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So! You have a character you hope to play? Well that's great! But there's more to characters than just roleplaying them. here's all you need to know--


Occasionally, just for fun or in celebration of holidays/birthdays/etc., there will be events! Such as festivals, parties, contests, and more! All events are In character and can be played with all characters one owns! Attending these events heighten your ranks! The higher the ranks, the more rewards! ;))


Ranks mostly depend on activity. Roleplayers will be rewarded for being active! The more active, the higher your rank! Prizes may include: a free/early new character, DA Points, shout outs, free art, and more! Ranks will be updated weekly so feel free to check in to see your rank!


Yes, with your character comes the perks of also being able to be in a relationship with other characters! To be in a relationship with a character, both roleplayers must agree to being in a 'relationship'. It can be between any two characters regardless of gender, and It is completely the roleplayers choice when they are ready to do this. All new relationships will be announced via group journals. If one is in a relationship you must state that on your page! However, nothing wrong with being single! Some events may require you to bring a date! Such as festivals or some parties! You don't have to be together, but it would be nice to go out with someone and potentially start a relationship. Also, sooner or later 'Monofunny The Matchmaker' will be set up! Once signed up, Monofunny will pair you with someone! Its your choice whether to take this chance and date them, or to pass and try again later--(you are not required to date though!) And Also breaking up! This is important! If two characters decide they are tired of each other and break up, there will be an announcement! Do not date two characters at a time! That's considered cheating! Characters will be notified if this happens! Make happiness, not war! UvU


Every once in a while, a surprise trial will be held! A character will be chosen at random to be 'killed' and another will be chosen as 'killer'. Up to 16 characters can join the trial in order to find out what happened to the victim! There will be rewards given to characters who find the killer, and if they pick the wrong character then oops! The killer will get automatically pushed up to rank #1! so find that killer! (Please note that these trials do not effect the main roleplays and no characters are officially 'dead').

Now for the moment you've been waiting forrr~!!

The Character availability list!

DR1 Characters:

Makoto Naegi-OPEN Char. Account: :iconluckymakoto:
Kirigiri Kyouko-played by young-mistresss Char. Account: :iconkyoko-detective:
Yasuhiro Hagakure-OPEN Char. Account: :iconyasuhirohagekure:
Celestia Ludenberg-payed by SHSLTool Char. Account: :iconqueenludenberg:
Byakuya Togami-played by ReplayingMemories Char. Account: :iconglassesmctrashface:
Asahina Aoi-played by iishuux Char. Account: :iconasahinaa-chan:
Touko Fukawa-OPEN Char. Account: :iconbookwormtoko:
Yamada Hifumi-OPEN Char. Account: :iconfanficsyaaay:
Mondo Oowada-OPEN Char. Account: :iconcrazydiamondsmaster:
Chihiro Fujisaki-played by SHSLTool Char. Account: :iconalterchihiro:
Ishimaru Kiyotaka-played by Pochitas-Smile Char. Account: :iconishimarusnakedsoul:
Sakura Oogami-OPEN Chara. Account: :iconthesuperfightergirl:
Leon Kuwata-OPEN Char. Account: :iconkingkawata:
Junko  Enoshima-played by orangerii Char. Account: :iconultimate-fashiondiva:
Sayaka Maizono-played by orangejuuice Char. Account: :iconrn-eixnch0iy:
Mukuro Ikusaba-OPEN Char. Account: :iconmukuro-ikusoldier:

Super Danganronpa 2 Characters:

Hajime Hinata-played by shokora123 Char. Account: :iconhinatahashope:
Izuru Kamukura-played by young-mistresss Char. Account: :iconyasssqueen:
Izuru Hajime-OPEN
Chiaki Nanami- played by heejins Char. Account: :iconcqtnap:
Nagito Komaeda-RESERVED for young-mistresss Char. Account: :iconhopewillalwayswin:
Akane Owari- played by Sterling-Kohai Char. Account: :icontsundere-akane-owari:
Hiyoko Saionji-played by orangerii Char. Account: :iconhiiyoko:
Ibuki Mioda-played by Evaly-Chan Char. Account: :iconibuuuuuki-miodaaaa:
Nekomaru Nidai-OPEN Char. Account: :icontomcatmanager:
Teruteru Hanamura-OPEN
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu-played by 123matryoshka Char. Account: :iconkuzuryuu-fuyuhiko:
Peko Pekoyama-played by SHSLTool  Char. Account: :iconshslpekoyama:
Mahiru Koizumi-Played by young-mistresss Char. Account: :iconmahiiru:
Sonia Nevermind-played by DarkestStarryNights Char. Account: :iconthenovoselicprincess:
Gundham Tanaka-RESERVED for yokemaru Char. Account: :icontheforbiddentanaka:
Tsumiki Mikan-played by SHSLTool Char. Account: :iconshslclumsynurse:
Kazuichi Souda-played by Tutupug239 Char. Account: :iconmechanicsharkboy:


