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"I'm such a klutz."

Maiko fumbled with her trapeze. Two pairs of broken arms in the last six months and she still hadn't learned to grasp simple, concrete objects. I can thread needles with ten broken fingers. This poor girl couldn't even unlatch the rail-guards on her hospital bed.

"I should be more careful. I need to pay attention to what I'm doing. You know what I mean?"

After knocking herself in the head with the aluminum trapeze bar several times, Maiko gave up and started yanking at the canvas slings that elevated her broken and plastered legs.

"Just look at what I've done." I was leaning out over the open hospital room window. My six inch stilettos had the effect of pooching out my rear end. The black, polyester nurse's uniform I was wearing was stretched to the breaking point around my firm buttocks. I glanced over my shoulder. Maiko managed to free one leg from its canvas sling, but the other leg was hopelessly twisted. Grommets and cables strained as Maiko's other gorgeously long plastered leg stretched high above her, nearly touching the particle-board ceiling. In such an awkward position, her cotton hospital gown had hitched itself up above her sleek, rounded hips and I could clearly see her skimpy, baby-blue panties wound tightly about her wonderful ass.

"Oh dear," I gushed, blushing out of embarrassment. "As if, it weren't bad enough what I did to your friends—accidently dropping each of them out of this narrow window." I leaned further out to better examine my handy work, taunting Maiko by kicking my legs out behind me, as if I could fall down at any moment with just the slightest push. "You know, us nurses take an oath, a Hypocritic Oath, to do no harm to our patients and to take every measure to foster their healing and recovery. And here, I somehow managed to drop Lin and all of her broken bones and plaster casts right on top of Sakura and all of her broken bones and plaster casts. I mean, such carelessness almost makes a mockery of that sacred oath."

Maiko was pawing at the hospital room walls with her thickly plastered hands and arms like a hungry dog pawing at his master's porch door—only a bit more frantic. If her jaw hadn't been ensconced in a thick, foam and rubber padded neck brace, she might have added to the conversation.

I leaned further out the window, allowing my tight nurse's dress to ride up my butt, and getting perilously close to joining my patients on the ground below. So far, it had been a magnificent night of compounded injury with unlimited potential for convalescence and healing. Officer Brobinsky lay in a heap of shredded plaster bandages, half on and half off the courtyard bench, her twisted arms and legs sprouting in various directions like those of a drunken octopus. Gang-banger, Lin, my nemesis, had plowed face first into her best soldier's shoulder cast. Now, both were moaning in agonizing pain. June and Sun who were such adorable sisters, I felt compelled to bandage them together before tossing them over, had against all odds, managed to crash straight into the statue of St. Rita, the patron saint of healing. Altogether, the scene presented a broken Garden of Delights with contorted, bent limbs, bare behinds and torn hospital gowns.

"Lovely, just lovely."

Maiko lost her balance, sliding along the wall. Sans fingers, she had no hope of catching herself, and instead smacked jaw first on the hard hospital floor.

"Craaack!" Her already split jaw, split significantly more. "Gaiiii!"

"You poor thing." I hopped back down to the floor, spun around, and clopped across the floor in my stiletto shoes with the double-thick platforms, like the old Western cavalry riding to the rescue. "Mommy's coming, sweetheart." Tears were streaming down Maiko's soft, flush face. "Let me take that horrible contraption off of your neck. It must be killing you."

I undid the hook on Maiko's Philly Collar, allowing her neck some air and comfort.


"There, much better. Ooh! Vertebrae number three looks badly bruised. Let Nurse Alexis kiss it." I ran my black-gloved hands around her delicate waist, feeling with my fingers where the cracks in her ribs met and then moved my hand up the ridges of her spine. I pressed my large, firm breasts against hers, and swept my warm, moist tongue along her fragile throat, pausing briefly to nestle my face in her glorious, silky, black hair, as she lay prone on the floor.

"Heee…pp," she whined softly.

"You must tell me how you keep your hair so thick and shiny." I ran my fingers though my long coils of black and blue hair falls. "You probably think these are extensions, but I assure you, they are the real thing. I'm telling you, shampoo night is murder."

