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Here is the cover Image in color. Check out the black and white version in my gallery. Drawn and inked in ILLUSTRATOR and colored in PHOTOSHOP by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
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Absolutely awesome !!! :w00t:
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Yes man, thats what I call, unique, original cover design!!
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hey who are you =) you should publish something i promise i will be a member of it =)
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what do you mean drawn in illustrator? you dont scan your work? you actually draw it in the computer? now thats amazing man.
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You use the pencil tool to do your inks?! That is an incredible feat all on it's own, but to do something of this caliber is mind-boggling. But how do you keep the line quality so clean and smooth with a tablet? Is the original at an insanely high resolution?

Anyway, this is one of the most professional pieces on the site. I would fave everything you've done but that's just odd so I'll leave it to this one.
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Using the tablet feels like drawing with a pencil so I don't notice any difference in my drawings.

The line quality is clean because it's like drawing with a pencil on paper. The resolution is just the standard Illustrator setup. I don't know enough about Illustrator yet to change the resloution.

After I draw a page I send the .AI file to the colorist and he converts it into a Photoshop document to color. That way I can send a small file through email or FTP. Once it's converted to Photoshop it really increases the file size. My finished Illustrator documents are only a few Meg. Although I did a lot of splatter brush on one page and it hiked that page file size up to 30Meg.

I draw with the PENCIL tool set to NO FILL and a .01 STROKE. Once I am ready to ink I use the same settings but with a black FILL. I double click the Pencil icon and click off the KEEP SELECTED button. That lets me draw fast!

Those are the only settings I need to get me up and drawing.
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Wow, thank you very much for an actual explaination. Most artists ignore such details. But that's rather helpful, maybe now I can do some art worth looking at.
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Man that is COOL!

I'm still in shock that you draw and ink in illustrator with a tablet. Since talking with you I've tried several times to use my tablet with illustrator with little to no success. Your mastery of illustrator is amazing as are your drawing SkiLz! :-)
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MFTALON--I typed your name wrong! Sorry.
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Oooh no stick taflon... hehe :-)
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Thanks for the nice remarks. Have you tried the settings I use with the PENCIL tool. I have mentioned it on a few of my gallery pages. I couldn't draw in Illustrator without the PENCIL tool. I mean I can use the PEN tool but I have to sketch fast and the PEN is too slow to do that.

The trick is learning to redraw shapes to get the shape I want. I find that drawing in Illustrator like I do I have to think backwards in a way when I draw. I have to retrace my line back to the starting point to get the lines I want. It's weird sometimes and then my mind goes crazy dealing with the tools.

LOL I am dying for a CINTAQ!
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I'll have to check those out, don't suppose you recall which ones had the specific comments about the pencil settings you used?

I'm amazed at the detail... mind boggling!

Yeah, those Cintaq things look COOOL! Damn expensive though!
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I draw with a PENCIL tool. NO FILL and STROKE at .01

When I ink my art I do so on new layers and I have a BLACK FILL with the .01 STROKE

When I want some random brush style misplaced hair lines like you get when you ink with a brush I just go in and add random lines with my PENCIL tool. I think it really adds to an organic look. Looks more hand done.

Sorry my answer is so short. I have written this answer for 4 days straight and it never posts. Hopefully you'll be able to see this one. :)
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Been having some DA issues here myself, but I did get your post and a big thanks!

How do you have the tolerances set? Also do you shut off the "keep selected" and "edit selected" check boxes?

Don't suppose you have any unused files laying around that I could take a peek at, maybe for a trade of one of mine? No worries if you'd rather not.

Thanks for all the tips though! Your work is amazing!
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A trade sounds great. If you want to check out one of my Illustrator files I'm game. I use Illustrator 10.

My tolerances are--

KEEP SELECTED --OFF!!!!!!!! :)
Within 3 pixels.

I found these are what I am comfortable working with and it feels more like drawing with a pencil on paper. I needed that when I started drawing on the computer. I didn't want to have to spend too much time learning how to draw.

Send me a note if you want to exchange files.

And YOU are amazing!
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HOLY COW!!! Thanks my friend, those settings are AWESOME! I never thought I could use my tablet with illustrator but this is amazing! I really like how this looks, in fact i'm posting a little 10 minute sketch! Thanks man!

Definitely interested in seeing one of your files, I'll have to take a look through your gallery again. You're "inking" is fantastic as well as your drawings so it will be interesting to see indeed!

Hopefully one of my files will be worthy of a trade, let me know if there is any one in particular that you would like to see.

I use Illustrator CS, but should be able to export an ai10 file.

Thanks again for the tips! I look forward to being able to peek into one of your files!
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Well those colors look great on your inks. You two make a fantastic team :)
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It's amazing with what a little colour can do to a page. Very well done on the cover.
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So, who are you publishing your work through? Are you self-publishing?
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The first issue ships in a week or so from new publisher ALIAS ENTERPRISES. The book will be 9 issues long and ship from April-December 2005.

Get your retailer to order it, please! :)
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Wow. Alias is fairly new, right? Aren't they working through Image?
Regardless, I will go buy some copies and support the fellow creator.
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Thanks for your support. Alias has a book or two shipping through Image. I think it's deal with the Devil and Lions, Tigers and Bears...I think that's them.
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That's right. I think I read about that book on comicscontinuum.com.
How is Alias to work for? Are they a good group of people?
Best of luck to you with your book. I will keep my eyes open and buy some copies.
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