Komaru Naegi-played by heejins Char. Account: :iconkomkomaru:
Genocider Syo- FOREVER CLOSED Char. Account: :icongenociider:
Servant-played by SuzuyaArt Char. Account: :iconhopeservant:
Yuta Asahina-OPEN Char. Account: :iconswimmersbrotheryuta:
Taichi Fujisaki-played by ReplayingMemories Char. Account: :iconcomputerdadtaichi:
Masaru Daimon-played by  SHSLTool Char. Account: :iconthetrueheromasaru:
Jataro Kemuri-played by D-fragmasterrace Char. Account: :iconlittleartsypriest:
Kotoko Utsugi-Played by ilovesimdate Char. Account: :iconadorable-utsugii:
Monaca Towa-played by young-mistresss Char. Account: :iconsatanchiild:
Nagisa Shingetsu-played by Shirade Char. Account: :iconstudyworm:
Haiji Towa-OPEN
Hiroko Hagakure-played by 123matryoshka Char. Account: :iconmommakure:

Danganronpa 3: Side hope/future/despair

Chisa Yukizome-played by ffs-mitchiri Char. Account: :iconshsl-housewaifu:
Munakata Kyousuke-played by ReplayingMemories Char. Account: :iconyoumockmeremnant:
Juzo Sakakura-OPEN Char. Account: :iconsakakuraboxerjuzo:
Ruruka Andoh-OPEN Char. Account: :iconshslbrattycandymaker:
Seiko Kimura-played by YumiNaoChan Char. Account: :iconkimurashslpharmacist:
Sonosuke Izayoi-OPEN Char. Account: :iconsweetsloverizayoi:
Great Gozu-OPEN
Miaya Gekkougahara-played by iishuux char. account: :iconmiayya:
Kazuo Tengan-OPEN
Kouichi Kizakura-OPEN Char. Account: :iconkizakurakoichiscout:
Ryouta Mitarai-played by 123matryoshka Char. Account: :icontimidanimator:
Daisuke Bandai-OPEN
Jin Kirigiri-OPEN
Mikan Tsumiki [DESPAIR]-OPEN Char. Account: :iconupupurottenmikan:

Danganronpa v3 Killing Harmony:

Saihara Shuichi-played by Sayachin Char. Account: :iconemo-teen-saihara:
Kaede Akamatsu-played by YUMElRO Char. Account: :iconkaedelikespianos:
Maki Harukawa-played by Shirade Char. Account: :icontsundereharumaki:
Korekiyo Shinguji-played by ffs-mitchiri Char. Account: :iconthemaskedkorekiyo:
Tenko Chabishira-OPEN Char. Account: :icontenkohatesmen:
Kiibo-played by CallMeYukari  Chara. Account: :iconkiibotherobotofhope:
Ouma Kokichi-played by Kanmii  Chara. Account: :iconouma-the-panta-lover:
Tsumugi Shirogane-played by yokemaru Char. Account: :iconweeabo-cosplayer:
Kaito Momota-played by SuzuyaArt Char. Account: :iconspaaace-dude:
Angie Yonaga-played by Shirade Char. Account: :iconthisisgodswill:
Gonta Gokuhara-played by ffs-mitchiri Char. Account: :icongontagokuhara:
Hoshi Ryouma-OPEN Char. account: :iconshsltennisgremlin:
Kirumi Tojou-RESERVED for swagg-boii Char. Account: :iconmaidofspiders:
Himiko Yumeno-Shirade Char. Account: :iconthe-miraculous-mage:
Miu Iruma- FOREVER CLOSED Chara. Account: :iconthatoneinventormiu:
Rantaro Amami-Played by RantyAmami  Char. Account: :iconrantyamameme:


Tsukuru Kagabu-played by 123matryoshka Char. Account:
Lilly Sutton-played by DarkestStarryNights Char. Account: :iconlillylikeslilies:
Shoichi Murakami-played by ReplayingMemories Car. Account: :iconorigami-realist:
Morgan St. Clare-played by Duke-Statian Char. Account: :icongrandstrategyguy:
Akio Secret-played by shokora123 Char. Account: :iconvoiceswithsecret:
Tamedi Yen & Dereth- played by 123matryoshka Char. Account: :iconkiller-investigator:
[Secondary canon character] Shinobu Togami - played by ReplayingMemories Char. Account: :iconsecretary-blue-ink:
Meiko Kentaro-played by SHSLTool Char. Account: :iconthesmoltoymaker:
Kanaye Ryusaki-played by ReplayingMemories Char. Account: :icontruthseekinglawyer:
Ryoma Keen-played by 123matryoshka Char. Account: :iconbest-dealer:
Sajimo Fukojima-played by SHSLTool Char. Account: :icontheseductiverosesaji:
Mochi Aika-played by YumiNaoChan Char. Account: :iconmochishslstar:
Hitomi Mariko-played by ffs-mitchiri Char. Account: :iconmariko-hitomi:
Akari Toria-Played by SHSLTool Char. Account: :icontheteddyhacker:
Fran Eloise Smith-played by TiredNarwhal  Char.Account: :iconmagicalfran:
Kaiko Takkui-played by orangejuuice Char. Account: :iconartvvorks:
Taeki Kunio-played by SHSLTool Char. Account: :iconthesmolcomposer:
Yasu Sasakawa-played by ReplayingMemories Char. Account: :iconstreet-rat-hacker:

