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Kirby Krackles brush set -UPDATED from AI10 to CS6
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Published: December 12, 2006
--EDIT-- May 14, 2013
I updated the downloadable file with a version that is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 10-Creative Suite 1-6, and Creative Cloud and hopefully beyond...
Please read the older updates for instructions and info. Also there is a Photoshop version in the comments...

--EDIT April 13, 2013---
This file is now over 6 years old. It's been downloaded a whole bunch of times and for every hundred people who tell me it works great someone will write in and say it does not work for them. there was a while when DA tweaked the way this file was presented and the thumbnail was weird and the file didn't work right. That was a while back. Now it's working right again and shows up here OK but some people are still having problems. I downloaded it myself today and it worked perfectly. Here are some handy instructions if you have never worked with Illustrator or new Illustrator Brushes before....
You can either place the file in your PLUGINS folder with the other brushes
create a new document
open the file and only the brushes will open in a separate fly away menu box.

This file and brushes still works with the newest versions of Illustrator. I just played with it in CS6 (it was originally made for CS3 so you can see it's been a while since I made it.)
This file contains Brushes. If you open it in Illustrator as a regular file it will just look like a file. The brushes will apear in the brush menu if you have it open. The best thing to do with this is open it as a Brush Library and use on your own files as brushes, not to open it as a regular file.

I hope this helps. I hope you get a lot of joy from it as I have. 6 years-sheesh. It's been a long time. Also as part of this edit I deleted the link to my old MySpace page. believe me, it was all the rage in 2005-2006. LOL

AS OF NOW THESE BRUSHES ARE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 BRUSHES but they will work with some older versions of Illustrator if you use them from the Open Brush Library options.
END EDIT-------------


In homage to Jack Kirby-

I just created this brush set to do some cool energy effects for my new Marvel book..

I've applied it to some art from my Iron Man Hypervelocity miniseries.

There are a bunch of brushes in the source file with various settings. I hope you get some use out of these.

I have an online tutorial blog where I teach how to draw comics using Adobe Illustrator. I draw all my work in Illustrator 10. The blog is Illcraft.com at www.illcraft.com

Brian Denham
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are these brushes compatible with Manga Studios?
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Tulio-VilelaHobbyist Artist
Thank you too much for share these brushes! I saved the JPEG file and I turned it into a transparent PNG file to cut, copy and paste the details whenever I need. I used part of them to create this "Edmund Bagwell Tribute" in GIMP and Medibang softwares:
2017AD Space Odyssey by Tulio-Vilela
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Comin from tha real. You saved my design. Holla!
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TNTComics Artist
I just found this today! Thank you for giving it away for free! I love Kirby crackle!
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Thank you DaneRot for this good looking brushes you shared..
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This is very cool brushed..Great work man DaneRot .
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Hi, the download file is linking to a PDF file.  Is that correct or you have another link/file?

The file I am getting is 'kirby_krackles_brush_set__updated_from_ai10_to_cs6_by_danerot-dqk5bc.pdf'

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DaneRotProfessional General Artist
Hi- Sorry for the delayed response.

I'm sure you may have figured it out by now, but if you click on the download link and it looks like it will save it as a PDF it will instead save it as a Illustrator file.

Once you save it to your computer open it by clicking on WINDOW>BRUSH LIBRARY>OTHER and then locate the file. This will open it as a brush menu.

Have fun with it.
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FunnehVamps General Artist
Thanks so much for the lovely brushes! :-)
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spritepirateStudent Photographer
is their anyway i can get this for gimp?
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DaneRotProfessional General Artist
It's Illustrator only. I don't use Gimp. There is a link to a Photoshop version in the comments. Maybe that would help or be easy to convert to Gimp. Sorry.
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spritepirateStudent Photographer
np thanks for getting back to me
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Every time I hit download I get directed to what seems to be a pdf file. It won't download.
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DaneRotProfessional General Artist
I don't know how to address this problem. When I hit the Download button I download an Adobe Illustrator .AI file.
MQuest77's avatar
Finally figured out how to get the file. "Right click" aka "control+click" and in the drop down menu choose "download linked file" or "download linked file as..." 
It's strange because I get a file that has .ai.ps at the end even when I save as a .ai file. After downloading I just removed the .ps file name and it worked.

Thanks for sharing this Brian. Good stuff. Much appreciated.
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DaneRotProfessional General Artist
Thanks for posting your solution. I don't know why this file has been so difficult for people to download over the years. It's been a real pain. I tried to download it again and I see the .ps you mention on the menu but it doesn't have the extension when I download the file.

I hope you have a lot of fun playing around with the brushes.
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2WinGs2ZioNProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you very much, Dane! 
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wendyoj25Hobbyist Photographer
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aree-cnxHobbyist Filmographer
thanks a lot!
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rockie-squirrel General Artist
thanks for sharing these!
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OlegLevashovProfessional Interface Designer
 Thanks. Cool brushes!
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Yea this won't work in CS5 at all. It gives me the whole msg saying it is created in a newer version of adobe and it will import but may loose data then another msg about PDF objects. Finally it opens the kirby brush window but it is just empty. I really want to try out some of the brushes because I think they may work for the project I'm working on.
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DaneRotProfessional General Artist
Thanks for letting me know, NightShde. I uploaded a new version today. Please try to download it again and use it like a brush library. Let me know if it works for you.
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Thanks it works great now. Just had to open it and resave it with the layers unlocked for it to be able to read them as brushes.
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