Maiko continued sobbing, and the darling girl kept trying to communicate. "Merthy, merthy…I pleadth of youth, merthy."

"Of course, dear Maiko. You know I'm all about mercy. Let me help you to your feet." I rose from the floor and yanked Maiko up to a standing position. There she stood, warm and soft next to me, her long, thick leg casts encasing her fractured femurs, popped patellas, twisted tibias, and re-angled ankles.

Maiko screeched. "Aaaakgh!"

"There, much better." I felt her exposed toes rubbing against the wooden platforms of my shoes. "How cute."


We found ourselves wrapped tightly together, like a pair of Argentinean Tango dancers. I ran my fingers through her hair now and pressed my nose against her temple. "What sweeter perfume is there than the sanitary smell of anti-septic hospital bed sheeting?"


"You know what we need now?"

Maiko groaned.

"Mood music." I released Maiko letting her crumble to the floor, while I clopped over to the CD player and hit the play button. I clopped back to Maiko and jerked her back up to her feet without missing a beat.


"I love Cole Porter, don't you? I mean, isn't 'Anything Goes," just divine?" I grabbed Maiko's chin and gently shook it in a negative motion.


"I'm sorry, honey. I only brought Cole Porter. Tomorrow night, I promise, it will be as much J-Pop as you can stomach."

We romantically slow-danced across the hospital room floor, Naturally, I led. Maiko followed, puddling up the lapels of my black nurse's uniform with her tears.
"See what a good dancer, I am?" My platform shoes inched dangerously closer to her unwisely, exposed toes, which were popping out like baby mouse heads from the edge of her leg casts.

We pressed in, cheek-to-cheek. "Remember those dark days, Pumpkin, when your gang, the Khmer Rouge Girls, were oh so jealous, that my Golema Goth Girls held the Heights?" With one hand, I gently held Maiko's broken right arm. I cupped the other hand around her waist, but nonchalantly, like a pervy virgin teenager at his Junior Prom, ran it down into her panties and around Maiko's incredibly smooth bum. "And, that your gang held that tiny patch of weeds and gravel in the Warehouse District? Then, one day, you got it into your heads to attack our harmless little girl gang, while we were all fagged out from a long night of activities, in front of the Seven-Eleven. Remember? Yes? Dip."

I twisted Maiko back as we dipped, broken ribs crackling as she stretched backwards. You may not be aware of this, but it is unbelievably difficult to dip a girl who is wearing two long, plaster leg casts.


We resumed our dancing--Maiko screeching bloody murder with each dainty little step. "I certainly do. I mean, how could I forget? You rode across our limbs with your Harleys—over and over again, ad infinitum—breaking our legs and arms, not once, not twice, but multiple times. Dip."

There was more twisting, more crackling and more crying. This time when I leaned over to pull Maiko up from her dip, I pushed down on her small toes with my platform shoes. The resulting crunching sound, excited me to the point that I found myself pressing my hard, healthy pelvis into Maiko's soft, bruised pelvis, then bringing my knee up and wrapping it around her firm behind.


"Remember? But, you didn't stop there, did you? Next came the lumber and the steel fence posts, the bricks and the cinder blocks; finally, the baseball bats and tire irons. You girls certainly did a number on us. Dip."

I dipped Maiko again. Having given up on my soggy lapel, she began blubbering into my ample cleavage. Her wet tears on my warm bosom made my heart race. I pulled her back up, pressing down on her large toes just to make certain her plastered feet wouldn't slide out from underneath her.



"Remember? You straddled my badly broken body. You looked magnificent. You were wearing your shiny, green, PVC, Chairman Mao outfit with your red sickle and hammer undies peeping just above your waistline as you pressed your petite healthy hips into my shattered ones—just as I'm doing now. Then, you gave me a long, wet passionate kiss with more tongue than a den full of Cottonmouth Vipers. Like this." Pressing down on Maiko's toes again with my platform shoes, I lifted her up to my height, cracking and crunching her middle toes. Then, I kissed her. At first, soft, light, but eventually much harder and fuller, cleaning her palette and teeth with the flat of my tongue.

