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Laura selfie by muglo
2020 Summery by Cartoonicus
Scarlet Witch by FeydRautha81
Gambit by FeydRautha81
Lineart-Inks of Comic Books
Uncanny Avengers #1 by ShwaDoobwaArt
The Flash by ShwaDoobwaArt
Wolverine and the X-Men 2015 by artoflucas
Wolverine and the X-Men 2015 by artoflucas
Lineart-Inks of TV and Movies
We are the Walking Dead by ShwaDoobwaArt
Red Sonja sketch by Marc-F-Huizinga
Red Sonja Pencils by Marc-F-Huizinga
Red Sonja Inks by Marc-F-Huizinga
Lineart-Inks for Anime
Mystic Gohan lineart by NinjaSpidey
Lineart-Inks of O.C.
Lineart-Inks for Video Games
Lara Croft 2015 by artoflucas
Lineart-Inks of Others
Dragon 2016 by artoflucas
Pixel Skull 2015 by artoflucas
Private Spike 2015 by artoflucas
Tutorial - Inks
Tutorial - Digital Painting
Colour Theory in a Nutshell by Majnouna
Let us draw realistic dragon eye! by Furrirama
From Lineart to Cg: Person by klinanime
Tutorial: Coloring Sketches by klinanime
Finished - Comic Books
x23_wolverine_by_dannith by X-Bra
Finished - Video Games
Finished - TV and Movies
X Men 92 2016 By Lucasackerman-Colors-Sean Moore by REFLEX76
Finished - Sci-Fi
Finished - Anime
Finished - Fantasy
Finished - O.C.
Colorists - How did I do?
Wonder Woman Inks By Marc F Huizinga by X-Bra
What is your favorite special effect to use on your digital artwork?
What program do you use to create it, and would you share it with us here?
What instrument or software do you think you couldn't live without when it comes to your artwork?
Q: I want to know how I can improve my skills in the following areas...
  Q1- (example: shading)
  Q2- (example: stronger lines)
  Q3- (example: how to color special effects)

A: This is how I (or others) have taught me how to improve on the above areas.

The goal is for other people to help out and answer your questions or for you to share with others how you overcame your obstacles.

Please check out comments for other people's questions.
Most of my time on here is looking for lineart from other people and asking (hoping) they will allow me to color in their work. And the other time is being used to support other people and the work they do.

Well today I wanted to take all of that a step further. So I decided to create this group.

I called it DangerRoomX, because in the X-Men world mutants go to the Danger Room to train and hone their individual skills while working as a team with other people. In the D.A. world this Group is meant to allow artists to share their work and for colorists to find resources.

It is my hope that people will come to this Group and share their artwork freely so others can use it, to ink it or color it, and then re-post it in our Group for others to see. While at the same time being open and honest about answering questions about how they got certain effects or specific details done.
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Origin Story

DANGER ROOM - The Danger Room is a fictional training facility appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The facility is depicted as built for the X-Men as part of the various incarnations of the X-Mansion.…

In the X-Men World -The X-Men use their Danger room as a place to train and work as a team.

In our World - This Group is a community place for various artists' to share their pencil sketches or ink drawings with people who have an interest or a need for materials so they can practice inking or coloring. But we want this place to also serve as a place to share knowledge and techniques with each other so we can all do good work.

Group Members--

Founder: The guy in the Corner Office with cameras overlooking the Danger Room.
Job Description- Self-explanatory.

Co-Founders: The people in the control room changing adjusting the settings of the programs.
Job Description- Helps to run the group itself. May hold contests, works to promote the group, controls some of the gallery folders.

Contributors: The Leaders inside the Danger Room showing the others how to improve.
Job Description- Most contributors are the ones who will submit their lineart for others to color. May share some technique ideas.

Members: The people who are new to the Danger Room and here to learn or help others.
Job Description- People who share a couple pieces of their work with others. Looking for help getting their artwork to look better, or just here to casual share a tip or two every once in a while.

(Not All Job Descriptions are solidified, but used as a guideline.)

We hope you understand that by submitting your work, people will be intending to use it to hone their skills in other areas of art. When posting any work please submit it to the proper folder so it doesn't go unnoticed. Due to the basic level of this group, the "10 deviations a day" max is set. It is the highest I can make it. Please be aware when submitting work.


Drawing Artists:
We ask that if you are submitting your work that you do so KNOWING that people will borrow your work to ink or to color.

We ask for all the inkers' to re-post their pictures (and to give proper credit to the original artists) to show off their work, and to "pay it forward to people who want to color your work.

The artwork you are using is for you to practice your coloring skills, we ask that you please re-post your work (with proper credit given to inkers' and or artists) and mentioning the people who provided the original work so they can see the artwork you have done with their hard work.

The last goal for this place is for people to come together and freely share their tips & tricks (or tutorials) with others to help make everyone become better.

For anyone interested the chat channel is available for DangerRoomX

Group Info

This group is a community place for various artists' to share their pencil sketches or ink drawings with people who have an interest or a need for materials so they can practice inking or coloring.
And also for people to share their tutorials in an effort to help everyone improve their skills.
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