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Ten years ago, I made my first few cursor set, and one of them was EDGE. Over time it became my main cursor pack, and in 2018 - after several versions and redesigns - I decided to update this one instead of uploading more of the same looking set. For its 10th anniversary I wanted to add more to it than I usually do, and I'm hoping to add more color sets, animations or even new pointers in the future. There's always something new so check back once in a while! :)

    • RAZOR-SHARP: drawn pixel by pixel, animated by hand frame by frame for maximum sharpness
    • AUTO-SCALING: 32-96 pixel resolutions for larger displays up to 300% interface scaling integrated into each file
    • COLORFUL: 10 different color variants

    • AMBIDEXTROUS: separate sets for left-handed and right-handed users
    U P D A T E S
      • 2.0.0 New, flatter, matte design (previous version is included); 4 new color variants; Reworked cursor files to adjust themselves automatically to screen scaling (100%-300%); Consistent 60 FPS animation

      • 1.1.0 Added new, 125% bigger variants
      • 1.1.0 Fixed the misplaced hotspots in multiple pointers

      • 1.1.0 Replaced the orange color variants in the last frames of "Hover Green" pointers

      • 1.0.1 Added new standby pointers with faster pulse animation (2 seconds instead of 3)

      The instructions for installing are in the Readme file. Tested on 1440p resolution with 100-200% scaling. Any feedback regarding cursor behavior will be appreciated.
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      Phenomenal work. Stylish, elegant and minimalist.

      great looking cursor.tqvm.

      this cursor is awesome . the sharpness and quality is outstanding . and unlike others this pack is free . the animations are cool too . and it has most colour variants .

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      Those Edge cursor sets are so nice and smooth. I want to share them on the RealWorld website for others to see.

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      Heya ima new user and i rly like ur cursorset but is there any way of changing increasing the speed of the animation on the cursor btw i love these cursors!!! thanks!

      HOW TO PUT IT ON?!?!?

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      have you figured it out?

      Wow those definetly look really good I cant wait to see the plus size ones , lot of work in those good job.thank you

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      Thank you :) I'm hoping to add them when I upload the fix for the contrast issue mentioned above.

      Hey Dan!

      I've been using your cursors since the original EDGE was released and they have always been of high quality. I really like this design with only a few things that I think would make it really nice for me.

      I am an avid user of dark themes for an easy on the eyes desktop experience, and the cursors here are really dark (even the white one). As a result, it's sometimes hard to tell where my cursor is.

      I was wondering if you could make an option where the pulsing effect is static instead so when I use the white one (or any other color) there is some contrast to the dark main color to distinguish the cursor from the dark background on my browser and desktop.


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      I made a slight change to the white edge and uploaded here for testing. After I got some feedback on it I'll update the other pointers too/make further changes.

      EDGE Test

      The plus size versions are ready for the update as well.

      This looks much better :)

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      I encountered the same problem with the stealth option. More cursors will be added later, but i don't know when because currently I'm busy with filming and editing for my friends' yt channel. A static cursor option is available in all sets at the moment as the link pointer.

      Thank you for the feedback. Now that I know about that this effects more than one set, I'll try to address it as soon as possible. :)

      GREAT looking cursors. thanks

      Dan, I downloaded the file extenza pro cursor pack. I'm not seeing the "install.inf" file mentioned in the readme file.

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      I've downloaded the set today and found the .inf files for each color scheme. There's no install. inf in it, you have to install the color sets one by one. If there's no .inf files at all, try downloading it again. Unfortunately that set is more than 10 years old now, and I don't know if I'm able to find it on my machine. I'm hoping you succeed. Have a nice day :)

      Love this work, thank you!

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      Really awesome job. Thanks Danfox

      dang thats a good one, im sorta new here btw

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      this is so sicc cursor damn i am very flattered of your work :) <3

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      Thank you :)

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