"That kiss, Maiko! Oh, that kiss! Words can't express how much you turned me on that night. And then you left abruptly—left me so cold." My eyes grew moist. All of Maiko's blubbering was making it that much more difficult to restrain my own tears. "Oh sure, you came back to run us over some more with your motorcycles, but after that, you left me cold—after such a mad, passionate kiss."

I nibbled on Maiko's ear lobe and ran my lips along the soft, fine hairs on the back of Maiko's neck. A delicate, lonely tear ran down the side of my nose.

"I thought about you during my long, lonely recovery. You know, they put my ass and legs in a double-hip spica and my boobs and arms in a double-shoulder spica? At least, I admire you for your professionalism." I gave Maiko a tight squeeze and breathed in her wonderful scent. "There I was, stuck in traction, much like you were just a few moments ago—so hot, so worked up, so little I could do to release the love and pleasure that welled up inside of me for six long months."

I sighed deeply. Maiko and I had danced ourselves right next to the open window. "Now, I'm fully healthy and you're the one that is hurt. Can you even imagine how difficult it was for me to wait so long, night after painful night, just for this moment? Dip."

I dipped Maiko halfway out the window. In a futile effort, she pounded at the brick, exterior walls of the hospital with her plaster arm casts—doing more damage to her casts than the walls. Her fabulous fanny jutted out over the window sill as I moved around behind her. I ran a gloved hand over her soft, prone cheeks. Slowly, she started sliding downward, there being more of her outside of the window than inside. She screamed, a muffled scream.

"Don't worry, baby, I got you. I ran my hands down her baby-blue panties and pulled up on them. The undies strained and the threads began to pop—one by glorious one."
"Aaaaai! Aaaaai! Noooo…th!"

Finally, the last thread gave way. Maiko slipped through my hands, kicking as she went down. She managed to smack me in the nose with the hard edge of her plaster leg cast, then followed up with a broken toe inserted into my right nostril. Clumsily, I reached for the leg cast, but it slid through my fingers. I saw Maiko tumble through the air, like a stiff rag doll impersonating a circus acrobat. She landed three stories below, outstretched arms first, on the grass, just missing the sidewalk pavement. Both casts exploded into powder and fiber shreds on impact. The sound of unbroken bones breaking reverberated throughout the courtyard. Her legs came next, crashing against the compacted turf. More cracking and crunching echoed throughout the garden as a plume of white, plaster dust rose up from where Maiko landed. Then the screaming, the moaning, the groaning and lastly, the sobbing. Her hospital gown torn to bits, poor Maiko lay face down in the dirt with her bare bottom gleaming in the moonlight.

My heart welled just as a small trickle of blood dripped down from my nose and onto my ruby-red lips. "Oh, poo! I'm bleeding!"

Absentmindedly, I took Maiko's torn undergarments and dabbed at the blood on my face. Then I pressed the blood soaked panties up to my nose. They still smelled of wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous Maiko. I breathed in a lungful and shouted out the window for all to hear: "Fantasize about me in your body cast!"

I know I will.
If you didn't see the picture that accompanies this story, you can take a gander at: [link]

Once you see it, it will explain everything.
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QUIXOTE008 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
"...had plowed face first into her best soldier's shoulder cast..."
I don't know what that means. Lin's face into Sakura's shoulder?
DaneBainbridge Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, that is exactly right. Lin's face hit Sakura's shoulder, while Sakura was in a shoulder spica cast. "Face first" is an expression in English, that pretty much means to fall with your face hitting the ground or whatever object before the rest of your body does. Thanks for asking.
statler1967 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
I enjoyed it very much.

And - of course - I'm looking forward to the new story

frenzyfriut Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Is it out yet? Can u give me the link?
DaneBainbridge Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you enjoyed. The new story will be out soon.
castsandfeet Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it!!!!! I always wondered if alexis would return - and what a comeback it is - more more more! hehe
DaneBainbridge Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
So, glad to hear you like it. Got a whole new story planned. So keep checking here for more.
CastedDragon Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
yum. I was hoping you would indeed write more. I do enjoy your stories with Alexis, and sl44n3sh does such a nice job of illustrating them!

Thanks so much!
DaneBainbridge Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Glad that you enjoyed it. There will be more to come.
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