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Raidshirts! More teaser art from my upcoming webcomic Airship Enterprise!

RAIDSHIRTS! Prepare to repel boarders! Join the Redshirts today. You'll start with a crisp white shirt issued by your team leader. As you fight off boarding parties you will be covered in the blood of the foolhardy. The longer you serve the more your uniform will take on the lifeforce of your enemy and strengthen your resolve to protect your crew and officers. They will look on you as your shirt grows darker and redder and they will know you are a force to be reckoned with.
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As well as a smell to be reckoned with.. >.>
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Yeah. I really should have stopped typing before I wrote that but it was all off the top of my head design stuff. It's nasty really and won't be included in the book. Thank you for your comment though, I had a Marine buddy who said the same thing. It's really insensitive for me to write that aspect into these characters who are out exploring there world for peace. If anything, I might make it a feature of an enemy faction, or like the old blood and sacrifice cultures in this steampunk world I'm making.
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That's an idea. I understand the imagery you were going for, at least.