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Back at it!!! [Draw-it-again]

I always wanted to do one of these "draw it again" memes.

Specifically of one of my first drawings I ever did waaaaay back when!
(Dear God please don't look at the original!)
Dash with Speed! by DangerCloseArt

6 years later...
Dash reaction montage 

Funny to think about...Goes to show to myself how far I've come. Kinda sobering actually. 

The power of practice is significant >_>

Enjoy everyone!
RD chewing Gala Dress 
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That's totally awesome!

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Nice art work you did.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it ^_^
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Hey danger
Wanna do an art trade?
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The proof of why you can now charge for your work.
Awesome entrance just like Dash.

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SOOO COOOL!!! Amazing & really badass as RD be)
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As she always is! Thank you! :D
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It's amazing how much you improve over those 6 years. From her wings to her mane and tail!
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Yup! 6 Years is a long time for improvement haha
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Nice work!

Dat original tho...
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Shhhh, don't remind me xD
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Great work. Amazing how much improvement has happened!
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Thanks man! Yea it's been a long while!
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Oh wow! This is so much improvement! I like this so much by the way! ^^
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Thanks! Yea I sometimes have to remember how far I've come MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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That's what love, determination and LOTSSSS of practice give as a result. Keep working on it.

BEautiful work
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Soooooo much practice x_x 

I honestly should have done more, but even still for what I've had the time to do
Barack Obama 'Not bad' icon Not Bad! 
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I forgot patience and passion. Which I don't have.
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The IMC hasn't taken you! Yes, my favorite artist is still here wit us! XD
A long way you have come. Reminds me when I go back and forth between my old and new minecraft builds *yes I still play minecraft don't judge plz*
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