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C-West Skyline - Vexel

By dangeruss
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Dayum! I really like this one. My favorite tuner car in my favorite color. I've wanted to do a pseudo vector illustration of a tuned Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline for a while, but I wanted to wait until I had just the right references. So here it is in gleaming metallic blue with an assload of "vinyl" and a C-West body kit (hood too just for visua :)) and wing. All Photoshop as always.
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Awesome set of wheels here.
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is it possible to get a hand on this as a vector?
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Nope - all photoshop
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would it be possible to get the vector? i would like to print it as a poster for myself...
Hey were you inspired by Auto Modellista when you did this? Looks really good.
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Inspired to try vector~
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I dream of one day owning one of these road beast and just rip the cops here a new one....but that's all in my head now.
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awesomeness! love this car too![link]
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WOW, this is amazing!!
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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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So beautiful!!! :)
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what do you mean by pseudo? :$
All photoshop? :) Pen tool?

have you given Illustrator a try?
That's pretty much ALL vector :D
Quite exciting. started learning to use it this week

Lovely work with this> Do you play NFS? :D
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very fond of this car and i love your vector treatment of it
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Been meaning to add this to my favs for years. Just now getting around to it.
Better late than never...:)
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my wallpaper now wow did u make taht if so ur a heck of artist
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awesome dude!!!:clap: I love that car
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