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Airship Enterprise widescreen

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Published: August 6, 2013
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A shot of the Airship Enterprise I did to celebrate 430 followers on Facebook. I know you might be thinking, "430?-that's a strange number to celebrate." and you would be right except to me and tons of Star Trek fans that number is the amount of the original crew roster of the Starship Enterprise. Right after I hit 430 I announced that I was going to draw a pic to celebrate but AE has been getting so many Likes on Facebook that we are almost at 1701 Likes. Looks like I'll be making another print really soon to celebrate that number too. It's all in good fun. I hope you are able to check out the page at Facebook.com/AirshipEnterprise or AirshipEnterprise.com soon.
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LizzyChromeHobbyist General Artist


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cogwurxProfessional Interface Designer
Very clever!
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KarouWSHobbyist Writer
Simply awesome!
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MackMech3000Professional Digital Artist
Did you build the Enterprise in Sketch-up?
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chadwelchProfessional Digital Artist
Are you still working primarily in Illustrator, Brian? Amazing work as always.
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I've been working with different materials and programs that fit the projects. I recently drew a western with brush and ink on the first issue, by the 3rd I was inking with pens and sharpies and Copics, and the 4th when I ran out of paper I nearly completed the entire issue in Illustrator-all but 2 pages-- and you can't really tell a difference. I inked most of the series on paper because it felt like the right look for the book. I got good with inking with a chisel sharpie. It's crazy but I got some really cool dry brush looks out of a nearly dead marker.
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*Captains Log - Skydate 1646.7*

*We're on patrol in the neutral zone, and are investigating an unusual cumulonimbus nebula. The meterological data we are collecting should prove useful for vessels attempting passage through this sector.*

"Binocular sensors are reporting heavy electrical activity in the nebula. They are advising a course correction to avoid potential contact." Data's tin voicebox rattled, punctuated by puffs of white steam from the vent pipes on his back.

"Thank you Data. Ensign, lay in a course for clear skies. Half sail." Captain Picard braced himself in his chair as the Airship Enterprise's rudders spun her about.

Lieutenant Worf peered intently through his telescope, scanning the skies for signs of potential trouble. "Captain, I'm detecting unusal cloud activity off our port bow."

"On screen."

Worf reached over and cranked hard on the wheels next to him, swinging the large array of convex mirrors at the front of the bridge to focus on the roiling cloud. The cloud was quite active despite the calm conditions surrounding it.

"The cloud appears to be closing on our position at an increasing rate." Data's clockwork whined as he spun his torso toward the rest of the crew, emphasizing his concern.

"I don't like it." Riker commented as he swung the nearby phonograph funnel to him. "Yellow Alert!" He shouted into it. The funnel broadcast his voice through the communication pipelines snaking throughout the ship. The crew buzzed with activity as they battened down the hatches.

"The cloud is matching our course and gaining." Data reported.

"Klingon Bird of Prey de-clouding off the port bow!" Worf shouted as the ship emerged from the roiling cloud, its massive vents still spewing trickles of the steam it had used to mask itself.

"RED ALERT! REFLECTORS UP! ARM CANNONS!" Riker shouted. The crews of both ships were flew into action. Cannons were primed and loaded, torches waiting for command. Large mirrors strategically placed throughout their ships rotated to focus sunlight on the opposing vessel, making it harder for their cannoneers to aim.

"Hail them!" Picard commanded as he grabbed the funnel next to him connected to the large amplifying funnel that was being turned towards the Klingon ship. "Klingon airship, this is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the UAS Enterprise. Please state your intent." His voice echoed across the airspace between the vessels.

"logh wem. Hegh: qeq!" A deep voice boomed back.

"They are claiming we have violated their airspace. I sense that they are going to attack!" Diana Troy exclaimed.

Data's head spun downwards at a humanly impossible angle. "Landmasses indicate that we are still within federation space."

"We show that we are still outside the Neutral Zone. Stand down or we will be forced to defend ourselves!" Picard replied.

"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!" echoed the response, followed by the loud report of cannon fire. The Enterprise shook and groaned with each impact.

"Damage report!" Riker called down to Geordi.

"Direct hit to port-aft reflectors! There's damage to the primary water injectors. Another hit like that and we could lose containment of the boilercore!"

"Return fire!" The words barely escaped Picard's mouth before a volley of cannonballs left the Enterprise and scored hits upon the Bird of Prey. A plume of smoke errupted from the enemy airship as a shot made contact with their starboard propellar nacelle. The ship banked as the Klingon crew raised sails to attempt to compensate for the loss of thrust.

"We're within Transporter range, Captain." Data barked over the shouts of the crew below.

"Lieutenant Worf! Engage transporters and ready a boarding crew!" Riker commanded.

"Aye Sir!" Worf pulled levers at his console, firing roped harpoons into the wounded Bird of Prey. While below deck, a team of crewmembers drew their rapiers and donned their red armor...


Disclaimer: I also submitted this to the StarTrek subreddit under the username berickcook.
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KarouWSHobbyist Writer
Could see this being enacted in the Holodeck. ^_^
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DaneRotProfessional General Artist
Great job. I love your story. Let me know if you do more.
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plnstgfxProfessional General Artist
Great job as always
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This is fantastic.
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TheGothicWriterStudent General Artist
Incredible concept/artwork.  
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I love the idea. ANd the execution is amazing.
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Awesome idea. Nicely done.

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