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Custom Paint creation schematic

By dangeruss
For Max nerds only.

Here's an insight to how I created a very challenging composite paint material for a 3D drift car project:
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Nice!!! Your work is outstanding :D ! Always great to see it. Hope Jeff Patton has, does, or will connect with you :D !
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thanks for the info
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wow.. what a complex material setting.
been wondering me all the time, how did you unwrap without stretching the map?
You said using a shellac material, how much you blend it if I may know?
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-if only- I had the kind of time it takes me to do 3d cars. great stuff.
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hey i just wanna know what software did u actually use for modelling these???

is it Autodesk Max OR Maya OR something else........
please reply to this ,,,,,

I m Curious

Nice work though......
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In all my 3D art descriptions you will find "3D Studio MAX - Vray - Photoshop". I assume this clears up your question.
SniperK9's avatar
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i don't use max BUT i understand - thanks for sharing!
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Dude. . . serious Kudos for pulling that off.
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excellent! thanks for sharing!
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thought some sort of masking would be the logical choice, never the less very nice work and a beautiful recreation of a stunning car!
Certainly worth all the effort
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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
thanks for manual :)
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Hmm my vray not include carpaint material :(... sniff
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I've tried understanding this stuff for years in max. I never did get too far despite spending hundreds, if not thousands of hours in that program. You're using UVUnwrap for the masking and paint separation (texture #17) -- ??? I wish I could wrap my head around this.
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OH WOW awesome job on the tutorial and thanks for sharing your knowledge I mean this is just proves why your work is top notch !!
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looks complicated!
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I waiting for this!
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It's very nice and very clever !!
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sick, good job, as always :) Do you usually use the standard VRayCarPaint Material for your paints or a Blend Material?
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Not really - since most of my paints are a base coat - clear coat type, I typically use a shellac material with two Vray materials of differing specular and reflective qualities to emulate a metallic base coat with broad highlights and lo reflectivity and then a gloss coat that his quite reflective with strong highlights.

The Vray carpaint mat is a pretty weird beast. I'm not always happy with the results. The flakes never seem to cooperate the way I think they should.
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Ah right cool. Yeah ive just been using the VrayCarPaint but like you say, its not always the best. Ill have to have a play around with the shellac method, ive seen a few examples of it lying about, i just need to devote more time to the materials as there just as important as the model in a sense!
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wow nice

you sir are a max god :)
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thanks for sharing
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