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i can be in such a rush

What do I wear today?

Big cape? Little cape? No cape? How much midriff?

Things I forgot to put in this picture but didn't because I was rushing to leave for Toronto Comic Con:

Animated Supergirl costume
Supergirl 1.0 costume
3 other Superman t-shirts
Black Supergirl t-shirt (hidden under cape...)
Old Supergirl boots
Giant stack of Supergirl trades
Daily Planet type work clothes

Eh, I'll redo it better.

Cosplayer: Jenn
Photographer: A Cheap Tripod
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Nov 21, 2010, 12:57:41 AM
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Your listing the Supergirl 1.0 costume reminds me that I have yet to see the first Supergirl costume done correctly.  When Supergirl was introduced in 1959, her costume was a blue minidress with red boots, the red cape with the yellow S-shield, the full color S-shield on the front of her blue dress, and a yellow belt.

Supergirl's minidress did have an unfortunate design flaw, however:  Regardless of the angle at which we saw Kara when she was flying, I could never get an up-skirt view.  Not even when Linda was at Stanhope College with those wild college parties [a.k.a. Happenings].  Talk about frustration suffered by a teenage boy looking for Kryptonian panty shots, and never finding any!  Ah well, by the time I graduated high school, I was almost recovered.

Fashion hint:  There's no such thing as too much midriff.
I could actually see this as a Supergirl scene
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its actually really cool the model looks perfect (from the back at least)
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and sexy too!!:D

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Saw this on Comicmix. Very cool shot!
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This is so adorable.
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you're welcome. <3
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by which she means... its been laundry day for 3 weeks.(and she's still on the first load) =P
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awesome love you as supergirl
keep them coming
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no i thank you
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Love love love this!!
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Was this photo completely scripted? Like, did you location scout 'cause that room is rockin!
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Nah, that's my room. I just threw some clothes around.
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~CalLendros 1 minute ago
by which she means... its been laundry day for 3 weeks.(and she's still on the first load) =P
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You have an interesting room. With the tile floor and placement of the window I thought it had to have been scouted. Btw, I saw your Supergirl thread on LoH months ago--I never thought I'd stumble upon you here haha. Surreal, right? Such a small world.
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It's a really bizarre aesthetic for an apartment. All of the flooring in the entire place is black and white checkered floors, all the walls and white, and all the trim/doors are black. We're not allowed to paint, either, so we've decorated with a lot of lime green and neon blue.

It is a small world! I do have links to here from there, though, so it's not too small ;)
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