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Captain On Guard

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Aww yeah.

Cosplayer: Christine
Photographer: Josh ([link])
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1/60 second
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52 mm
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Aug 25, 2012, 3:47:01 AM
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This is epic. You win for Lady'Caps after all the ones I've seen. =D
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Whose autograph is on the shield?
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Mark Ruffalo. She also has Clark Greg's now, too.
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Love the outfit. The hair is also amazing!
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drwhofreakStudent General Artist
amazing cosplay!
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ToriikoCosplayHobbyist Artist
I'm so impressed by this cosplay. This is really how I'd imagine Cap as a woman.
I've been tearing at my hair from all the flimsy interpretations with short skirts and the unarranged curly wigs that to me seem closer to Supergirl, but this, this is it, because Captain America is, female or male, a super SOLDIER and should in my opinion not look like his/her own showgirls. Love it.
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Any tips on making the shield in particular?
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Every thing you need to know is here: [link]
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*Bows down* You are a god, I think yee
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NenimefishHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gods your cosplay is utterly amazing. That's the best Captain America I've ever seen.
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that pics is so awesome
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This is all amazing! You did a brilliant job on this, Christine.
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Ladytalon1Professional General Artist
Hi Christine,

How did you do the detailing on the uniform? It looks so great...
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Which part of the detailing?
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Ladytalon1Professional General Artist
It's hard to describe with anything remotely resembling accuracy, but it almost looks like patchwork somehow. The blue parts of the top seem as if there's some sort of trapunto going on.
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The shoulder pads? They look a lore more complex then they actually are!

They are actually a fabric and craft foam sandwich. So what you would do is first cut the shapes if the shoulder parts out, then cut the smaller detailing pieces out. When you glue the smaller pieces on to the big pieces, only do enough to hold them in place, avoiding the edges. (While you are sewing, if you hit any of the glue, it will gum up your machine and not sew) Then trace off the full shoulder piece on to fabric, making them slightly larger. I choose to do a top and bottom, but you don't need too, it just looks cleaner if you do.

What you need now is spray adhesive. You spray a light layer on your detailed side, then carefully place the fabric on top, making sure you do not get any bubbles. Then take the handles of your scissors, and rub that in between all the raised sections to make sure it sticks to the bottom layer of the foam too. You do not have to attach the back layer at this point.

Then change your machine's foot over to a zipper/piping foot, and carefully sew around all the edges of the raised bits. This will lock them in place, and make them look nice and clean.

Once all that is done, you can attach the back piece of farbic, and finish off what ever you are putting the raised bits on however you want to.
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Coming in two years later, thank you for explaining this! This is such a cool technique; I'm definitely going to try it out sometime. 
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Ladytalon1Professional General Artist
Oh, wow, thanks so much! I'll definitely have to try this technique - thank you for taking the time to explain it :)
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Your welcome!

If you need any more help, just let me know.
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AlliedChiramiiHobbyist Digital Artist
ugh this is absolutely perfect in every way easily one of my top favourite takes on a female cap uvu
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MigraineSkyProfessional General Artist
the costume is amazing *________________________*
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Such a great costume, love the shield!
You're ridiculously pretty, Christine!
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Xeneophobic370Hobbyist General Artist
Whose signature is that on the prop shield?
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