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Color refined logo for Project: AGU's INTERCEPT (International Central Enforcement and Peacekeeping Taskforce)

INTERCEPT - International Central Enforcement and Peacekeeping Taskforce

Founded in 1953 by elite members of the international counter-intelligence community and under a secret resolution signed by the United Nations Security Council, the International Central Enforcement and Peacekeeping Taskforce (INTERCEPT) is a global enforcement and peacekeeping organization dedicated to combating the five major threats on Earth: terrorism, drug-trafficking, organized crime, monitoring and enforcing metahuman activates, and extraterrestrial incursion and invasion.

Its' director, Lance Bishop, supervises the global activities of INTERCEPT. Its' personnel consists of some of the world's top scientists, counter-terrorist operatives, special operations soldiers, law enforcement personnel, and intelligence agents, all of those an expert in his or her field and are selected by a random screening process. INTERCEPT is involved in public activities, collaborating with various law enforcement agencies including the FBI, National Security Agency, CIA, MI6, Interpol, Russian FSB, Israeli Mossad, and Japanese military intelligence.

INTERCEPT is divided into several divisions, or "task forces", each dealing with a specific threat: TASK FORCE FALCON, the main intelligence/counter-espionage division; TASK FORCE TALON, which deals in counter-terrorism; TASK FORCE AURORA, its' planetary defense force dealing with extraterrestrial incursion and invasion; and TASK FORCE UNICORN, its' special operations unit which interchange with the other three divisions and specialized in high-risk missions; TASK FORCE TWILIGHT deals with supernatural cases and is collaborating a majority of its' resources with independent paranormal investigations agency TRINITY; TASK FORCE GENOME deals with cases and situations involving the world's "Neo-Human" population; TASK FORCE PARADOX deals with fringe science cases and techno-crimes; TASK FORCE PROMETHEUS concentrates on combating global terrorist acts involving mobile bipedal weapons platforms like the experimental XM-216 Avatar-7 mobile mech.

Originally, INTERCEPT was established to counter the threat of the high-tech neo-fascist terrorist groups PHOENIX and G.H.O.S.T. (Global Hierarchy of Superior Tacticians), which were formed in the aftermath of WWII by remnants of the Third Reich. But ever-increasing threats to global security is added to the agency's mission. It is very important for INTERCEPT's role especially in the post-9/11 era, where world governments, even the United States, became incompetent, and possibly plagued with corruption, in dealing with protecting its' citizens from various terrorist organizations.

INTERCEPT has all classified files revealing the secret identities of all of Earth's registered metahuman and some human public heroes and most private vigilantes, but will not share this information with the outside world since it may compromise the lives of these extraordinary men and women and their crusades for justice. INTERCEPT has monitored and on occasion worked corporately with these metahumans to help encounter out-of-the-ordinary threats their agents alone could not handle.

Today, INTERCEPT is represented as Earth's first line of defense against those who threatened it.

- S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Comics)
- Checkmate (DC Comics)

Co-designed by myself and ~kathreftis
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a very sexy and modern symbol ^^
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I'd also include the TV show that was the prototype for this kind of organization: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Great concept and artwork.
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As usual, keep up the great work.
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Would it be okay if i use INTERCEPT for a comic book I am writing? It is exactly the type of agency I need. I will give you and ~kathreftis full credit for anything having to do with them.
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Very good job !!
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I want to work for INTERCEPT. Nice logo; crisp, bold, and a bit of that retro Cold War style.
hey i love ur art. I was wondering could u do me favour i am writing a book about a special forces group called UNIT:shadow intelligence with the words fidelitas, veneratio, respicio. i ve been looking for someone to draw a logo for me however i couldnt get any one. could u please draw me on plz i would be greatful.
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Try ~kathreftis She's the one who helped me with the logo.
oh okay. Thank you very much for your help.
hey i love ur art. i was wondering if u could do me a favour i am writing a book about a fictional special forces group called UNIT:shadow intelligence. I ve been looking for someone who could draw me a logo for the group how ever I have been unlucky in finding one. i would be greatful if u could. thanks
Is this division featured on Fringe show
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