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Light Armor 2045

By dangeruss
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First things first - This has nothing to do with War, pro or con. I just like fantasy armor stuff. Cool?

1280x1024 and 1024x768 included in the .zip file.

Modeled and rendered in 3D Studio MAX 5.1 from a concept sketch [link] by "Hawkprey" (James Hawkins). Compositing and post processing accomplished in Photoshop.
© 2003 - 2021 dangeruss
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Pretty believable, it's got a what looks to be a small caliber cannon, a pintle MG, and a SAM/ATGM loadup. Might wanna cut down the size of that thing but otherwise great work! Looks like it would be able to march onto the field of war right here and now!
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I wonder if you know that some 1 on has uploaded an actual fully-functional 3d model of this Light Armor 2045 and is making a profit by selling multiple versions of it online.
I saw no credit given to who actually made it, the uploader only said a few things about it & that was it.
In fact if you type in mecha or scifi on the turbosquid 3d model search bar you find allot of technical art from deviantart being turned into 3d models for profit by a few art theives, for instance your 6x6 Armored car concept hit an all time high on turbosquid before the supposed owner removed it for awhile then re-uploaded it with various camouflage skins!
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Drag. The real issue is that this is a concept by Hawkprey who allowed me to model it. It's he who's really being ripped off.  Granted, I made it easier to see the details. 
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Link 1 with model having a few modifications done to it.…
Link 2 pretty much matches the model that he allowed you to design.…

Both these guys had the nerve to say that you & Hawkprey are thieves & that you both stole their designs. But their 3d model dates dont match-up compared to yours.
So they're trying to make themselves the victim here & you the villain.

I very much doubt these guys would ever admit that they hijacked Hawkprey's concept design to make a profit for themselves.
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Wow, great modeling and everything! Even noticed the pulse rifle :)
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this is an amazing concept rendering <3 great work!!!
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Mounted M-41A& OMG!!!
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I like the M41A1 easter egg.
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that is somewhat fucking awesome.
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Awesome, armored cars don't get enough credit ^>3o^
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love the attention to details man... u made that simple thing on wheels into a beast
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blake8086 +1 )))))
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I'm an 0331 Marine... and all I'd say is replace the mounted gun with the M2, paint it coyote brown, and its "Good to Go!" I'd take that into the field for sure.

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cute litte car ... uselful tu get a park place in the rush hour :p
So detailed!so nice!
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hey, that's a gun from Alien ^^
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very nice job..wonderful modelling
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If some one was after you in that you would be so dead
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Very cool!:D
The compact design might make it one helluva ROV. :)
Seems like a tight squeeze.

I love the model btw.
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M-41A Pulse Rifle FTW!!
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