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Ferarri FXX Glamour Shot

By dangeruss
I've taken my older Enzo 3D model, rebuilt most of it and made it into to the limited edition FXX model.

Check my gallery for other views.
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© 2007 - 2021 dangeruss
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just amazing!
can you tell me how did you do the black grafitti material of the wheels?
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It's a pretty complex V-ray material - do you use v-ray? I could send you a sample. Use dA's note system to leave your contact info.
paulodesign's avatar
ow! i would be very thankful!
could you send me in my email?
thanks again!
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Probably the best picture of an Enzo Ive ever seen.
filiphous's avatar
its pretty amazing..^^
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Wow, ziemlich geil das Teil! Weiter so!
biofreak12's avatar
amazing, i am speechless =(
Please make a tutorial, i'll buy it!!! ;\
franzart's avatar
That's sick! The car itself is beyond awesomeness
I think the lighting is really good this time. It is between realistic style and illustration style
hommie08's avatar
aw man I can't take my eyes out of it!
spittty's avatar
your are my hero XD ,this one rocks
bump map on the tire or did u model the whole thing? :salute:
dangeruss's avatar
It's bump mapped with a very hi-res greyscale image.
lokkydesigns's avatar
Hmmm, the CF weave looks a bit too oversized? Or is it just me?
PV07's avatar
no ur right
Maximdude's avatar
That looks so friggin' aweasome!!! :+fav:
crisvsv's avatar
Whoaaa are incredible!!!
webby85's avatar
stigazzi O_O

chrisfrays's avatar
so hot.. hope to take something like that in the future ;)
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Jeez...they didn't leave much stock on that badboy. Bet you had to re-model quite a bit.
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