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Which video game character would be the better Dominatrix? 

74 deviants said Quiet Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain fan art by Learningasidraw (Quiet) - Legendary sniper from the MGS series
71 deviants said Ada Wong by danuskocampos (Ada Wong) - Mysterious and ambiguous antihero figure from the RE series
The word femdom stands for (Female Dominant) and Dangerous Women is a group that features some of the most (DOMINANT FEMALE) characters as illustrated by these incredible artist of Deviant. This group features female characters who are organized crime lords, assassins, dominatrixes, martial artist, female demons, female villains and superheroes…

Although most images of femdom are not typically realistic, if we are honest they are mostly fetish driven by males, but "Dangerous Women" focuses on the most powerful femdom images. Women who demand and even force submission by wielding a firearm, using a superior fighting technique, or humiliating a male by simply using his fetish against him.

A deliciously evil black widow painted by sleepygimp…

Misandry Fetish is a role play session, where women pretend to have some hatred for the male species. This style of artwork is almost exclusively created by male artist, to express a desire or fetish. It is not a place for real misandry.…

Facesitting in the femdom world is fantasized as a dominant practice in which the woman sits on or over the mans face, typically to humiliate him.  The woman is usually clothed. The technique is used to satisfy a kink, commonly used in Professional Sessions.  It is also common among femdom artist.  Namio Harukawa, the artist who created this pic passed away on April 24, 2020. (Rest in peace)…

Deadly Female characters are becoming more and more common. Since they can be designed through computer imaging, a creator has the potential to create people with virtually any appearance. These include assassins, demons and even vampires…

Police Brutality as a femdom fantasy. This is a common fantasy and originates in the BDSM community, where a female police officer takes charge during femdom session involving power, pain, or humiliation. The fantasy is popular because of the realism surrounding the female officer. Female Police officers are already equipped with handcuffs, guns, tasers and even guns to exert dominance over there captives, so it's not surprising to imagine them in dominating situations.…

How common are femdom foot fetishes?  According to Psychology Today, they're among the most common of sexual fetishes, yet It’s important to note that just because someone has fantasized about feet before doesn’t necessarily mean that they have experienced it and many outside of the fetish community never will.…

I don't have many rules yet, except all artwork, must be artwork. No real pictures. Typical fetish art is still ok to upload! (I still love it)

Also nothing too Extreme. Blood is fine, but I won't approve anything that's overly gory.


(1) - Women must be biological women. If she has an animal look to her, I won't  approve it.

(2) - I WILL NOT approve anything with characters who look under-aged.

(3) - Quality. Your image DOES NOT have to be of digital quality, but I do look for certain things, weapons, whips and facial expressions have a lot of influence on me, from the smirky sarcastic to the evil death stare.

(4) Nude art - case by case.
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