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Wonderbolt Uniforms


Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon YEA I KNOW, I'M LIKE 2 WEEKS LATE BUT...

inb4 "the ending was too clean and Starlight didn't deserve to be redeemed"... It was still a rad episode. You have no idea how glad I was that Hasbro/DHX/MLPFIM wasn't afraid to explore a war setting. Even if it was an AU.

In either case, it got me thinking about uniforms for militarized Wonderbolts, including perhaps integrating one for Wings of Fire.

What are your thoughts on uniforms?

I originally did make an intentional decision to not make a uniform for my characters in the traditional sense for Wings of Fire for mainly 3 reasons: 

1: In order to show off the "spirit" of each of my warplane OC's (such as their coat colors) I was going to keep them mostly bare with just enough rigging to hold the M2 system
2: I had an idea in the plot to explain it, but that's subject to change.
3: And in all honesty, it would slow me down when illustrating due to the extra details. 


Personally am kinda content with my concept so far Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz 
I might find a way of incorporating it EqG Twilight (Thinking) 
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I think the theme of helmets has already been talked about a lot (for 1 year) but, have you considered gas masks?

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I have not, mostly because I don't have plans for gas warfare or gas hazards in general for my story. So it never came up.
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Kind of based my minecraft skin off the episode, still working on the chest plate still, still thinking its based off of the great war to end all wars
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I can see what you mean. There's an element of regality to it with the buttons and stripes. Reminds me of the early war uniforms of the French and Germans. 
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You're welcome ^^
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AH YES. S5 Finale was WWIII Equestria. Perfect.
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I really like your uniform concept! It really seems like it would make sense for the universe.
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Thanks! Yea I have a possible middle ground I could use for now in the meantime. Should be in next WoF page :P
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SWEEEEET! Can't wait to see it!
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"the ending was too clean and Starlight didn't deserve to be redeemed"

Gooood, Twilight, good. Kill her. Kill her now.
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Lol... Inb4 Celestia is actually Supreme Chancellor of the Equestrian Republic >_>
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Ooo, I love how this looks!
While I agree with the idea of having them keep their independent designs, I feel like a outfit would help make it seem more like an organized war, rather then just random people jumping in. There are still elements that you could customize with the outfits themselves, though!
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Yea that was my thinking. I feel it'll help tie everything in and feel more tangible :P
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Yeah, and if they don't work out, you can just not include them.
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You could keep their personality as well as adding protection by using a special flak jacket just design it to look like a bomber jacket. Keeps them warm and offers protection.  Although a headset perhaps in goggle form that calculates distance and speed to aid in the targeting processed would be invaluable. Even for experienced fighters judging how far to lead a target can be tricky.
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Ah yes, a sort of HUD attachment. The "rear view mirror" attachment I have is kind of a precursor to that xD
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I like the one on the bottom better. :)
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Same >_> (i'm totally biased though haha). Thanks for the input!
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No problem. I just feel that the one on the bottom looks more intimidating, somehow. :)
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I really like both concepts you should use them both. Very cool i can't wait for more.
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Thanks for the input. I'll think of something Twilight Sparkle (hmm...) #2 plz 
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