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Rust Monster Attack

A piece I completed for an article in Dragon Magazine. :)


(Note: Wizards of the Coast (c) 2009 - No permission for use, of any kind, is granted to anyone save the copyright holder.)
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Awesome! I love the mood and the colors, too. ✨

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"The rust monsters smell your metal armor and are attracted in swarms" "I should have been a druid!"
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Non-ferrous alloys to the rescue!
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Well... Someone failed an initiative check...
Wonderful artwork (I can only dream to be as good someday)
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Thanks so much and you flatter me.
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Intimidating alright
Sin-Nombre-RPG's avatar
That poor, armored bastard.
FallenAngelItachi's avatar
So cool~! This is an amazing picture! The armor is to die for!
Sin-Nombre-RPG's avatar
And it will make a tasty snack soon. Someone will be going back to town to visit the armorer soon...
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Same old same old; annoying when that happens!
FallenAngelItachi's avatar
You're very welcome!
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That dude is not going to be having fun.... Awesome work! :D
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Wanted: Armor that does not rust...

The most expensive monsters for a plate-wearing knight to meet...
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Those monsters should be officially called "pain in the ass" lol.

Amazing work! You're one of the best RPG illustrators out there!
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Lol - I hear people say that about the rust monsters a lot. ;) Thanks for the kind words. There are a lot of the wizards guys and gals on DA. I'm constantly finding new people and their work is fantastic!
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Thank YOU for being kind! I grew up seeing wizards products, now that i'm entering comics, my aim is to be like you guys!
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