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Le experimental painting of Earthchan a aa aaa I LOVE THE EARTH btw. I care for nature and always bring my garbage and put it in my pocket/bag. So I'm really excited in drawing her aaaaa <3

Also I experimented with the coloring and the art style~ I used minimal layer options (multiply and overlay) and drew her in the art style inspired by Sakimi and Ilya <3
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wow, this is great!! wanna know how it's so great? ask NASA 
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Awwww it's so beautiful!! Nice work!!
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that's sad that people start to care more about Earth when they see it in human form-
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I think that's the best part of earth-chan! People are tired of seeing posters of "save earth, stop polluting"! Earth-chan is something different, and see that she can make people recycle is awesome! Sad is see people doing hentai with her.
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Well, people are not starting recycle and stuff because of Earth-chan, they only start commenting stuff like "OH YES, WE HAVE TO SAVE EARTH" only some people will start thinking about doing something for Earth. But i have to agree that drawing hentai with her is not okay.
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About start recycle it depends of the person, so people say that start doing this for her, but maybe is a lie or maybe not. It depends of the person!
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I hope there is more people that will start recycle. 0:
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Is ok earth I will protect you
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we must protect her.
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This is very, very beautiful.
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You did an amazing job! ^^
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theres nothing to say
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Time to recycle XD
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