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BMW Widebody - Vexel

By dangeruss
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Vexel: Vector-Pixel Hybrid

This is the first results of a new "partnership" between myself and Michael Cheung who is the Chief Project Manager at [link] Michael is a writer and photographer for this on-line tuning e-zine. He has extended his permission and supplied exlusive high-res photos to work from. This is based on a similar street car featured by

Wheels, wing and intercooler details were modeled and toon rendered in 3D studio MAX, The remainder is Photoshop "tooning" accomplished with the pen tool, hundreds of selection sets and typical paint and editing tools. Sharp eyed gamers might recognize the Tsukuba pits from Gran Turismo 4. :)
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© 2006 - 2021 dangeruss
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GT4 = best racing game!
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Most Wanted version BMW M3 (E36) can you draw by Dangeruss? Nod 
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like this coloring, russ! great work!
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great work!
realy like yout style
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Looks very niice
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That just left me speechless.
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Is this the M3 GTR, or just a 325i? I don't see the small grill behind the front wheels, yet I know regular M3's are rarely raced. Or am I wrong?
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It is a heavily customized 325i. It has a GTR carbon hood, a Flossman Initial GTR widebody kit, which is what the BMW M3-GTRs wear when they compete in DTM. In addition, the rear fenders have been widened 4 inches, and the front 1 inch, to accommodate the stupidly wide wheels.
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Nice work my friend. Very good looking. Now only if it was in my desktop's size... :/
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Awesome work. You've come along way since WindowBlinds :¬)
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Best. Car. Ever.

Best. Picture. Ever.
I'm sooo sooo jealous, just plain AMAZING...... :jark:
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wow, i think i found that image, its this one right?
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that's the one, though the photographer has provided me with a HOOGE image in .raw format to work from.
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im sure he did, just curious but how big? like 3000px? well just started interior, i hope i get as good as you in a year on cars like you after you had made the r390(meaning your change of focus a year after the r390). later!
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Just under 3K pixels wide 2950, I think.
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yes i can see that's from GT4, i love the game
nice work here!!!
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Once again, your work is fantastic, and i cannot find fault.....period!

Cheers Russ

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awesome as always...

is there any way you could make some dual monitor wallpapers sometime? I'd love to have one of these with the car on one side and the background the spans across both sides...
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