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:icondane-elle:Dane-elle posted a status

i just watched birdie's live stream where she argue with her mom cuz she gave their adress and last name and stuff to the ppl here in internet so i heard that birdie said that her mom might delete her channel. her friends in the live stream like Toxikai tells her to end the stream and listen to her mom but she wouldve listen at first. and maybe her mom deleted her channel for being a rabel to her and blamed toxikai and his friends to it. like... i know shes the one started the warning. idk if this true some of it is my opinion and maybe some of it is true. not to defend him but it might be not toxikai's fault

pleasee... like theres a million animators here in YT its going to be hard to take it down

i need to spread this anyways cuz i want you guys to think about it

pls dont hate/attalk me ;;

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Dane-elle Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Student Digital Artist
i bet half of this is true
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