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Mr. Grey

By dandylion7
LS: [link]
Both eyes are Make your clock widget.

HS: [link]
Blue dock icons by me
Minimalistic text
Hiki player
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what font you use to make this design ?
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May be this one [link] Sorry don't remember for sure, this was made a long time ago.
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Do want.
A phone with a mustache.
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It was cool, the 2-odd days I kept this setup on mine. :D
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I like your use of color and the overall simplicity of the design. However, I would make the buttons at the bottom a little bigger for a touchscreen phone. Also, the "100%" circle (I assume it's supposed to display battery life) in the first image is off-center, I don't know if this is on porpose but it looks a bit off to me.

Anyways, good job!
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Thank you very much! Oh yes that circle (make-your-clock widget) was a pain, I tried hard to get it right but gave up and settled on this position, and yes it is displaying the battery. And the few days I had this setup on my phone (a samsung galaxy S2) the icons worked just fine, but then I do have small-ish hands. These screens are just captures of my phone, nothing was done in Photoshop or outside, even the dock icons were made on the phone itself using Simple Text widget. :)
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How do I tell you how long I have been looking for something like this to use?? Haha, Just amazing and well done never-the-less! :)
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I'm humbled, thank you :)
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Sorry to bother you, but how do you use this?
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You can use this (95% sure) only on a andriod smartphone with service.

You take the wallpaper and apply it to the widgetlocker lockscreen, then you download the widgets he said in the 'artist description' above and viola! Amazing background!
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Ahhhh. I have an iPhone, that might be why.
Ms-Lady96's avatar
Haha, yeah! But you can still maybe save the picture and crop it and set it as a background ^^
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*nods* maybe I could. After I fixed the offset how it isn't centered
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Haha, ofcourse :)
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It bothers me to no end ^^' I'm a freak like that, stuffs got to be centered....
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Make that 'she' and you just about summed it up. :-)
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This needs an Android running smartphone.

* apply the mustache wallpaper to the widgetlocker lockscreen
* use the widgets mentioned in the description to display battery and time.

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Ahhh. That must be why I can't. I have an iPhone ^^
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Hmmmm, so this could potentially be a real theme of sorts? I know several people who would get it just for the mustache xD
But, anyways, I am really liking the font and is it suppose to be the lock screen?
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Um I'm not sure what you mean by real theme? These are screenshots of my phone. All you need is the wallpaper and the widgets and voila. :)

The mustache dude is the phone's lock screen yes, I used an invisible/transparent slider in Widgetlocker. Font, if I remember, is just one of the default ones in the respective widgets mentioned in the description. :)
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When I see artwork like this, I do wish I had a smartphone so I'd be able to use this.
Well done, love the minimalistic approach :]
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