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Here is the cover art for Elsinore 2.

I drew and inked the pic in Adobe Illustrator 10 on a PC. I kept the background grey scale for the colorist to color over it as a background while keeping what I want under the colors. The far background was colored a faint gray so the colorist could see my starburst beams in case he needed to see them to color them.

hope it looks cool. I'll post the colored version when we get it.
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wow it looks so professional!
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Man, wonderful! I'm learning Illustrator right now (for some job), and I'm wondering how'd you forse Illustrator to listen you so obediently?
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I used the force on Illustrator and bent it to my will.

Show who is the boss I will...I think Yoda said that.
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Well. that explain everything.
May force be with you. Allways.
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Very nice. I like the idea of the cover a lot, and my only minor grip is that the jesus image is maybe a bit too close up, as it does prevent his arms to be shown which would make it easier to relate to the central figure, although I understand that otherwise it might lose impact. Can't wait to see it colored :)
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what Jesus doing in the back?! (great art as usual)
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The second issue shows a man without sin. A Tabula Rasa I think that's the term.

Anyway he is born without sin and may be the second coming of Jesus Christ. At least that's something in the story that is a bit of a mystery.

All will be revealed. :)
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Oh..... will I cant get the comic in this country so thats all I needed to know, thanks
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Is it offensive or anything?

Why can't you get it over there? Does Jesus on the cover prevent it from being sold over there?

Please let me know. I would hate to alienate the middle East just because I drew Jesus on a cover.

Did I upset you?
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Oh no no no! not at all :) .... the thing is in Saudi Arabia the comics are VARY limited. only male superheros like Superman , batman , Spiderman and the Hulk are allowed because most of the rest has female partal nudity or womens in short dresses . not sure about the comics avaliblty to other countries in the middle east but is certinly more leant than Saudi Arabia. In any other country I can easily order the comic from the net and get it, not in Saudi Arabia were it has to go through customs first and the Information ministry to aprove its containt.

as far as Jesus on the cover, also might cause a problem for Saudi Arabia , cause its 100% muslim population (I still cant see any harm but what can you say?!) while in the rest of the countries you can find many christans so there is no problm with it.

I hope that answer your question. and no I'm not upset ....... keep up the great art :)
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Man, I just read your conversation and I hafta say that REALLY sucks. I hate to see how a lot of countries think that they need to control information to prevent it's populace to "fall to the dark side". Gah :(
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well it suck yeah, but I have to admit that its working in keeping a lvl of ..... vertue? how do spell that?!
anyway, its a great place if you are like a conservative life style.
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Well, the problem with those kind of things is that they only are ok to you if you agree, if not, you're screwed. In general I prefer to let people make their on decisions.

Did you know, for example, that in Singapore is illegal to chew gum just because someone used it once to block some train vagon doors? A crazy country indeed ;p
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Incredible! I love the faces in the body's outline. Great work.
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