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Page 22 in color. Drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator and colored by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
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Was this in anyway inspired in Ag. Mulder? (looks terrific, by the way. Love it!)
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:worship: I tell you what, I don't think people recognize you as much as you SHOULD be recognized! You are truely talented and I admire your work! Keep it up, its awesome to see your progress! Just amazing!
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MumboJumbo--thank you for your nice comments. Maybe I will get more recognition after this series comes out.

But I am happy with my small DA audience.
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Yummie! :D

Now the glowing i the guy's eyes has got me intrigued... :)
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Gross but cool:) Since you drew it in illustrator, do you use more than one layer?
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I use many layers when drawing in Illustrator. I think this piece had 40 layers. At least the last one I remember was 37 and I know I had a few more after that.

I use layers for everything. Some for inking, layers on top of those with white ink and black ink on top of those, and then more white on top. LOL
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LoL, those file sizes must be HUGE! I never thought Illustrator could be used like this. Thought Illustrator sucked :lol: but you proved me wrong. This stuff is truly awsome :)
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Page 22 was only a few meg actually. Vectors are lower in file size than scanned inks.

HOWEVER---page 7 was a much simpler page, but I used the brush tool, and the page came out to a whopping 37 megs and alsmost killed my computer and my mind. It took a few minutes to do anything after working on that page so much.

I used the brush tool for some quick strait lines like a marker would make. next time I'll use the pencil tool. I always use the pencil tool. I would hate having to switch my settings back and forth for different things.

Maybe I'll draw some lines at the top of my page next time with different settings. That way when I clicked on them the Illustrator would keep those settings. It would be like having a whole bunch of inking pens and just grabbing the size I need.

hmmmmm I like that idea. :)
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Yeah, thats a cool idea:)
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man..i just love the inking in this pic..its so damn top notch....whenis this shizzle droopin so's i can purchase it?

much love,
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The first issue is available mid-April. The second in May. It's a monthly series for 9 issues.
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:jawdrop:........................................ ................:omg: That's the coolest thing I've seen you do yet! YES!!! That is awesome! (I have this thing for angels and demons) That really looks like it could be a scene out of a kick-ass movie I tell ya. :D

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