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Herd Flag - Nasiris' Herd



A herd is named after the horse who initialized it.
Players can earn rights to create a herd by playing actively.
This is a starter herd, meaning it was created by NPCs so new players have a herd to join.
The herarchy of the herd is decided by the players. If a horse beats the lead character the new horse can take over.
You need higher stat points in both Strength and Magic than current leader to challenge this horse.
If in doubt about herd position BELOW leaders, the one with most strength and magic stats has the most power.


Herd Founder: Nasiris, a big fiery red stallion, Ravakin
Founding date: unknown, old

Element: Earth
Home Land: Vilnard

Current Lead Stallion: Hamlet, seal bay splash white Ravakin stallion
Current Lead Mare: Bellies, dapple grey Ravakin mare

Herd Members: 10 spots
Registration: OPEN

Note! Any herd members with 20 stats in both Strength and Magic can note The11Kingdoms and ask to challenge lead stallion or mare in order to take over the position. If they win, it is up to themselves to keep their role by staying ative and grow stats.

Kingdoms Map - geographic overview - Vilnard by Ravica
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