1!

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Back to your roots Russ?
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Dude, you are insane! I just bought a WRX STi BTW, and when i bought it, i thought"I wonder if Russ has ever modeled one" sad but true, lol. Great job here BTW.
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