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Mryia Head Progress Shots

Here are a few progress shots on a Jackalope we are creating. This will end up being a full suit with slight digitigrade leg padding. 

This is a modified DVC resin base to accomodate toony follow me eyes, as well as DVC horns. It is foam padded. The inside is lined with Lycra for breathability. 

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May I ask why you cover it in duct tape?
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(This is an awfully late response, but oh well)
People cover their bases in duct tape so they can draw on the patterns, and then cut out the patterns, and then they trace them onto the fur.
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Hello there, I followed a link to this page on adding larger eyes to resin blanks.  I was wondering if there was a tutorial or way you could show you how you did that?  I would like to buy a mask online but I am interested in being able to put bigger eyes on it...
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We take a handheld dremel with saw attachment and just cut into them to make the eye space. Pretty simple!
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very nice toony padding! great to see modifications like this on the masks. ^-^