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Infiniti G36 GT-R

By dangeruss
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Vexel: Vector / Pixel hybrid [link]

More collab. work with the amazing Maurizio Mancin!

I've always loved the Infiniti G35 Coupe (Nissan Skyline). I think it's much better looking than the its sister the 350Z. I've always wondered what a SuperGT G35 might look like, so I asked Maurizio to sketch one up for me. He did a fantastic job with the restyle. It makes the stock car look so boring: [link] I think it even makes other Super GT cars look boring!

Working off his pencil sketch, I've painted this ficticious SuperGT series racer using Photoshop CS2. No 3D used in this one, it's all Photoshop. I feel it's my best vexel to-date. I tried a few new things with paint inter-reflections and I'm very happy with the results.
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Wow! Another excellent illustration, Very nice work!
ChrisLMGT1's avatar
I've always wanted to see how an Infiniti G35 Would look in race trim, Great job!
Beautiful, detailed, right proportions, really good :D
JLz1's avatar
you-must-be-god. you know it's pretty amazing?
This is total Fire!! Nice!
RedAntSkittles's avatar
Does Nissan own Infiniti? I'm confused with the whole nismo setup.
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Yes - Infiniti is a division of Nissan.

Infiniti is a brand of cars and sport utility vehicles owned and used by Nissan, an automobile manufacturer in Japan and America and serves as Nissan's luxury brand for the American, Canadian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, South Korean and Taiwanese markets. Nissan also has plans to release Infiniti into many European markets (Russia & Ukraine in 2007, United Kingdom in 2008 [1]), China (10 dealerships by 2007), as well as in Japan sometime after 2008.

Most currently-built Infiniti vehicles are based on an FM (front-midship) platform. The center of the engine is placed behind the front wheels. This placement makes weight distribution more even, which is intended to improve braking, acceleration, and handling. It also reduces the polar moment of inertia. Three Infiniti models are similar to Nissan models. The QX56 is essentially a Nissan Armada, and the current I30 is a previous-generation Nissan Maxima. The FM platform is also the basis for the Nissan 350Z sports car and the Infinity 35 coupe and sedan.
RedAntSkittles's avatar
Ah, so it's kind of like Toyota's Lexus. ;)

Thanks for clarifying. I can see see how the cars with the FM platform all look extremely similar.
dangeruss's avatar
Ah, so it's kind of like Toyota's Lexus. <--- You got it!
RedAntSkittles's avatar
I'm also guessing that the new Nissan GT-R uses the FM platform, as well?
aliffarhan's avatar
you have a tutorial vector?:fella: m
eddieroolz's avatar
That's a lot of detail! Even though I despise the regular G35's front end, it looks amazing in here! Definitely :+fav:
carlos62's avatar
Amazing Artwork matey,

I really love all the extra detail`s in your Art.

to be honest` I am not a big Skyline fan :( .... but this is one fine car.
Sorry forgot
Will you ever post Mancin's sketches?

Man o man that is freaking awesome.
Yes you are right the G35 is a way better looking car than the 350Z
granturismomh's avatar
Nice Drawings.

That's Nissan V35 Skyline Coupe

I heard that they're going to mak Nissan Skyline GT-R with this Body.

Meganez's avatar
Amazing.. do I have to say more??
Whao! i luve it +fav
jordan8e's avatar
This is a great piece of artwork!!!!
Prolifick's avatar
WOW that thing is sickkk! nice work
TimHoward's avatar
thanks for doing a G35 man! :)
kozmix's avatar
wow great work!
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