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ELSINORE 2 page 21

By DaneRot
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The dramatic ending is upon us. This page leads into page 22's big reveal shot, yet the drama is left for that page. This page is just there to build the suspense.
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Masterpiece :clap:
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beautiful beautiful work :) love it, you are an inspiration to a younger comic artist as myself, *just got my first publication* but yay! this is fantastic work here, i can only hope to get to your level one day. :bow:
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Good Luck with your book! Keep at it and remember you have to draw 1000 bad pics before you draw your first good one. LOL--that's what everyone says during portfolio reviews at comic conventions.
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Gotta love the silouette thingy :)
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That is some great work.
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He looks freakin' horrified. Fantastic inking. I feel so sorry for that guy.
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Freakin Horrified---

Thanks for that comment. I really wanted him TERRIFIED like nobody has been in comics before. :)

Thanks for noticing his face. I hoped he would look pretty scared.
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Terrified was the word I was looking for. Fantastic work.
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very cool, nice expressions.. do you do this as a career or hobby?? if i ~may~ ask..
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Career and hobby. I live and breathe comics. I do them for a living and make money at it and I also draw them in my spare time. I am always plotting stories and creating artwork that may be used for future comics.

Gotta love this biz!

I have wanted to be a comic artist since I saw my first comic at age 5. Now I am living my dream! :) It feels great.
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Ah, lucky you.. always good to hear of a success story in the art business, I'm at the age right now where I'm tending to be overly-skeptical of whether or not there's a future for me in it (though that seems with ALL careers, being at this... 'turning point' )

Nice to hear, though, I'm glad for you
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