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The Most Beautiful Villainess in the World
Purple Vixen is looking exceptionally gorgeous in this pose.  Her beauty, strength, and intelligence really are apparent here.  Purple Vixen prides herself not only for her villainous escapades, but also in being named the 'Most Beautiful Villainess in the World' eight consecutive years by Villainess magazine [rumours that the magazine was bought out by LILAC are fake news!].

Many thanks to :iconshayeragal: for this gorgeous commission! Check her out; she does great work!
Purple Vixen has a bone to pick with her LILACS.  In order, Tera, Lace, Lindz ( :iconlindz29: ), Kerry ( :iconpurplehenchgirl: ), Viler, and Precious.  Not clear yet what measures Lady Wobblybottom ... er, Purple Vixen will take to get the girls to fess up!

Many thanks to :iconedgarslam: for his most recent hilarious addition to the Purple Vixen corpus! 
As Yuna helped Mai, Mai couldn't stop thanking Yuna, recounting in detail every punch and kick from her battle against Purple Vixen and the LILACS.  "Oh Yuna, I was so proud of you!  Putting yourself in danger like that to rescue me!"  "What are friends for?" Yuna replied.  "I hope you always know I'm thee for you," Yuna continued.  "I know you are," Mai replied.  "And I hope you know I'll always be there for you."  "Best friends forever," Mai said.  "Yes, best friends forever!" Yuna replied.

Many thanks to :iconredfalcon23: for this awesome request he did for me a couple years ago.  Thanks also for the use of Mai and Yuna, who are his OC's!  I love the 3D Girl style.
One of the few redeeming features of the Home Alone franchise has been their use, since #3, of female villainesses.

The stunning Alice Ribbons in HA3:
Alice Ribbons by dangerfan

In HA4, there were two - the devious Molly Murchins:
Molly Murchins by dangerfan

and the greedy but goofy Vera Murchins:
Vera Murchins by dangerfan

Then leather-clad minx Jessica in HA5:
Jessica by dangerfan

Seeing these gals KO'd in a variety of hilarious ways, their sputtering but ineffectual anger, and their general incompetence is a joy to behold, and the highpoint of these movies.

It occurred to me that the next step in the franchise is obvious.  Go to an all female cast!  Replace Kevin with a clever girl.  And the villainesses could be Purple Vixen and two of her LILAC's!  It would be perfect!  A perfect fit for the formula.

What do you all think?  Will Hollywood bite?  :D

Your reflections on these thoughts would be much appreciated.



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United States
I am not an artist, but love to comment on other folks' work. Sometimes I will add thought and voice balloons to other people's work and I may post some of these. The art I post in my gallery is ALL other peoples' work, so I take no credit for the art, only the captions. I am especially fond of heroic and daring girls fending off armies of bad girls/ hench girls/ evil babes. I hope you enjoy the same 'deviations.' :-)


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cattle6 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
dangerfan Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
You're moost welcome!
hi dangerfan- sorry  you have been under the weather :undertheweather: 

Hope you feel better! Hug 

may I bring to your attention this? 

Batgirl vs Purple Vixen by hiram67

it's an artwork by Hiram67

alas another plan of worldwide domination , prepared and executed by Purple Vixen has been stopped by Batgirl!
dangerfan Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
Oh, thanks for the heads up!  Sometimes Purple Vixen engages in operations even I am not aware of!
wascl Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Good evening, I missed your commentary and I wonder that you was busy with business matters. I recolored two more images that your might find them very interesting.
dangerfan Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Thanks for asking.  No, just been under the weather this week, needed my beauty sleep.  I'll check out your new images tonight!  They always brighten my day.
KiteBoy1 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! And how are you doing. I have a question I would like to ask you. Do you or someone you know or related to own a motorcycle?
Why I'm asking that? Because, not too long ago, my cousin gave me a ride in the sidecar of his motorcycle. And I really enjoyed it. I bet The Purple Vixen a fleet of motorcycles and has a motorcycle specially made for her.
dangerfan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
My brother has a motorcycle, but I've never ridden it.  I've always wanted to get a ride in a motorcycle sidecar!  Sounds like a cool experience.  I'm sure the LILACs have a fleet of motorcycles.  Purple Vixen probably has her own souped up motorcycle for quick getaways.  Or maybe she rides in a sidecar, while one of the LILACs drives!
KiteBoy1 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, your brother has a motorcycle. That's awesome!   Did he ever try to force you to ride nuts to butts with him ?  That happened when my friend on a motorcycle and he tried to force his younger brother to ride nuts to butts with him. It was downright outward. Or maybe he didn't want to give anybody a ride. Maybe he would his girlfriend and only his girlfriend.
dangerfan Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018
His wife won't ride wit him and he has never offered me a ride - he just offered to let me try riding it by myself.  I passed.  lol  I'm a coward. 
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