Be sure not to forget to welcome OCs just as much as canon characters! :D We're trying to get them involved as much as possible as well and should be treated no different. ^^

Non-playable characters:


Fill out this application in the comments! Once approved you will be given permission to make an account! Once the account it made, please note us the password to your account so we can keep track of it or give it to someone else if you are gone!

Why you want to play this character:
Roleplay style:
How active are you?:
Good on DRV3 spoilers?(yes or no):
Secret code:

Same goes for ocs.


if there is a character on here you would like to play thats not on here, please fill out the application with that character and if they're open and your app looks right, you'll be approved! <3
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Character: Monokuma

Why you want to play as character: Monokuma is the one true despair Boi <3

Roleplay style: anything

How active are you: Daily

Good on DRV3 spoilers: yes

Secret code: Snekuuji

swagg-boii's avatar
Did you get the password for Tojo yet I have been waiting for months-?
ThatOneInventorMiu's avatar
sorry but this group is closed and you'll have to reapply for the new dr-party group
rn-eIxnch0Iy's avatar
( hello !! sorry for the inconvenience and disturbance, but my new sayaka account is this account rn-eIxnch0Iy ^^ i hope you understand, since my old account was trashy so i'll fix it on this account ;; thx )
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Sorry for my inactivity.
Evaly-Chan's avatar
Character: Ibuki Mioda
Why you want to play this character: She is one of my fav character ^^ and...also...I played as her in this group few months ago... I kinda want to have her back ^^'
Roleplay style: Anything is fine~
How active are you?: I check my DA everyday~
Good on DRV3 spoilers?(yes or no): Yup
Secret code: Snekuuji
ReplayingMemories's avatar
Approved! I'll note you the password
Weeabo-Cosplayer's avatar
where's Lily,Yuu,and kibo? :3
ReplayingMemories's avatar
Due to the member check, some characters have been taken out by request of the admins, or they have been removed since the admin never responded.
Weeabo-Cosplayer's avatar
wait....GUNDHAM is open!? Can I take him? please! T.T
ReplayingMemories's avatar
You can once I get the password for him! I can go ahead and mark him down as reserved. 
Weeabo-Cosplayer's avatar
thank you! can I be informed if he's fine to be used? :3
ReplayingMemories's avatar
I'll note you once I receive the password!
DeadlyShadow88's avatar
Character: Nagito Komaeda
Why you want to play this character: I have played as him in the past and understand his personality/mind
Roleplay style: uh, first person?
How active are you?: Not very active, but I can be here a lot occasionally (internet problems)
Good on DRV3 spoilers?: Completely fine
Secret code:Snekuuji
ReplayingMemories's avatar
Greetings! I would like to know if you are still interested in taking Nagito. If you are, I can mark him down as reserved for you until I get the password. 
DeadlyShadow88's avatar
ah! yes plaese! he's my favorite and i would love to take him!
Sterling-Kohai's avatar
Character: Tenko Chabishira
Why you want to play this character: I adore V3 and am Only comfortable playing females, Plus she is just awesome. 
Roleplay style: Third person, I normally do at least one paragraph however I can do a lot more if needed. 
How active are you?: I am on every day at all different hours. Wont normally take more then an hour to respond to any given thing, unless I know im needed then Im speedy quick! 
Good on DRV3 spoilers?(yes or no): Yes
Secret code:Snekuuji
ReplayingMemories's avatar
Greetings! I would like to know if you are still interested in taking Tenko. If you are, I can mark her down as reserved for you until I can get the password.
Sterling-Kohai's avatar
could I actually have Akane Owari?
It says she is still open ^^ 
ReplayingMemories's avatar
Ok! I'll mark her down as reserved until I can get her password. 
Sterling-Kohai's avatar
Thanks a lot! 
Should I make my own account? 
ReplayingMemories's avatar
As of now I want to try and get ahold of the password, if I cannot then I will be ok with you making a new one for the character. 
Sterling-Kohai's avatar
Awhh Darn, I want to make a different username hah 
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