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2010 Porsche GT-3

The new street version of Porsche's GT-3.

3D studio MAX - Vray - Photoshop
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this looks just like the one i drew and i was just mixing together many porsche designs
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lovely car :) i just squeed its so amazing
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This is the first I seen of the 10' GT.
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Beautiful car, great work. :)
munchaiz's avatar
....... how could you???????? i hate my self :-D
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Wow, you make your cars look soo real. great job.
Love this one. I have a question if ya dont mind. The specular spot right below the headlamp shows imperfections in the paint. Like faint scratches. Is this a material property that rendered or post?
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Post render effect. Here's how. Go shoot that same stuff on real black cars. Gray scale it. Set a black point so make it pretty much pure black and white. Then place that in a layer with blending mode set to Screen. Scale and position. Easy! Give it a try.
Excellent. Thanks for the tip. Details like that go a long way.
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real sweet piece of work, what did you use photoshop for ?
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Colo correction, contrast adjustments, small retouches here and there. Noting ever comes out of the rendering process that can't benefit from improvement.
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hehe, true. but I have never touched my renders, I like to make them as nice as possible with 3dsm and vray and live it at that.
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Oh my goodness that is beautiful. Love it! The only thing that could possibly make me like it more would be if it were black with gold mesh wheels. lol. As always, your work is stunning.
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Just saw a brand new Porsche GT-3 at the dealer in Toronto last week. All black. Some car...
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Cool & photorealistic. Sweet work.
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Oo *speechless*
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Still watching and loving your work Russ. This is fantastic!
As realistic as your work always looks I can normally always tell it's rendered, however this is as good as a photo (wish you would release these at 1440x900 ;) )
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I really love how the shine near the headlight shows some slight swirls in the clear coat, super realistic! It's all in the small details!

You are realy master of computer 3D graphics :)

It looks so realistic that even better than realistic :D

Keep doin awesome works ;)

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one of my favorite monster!! very good job
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You should really think about doing this stuff for a living! ;)
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