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ELSINORE 2 page 11

By DaneRot
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For our comic book Elsinore.

Drawn in Adbe Illustrator.

You may not get what is happening. There is a lot of dialogue on this page that may help make it clearer.

((tired of drawing hallways))
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Don't tell me, the first sequence is taken (for references) from "ER" right? I think I even know the chapter... :D

I like that sequence, and the third panel is cool too.
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I didn't take reference from ER.

Sorry, you are wrong again.
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My bad ^^;

Well, the thing is that the top of the building is really similar to the hospital's roof in the series, and I recalled a similar scene in a recent chapter even to the number of characters... talk about coincidences :)
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I imagined the roof to look like the one from the first Superman movie. It's just 2 stories tall with a lot of windows. I know it doesn't look like the one from the Superman movie. I haven't seen it in years but I tried to capture the feeling of a rooftop helicopter pad.

The one with the emergency team and the stretcher just shows an average response team. You only have one person on each side and one tending to the head and one pushing from behind. That's about as many people fit around a stretcher.

It's just observations of the world. As a comic artist I have to observe everything about the world at large because i would have to draw anything at anytime.

I'm drawing heaven and hell in later issue and I don't have reference for either one. But when I'm done you'll think I actually went there. Maybe if I draw it well enough you'll think I got the ref from some TV show. LOL
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Well, abstract/fantasy things like heaven and hell are easily recognizable, as they're just a compound of concepts, so even if you derivate from the "standard" people will almost always recongnize the place.

In this page, however, you were showing very precise real-life situations, or places, and having some recent memories from the series, which are fairly accurate as far as I know, I was surprised by the resemblance, which showed that you had done your homework. Knowing that you did it without references makes me even more amazed than before, so I guess I can only take my hat off for you :)
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hey look, another hallway XD , some event must start in a jungle or a mountain so you can draw something else . good work , again :)
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