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Infinity Train Stamp by donalddownstairs, visual art

Steven Universe Future Fan Rewrite - Episode List

(Under construction) Episode remains as it is Fan written episode Fan episode and/or rewritten episode complete *Rewrite of an existing episode # of Episodes: TBA 1. Once Upon a Time... The tale of Steven Universe continues. 2. Little Homeschool (Minor change: Jasper would say "What are you doing here?" instead of "What do you want now?") 3. Rose Buds 4. Guidance* Amethyst asks Steven to help with her Gem job placement program. 5. Volleyball 6. Mindful Reeducation Garnet helps Steven tame his new powers. 7. Steven's Gift The mystery surrounding Rose Quartz's treasure chest is finally revealed. 8. Bluebird (Minor changes: - Instead of Ronaldo, Lars would be the one attending Bluebird's welcoming party. - Steven's line being changed from "Did you forget that Aquamarine kidnapped me?" to "Did you forget that Aquamarine kidnapped my human friends?") 9. Why So Blue* Peridot and Lapis try to placate a pair of rogue Gems who are still

SU Future - Ep. 24 - Under the Knife

It's the morning after "Growing Pains". Steven is still recovering from his fever dream but is now strong enough to speak. Greg puts a cold washcloth on Steven's forehead to help with his headache and fever. He tells his son that he'll be back in a bit to check on him. He then goes downstairs where Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are all sitting on the couch. The Gems are concerned about Steven's supposed illness. Pearl suspects it might be Gem-related. She tells Greg that he should leave while she, Garnet, and Amethyst look after Steven. However, Greg refuses because despite this illness possibly being a Gem-centered problem, which he has usually stayed out of, Steven is still his son…and is still human. As a result, the Gems agree to let Greg stay. Amethyst asks Greg what they should do. Greg considers bringing Steven to the hospital but he doesn't think any doctor will know what to do with a human with Gem powers. And he really doesn't want his only son to be treated like a lab
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Steven Universe

I'm just a very open-minded person who likes cartoons and appreciates other people's artwork. I'm also not much of an artist. So, don't expect any art from me. ;P

But...I'd really appreciate it if any of you would like to be my friend...if that's okay. ^^;

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I was planning to rewrite "Steven Universe: The Movie" but my two friends, and , warned me that my changes can either make or break the story depending on the actual direction I was going for. So instead, I'm gonna turn certain parts of the SU movie into their own episodes for my SUF rewrite. I may even plan a story arc involving Spinel. ;P
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