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LaFerrari Rear Perspective

By dangeruss
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Ferrari's new LaFerrari hybrid Supercar.

The LaFerrari is the first mild hybrid from Ferrari, providing the highest power output of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent. The LaFerrari's mid rear mounted 65° V-12 Internal Combustion Engine has a 6.3 litre (6262 cc) capacity producing 800 PS (588 kW; 789 bhp) supplemented by a 163 PS (120 kW; 161 bhp) KERS unit (called HY-KERS), which will provide short bursts of extra power. Unlike conventional hybrid vehicles, in which either the electric motor or the internal combustion engine is running, the KERS system adds extra power to the combustion engine's output level for a total of 963 HP !!

Ferrari states that the car has a top speed exceeding 350 km/h (220 mph), and that it is capable of reaching 100 km/h (62 mph) in under three seconds, 200km/h in under seven seconds, and a speed of 300 km/h (190 mph) in under 15 seconds. Ferrari also claim that the car has lapped its Fiorano Test Circuit in under 1 minute and 20 seconds which is faster than any other road legal car Ferrari has ever produced.

Created and rendered in 3D Studio MAX using Vray render plug-in with post render tweaks done in Photoshop.

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Looks smooth!
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cardesigner123Student Traditional Artist
do u have original 3ds max for 3600 Usd ?
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dangerussProfessional Digital Artist
What are you talking about?
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cardesigner123Student Traditional Artist
i mean if u have original 3ds max for money.... and how many it costs ?
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Some rather impressive skills, mate. Thanks for sharing your awesome work with us.
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Just fantastic!
GIOVANNI-PALUMBOProfessional Photographer
super great job on light here, cant be more real.
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WilliamMinnaarProfessional Digital Artist
Great STUFF !!! :)
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First: Great job there. I could join the stream on wonderfullness but I tought it would be pointless because it's great piece of 3D graphics. :squee:
Few points catched my eye. Break discs could look more shinier.. or not, only seen this version. :)
Tires could be less shiny and more rubbery (my opinion). Rear grille looks a tad too detailed, what I mean that it could be less clean, more dirty and less detailed, maybe shaded differently.. also behind the grille there seem to be void of emptyness.

But as I said D*** good job there and this comment is no way meant to diss this piece of 3D art. I wish I had motivation to get that good.

ps: this comment is meant to be some kind of constructive critique from a guy who is light year behind this class of works.
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dangerussProfessional Digital Artist
The brake disks are not steel as you might have imagined but a carbon composite. Similar to these: [link]

Tires are new and it's really just personal preference.

The grille pattern might be too small. Ref photo linked makes it look small and "detailed". And behind it - who knows really? Reference photos just show blackness. [link]

I do my research pretty thoroughly.
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Well the comment probably turned out more negative than it was meant to be, because I didn't list any positive things. :)

So here are thing I like in this great work.
I like the usage of DOF. The material, lightning and shading on the car surface.
Rear light are modeled to perfection as are the whole model, can't see how this could be made better. :) Also I like that the interior haven't been let out of attention.
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acstudioHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome... so real
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very beautiful modelling and the detail is marvelous. any chances you have a tutorial of this?
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Rendering is so real ! 'Looks like mine ;)
Very nice job dude
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it is perfect!
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Imagine driving that bad boy! Wooooo!
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That's a very beautiful model, congratz!
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damn thats a sexy car
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TuffJuiceHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this angle
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Wait...let me check....yep; MIND BLOWN!
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RJampHobbyist Digital Artist
Great my friend! I said this before... :P You are the KING
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LordBabeskullProfessional Digital Artist
Damn! I like this car!
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wsache007 General Artist
OH Fuck!!! At first glance it looked like a Toy model or an R/C car to me. But then I noticed the sewer or man hole cover XD

This is the Shit that I've always Loved about 3-Dimensional Art :iconnewlaplz:
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YesyshHobbyist General Artist
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