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My Bio
Skulk elegantly round cafes, doodling random mindscapes.

Tools of the Trade
Multi-coloured hello kitty pen from the pound shop.
The opening sequence of Marvel's Daredevil has really impressed the Dandy Doodle Bug. She watched the entire season in one sitting which resulted in an unsatisfactory doodle. Presented here away from the gallery for reason of unsatisfaction.
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The DandyDoodleBug is not pleased with this depiction of the Angst Spirit. The Angst Spirit ended up with a deformed arm that no layer of tip-ex could remedy... The DandyDoodleBug decided to let it languish in shame within the confines of her doodle ...
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Sometimes the Dandy Doodle Bug is unhappy with the things that spills out of her head... This is an example of artwork that usually doesn't make it to deviant art. Just to show that some doodles go wrong and we have to live with their shame FOREVER.....
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I adore your style of art. You have something unique going on and I encourage you to continue. You're the first person I've started watching...mostly because I'm not sure what that entails, but I hope that gives you more encouragement to continue creating and inspiring;) (Wink) . 
Thank you so much. It is indeed very encouraging to hear such lovely words. I am never quite sure what my next drawing will be like. Most of the time it is an adventure just to start drawing and see where it ends up^^
Your artwork is just beautiful and fascinating! I have a few questions, if you have time to reply.

How do you go about starting a piece? Do you have ideas in mind ahead of time or do you start sketching and let the piece take shape on its own? How long does it take you to complete a more elaborate piece?

I see a lot of inspiration taken from culture, religion, and nature. What other things inspire your art?

I've gotten spoiled by digital art, but I'm hoping to go back to traditional art more in order to develop patience for myself and my art. Any suggestions? Thanks! :3
My work process is less glamorous than most. I need background noise and most of my art happens when I binge watch tv series - mostly sci fi stuff.

I am addicted to journalling so everything I do is in diaries of various sizes . The art here is done with biro pens, tip ex and some metallic gel pens in a daily lined diary (A5). So it all fits in my bag and goes everywhere with me.

I also spend many hours in cafes using the hubbub of humanity as my background noise.

The work starts with an idea - I tend to close my eyes, lie down and take a snooz hugging my journal. I tend to wake up with an image or three in my head. I quickly doodle them with pencils then trace them with pens and over a day or two I fill it all up.

I am a HUGE bible geek, my mum was a bible teacher and I grew up on bible stories , philosophy and poetry. Beyond religion - I see the bible as the most inspiring collection of human thinking. I am forever inspired by it - hence the spiritual symbolism.

I also love myths and legends and a voracious comics nerd. I love vivid colors and strong definitions and I am often delighted to find others like those too because drawing is an outlet for me - I think it keeps me sane (debatable XD).

I can ramble on forever because doodling is such a huge part of my life and loves. Feel free to ask more if I didn't answer (my mind is very chaotic).
Nah, you pretty much got it. :3 I tend to be too OCD to just let myself go and doodle. I'm a totally neurotic perfectionist control freak. I normally have a very specific vision or subject in mind when I draw and rarely take the time to be as creative as I'd like to be. I'm very goal oriented, so it becomes more about completing one piece so I can move on to the next instead of the process, which has always saddened me. In the past art has become a chore for me after a time because I take on these audacious goals for myself, like drawing all of the Pokemon or something like that. But I'm going to try to let loose more on this profile. Your pieces will definitely be inspiration for me. Keep up the great work! :hug: