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Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (FINAL)
(Everyone is setting everything up for the big finale)
Me: Hurry up with that equipment, guys! This big finale to our review has got to get all who helped us and then some to see it right here. That way, we'll all finish it together.
Soos: I'm more of a mechanic than an electrician, dude.
Me: Still, you know a bit about wiring, right?
Soos: Yeah.
Emily: I actually taught him. The computer skills class at school showed us how to properly wire our systems.
Rosalina: So, how long till we go live?
Heartthrobber: I'm sure we're waiting to do this just as much as everyone is waiting to see it.
Emily: And we are live! *plugs in the last plug*
(The cameras go on and everyone around the world, both real and fictional can see this)
Melanie: Hello?
Rod: What's up?
Hapu: I see we're live now.
Me: Success! It worked! Aloha, everybody! You're all viewing us right here, and you know why.
Bowser: You pretty much called us and told us, so yeah, I think we know.
Me: Right.
Spring Man: Why ar
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Dandy Andy's Halloween Spookatorium
Halloween Night: 6:00 PM
(A spinning chair appears and on the other end reveals to be me)
Me: Good evening, everyone. As you know, tonight is Halloween. The night when ghosts and goblins come out to play...and wreak you in its NES port. This year, I have decided to share with you a little something.
Emily: You have a deep dark secret, dad?
Me: No, nothing like that.
Heartthrobber: You're not cheating on me, are you?
Me: No, babe! I wouldn't do that!
Soos: You sold your Switch?
Me: No! Nothing like that at all! You know how every year, someone has a haunted house that could scare the pants off of little kids?
Emily: Hey!
Me: Present company excluded, Em. Well, I have here a haunted house for all of you, and it goes a little the following deviation!
(-ation echoes eerily)
Me: Welcome to Dandy Andy's 12 Trial Halloween Spookatorium! The hauntedest of the haunted, the creepiest of the creepy, the most pants-wettin
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 3 30
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (25-26)
Me: Well, guys, we're coming up onto the final four of this story, as well as this series in general.
Soos: Dude, I never thought we'd get this far.
Alexis: Hey, after all the crap we've seen from this series, I think we can finally pull this one off. Heck, the worst Andy suffered from this was a soldier during WWII somehow knowing about Taylor Swift and internet acronyms.
Me: Don't remind me.
Alexis: Too late! I already did.
Emily: So, are we gonna have anymore guests, or is it just gonna be us for the rest of the review?
Me: Oh, it's the former, sweetie. And for that, I have a very special guest. BEHOLD!
(Enter Mr. Game & Watch)
Rosalina: You brought in one of your favorite Smashers? I guess that make sense.
Mr. Game & Watch: Hello, everyone.
Me: No! Not Mr. Game & Watch. Though, it is pretty cool to see him here. No, I'm talking about an even more special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the actual author of these stories, Melanie AKA PrincessAmerica!
(Enter Melanie)
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 0 15
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (22-24)
Me: So, does anybody know what we're doing for Halloween this year?
Soos: Horror movie binge watch.
Emily: Trick-or-treating is the most likely option for me.
Alexis: TP and eggs over here.
Heartthrobber: I think I'll dress up in one of my most seductive costumes and flirt with random strangers. If that's legal.
Decidueye: I'll be on a neighborhood watch.
Rosalina: And I'm judging a Jack-o-Lantern contest.
Me: Looks like you'll all be busy. As for me, I don't think I'll do anything besides give out candy.
Alexis: Sad.
Me: Hey! Trick-or-treaters are still out there! And I'll be waiting to give them their treats and eat the ones that remain. But right now, we gotta prepare for another horror that is to come.
Emily: Oh, right. We're still reviewing this story, given the title of this deviation.
Me: Right. And where's today's guest?
(Doorbell rings)
Decidueye: I think it is my turn. (opens door)
Harold: Well, hello, Andy!
Alexis: Okay, who is this? He wasn't anywhere in any of the reviews.
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 33
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (19-21)
Me: Well, there's no delaying the inevitable, guys. We had a good weekend, but now it's time we moved onto the next part.
Emily: Aw! Do we have to?
Me: Yes! We have to finish this review before December 7th.
Soos: Anything to finish in honor of the release, huh?
Me: I have a big speech to give after we finally finish this about telling everyone for all the fighters that did make it or the ones that didn't and all that jazz. But it has to be before the game is released.
Heartthrobber: Don't rush yourself, darling. We're certain you'll finish before the release. But aren't we gonna do something for Halloween as well?
Me: With the procrastination I was hit with this year? I can't say for certain at this point.
(Bell rings)
Emily: Who's today's guest?
(The door opens to reveal Ashley & Red from Warioware)
Rosalina: Why, it's Ashley and her little devil friend Red.
Red: Hi, everyone!
Ashley: Hey.
Me: You're a sight to see. You heard Halloween and came right over.
Ashley: Not really ready fo
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Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (16-18)
(The next day arrives and we all wake up)
Me: Man, what a goodnight sleep that was.
Soos: I'll say. Emily didn't even use her nightlight.
Emily: I don't have a nightlight!
Soos: Then what was that?
Rosalina: Oh, my darn wand went off again. I can't get that thing to work right whenever it does that. I'm sorry.
Me: Well, let's get some breakfast and see if we can knock a few more chapters out of the park.
(We have breakfast when someone rings the doorbell)
Me: Now, who could that be?
(Alexis answers the door)
Alexis: Well, look who it is. It's Connor AKA HeavyHitterConnor and the Inklings!
Inklings: Hey!
Connor: How's it going?
Me: So, I guess you're today's guests for our next part of our review, huh?
Connor: Sure looks that way. I heard about what you've been getting into. So, uh...did Heartthrobber win that bet?
Me: Nope.
Heartthrobber: I'm still holding out for a win. I just love giving my sweet Andy a taste of my booty kicking booty. (wiggles it)
Connor: No wonder.
Inkling Girl: So
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 1 9
Gravity Falls: Sweater Maiden to the Rescue!
It has been a week since the Pines Family had come back to Gravity Falls since this next summer started. Dipper and Mabel had been adjusting to their first time as teenagers while their grunkles had been having a blast exploring the world in the Stan O' War.
"Man, it sure is good having the old gang back together," said Stan.
Of course, it wasn't the whole old gang. They weren't staying at the Mystery Shack ever since Soos became the new owner of the place. Speaking of Soos, he did let them stay at the shack while visiting. Dipper and Mabel were hanging out in the attic for old times' sake, which Soos's abuelita had redecorated for them.
"Well, you know, Wendy's not really here," said Soos.
"Yeah, I know," said Stan.
"Your girlfriend does a nice job, at the very least," said Ford.
"Melody has been doing her best," said Soos.
"Hey, boss! Where should we put the archive of 8-bit monsters that look like celebrities?" Melody asked.
"Right next to the list of genies who went out of business
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 3 14
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (13-15)
???: Ahem!
(A silhouette is at the door)
Alexis: Oh, hey! It's fellow deviant Branden Cabral, AKA Dimensional-Expander and Azure-Mage88!
Me: Branden! I didn't even know you were gonna show up all of a sudden!
Branden: Hey, guys, you know me. I always have to come without a little notice. How else am I gonna sneak up on others and surprise them?
Emily: So, why are you here?
Branden: You guys totally forgot, didn't you?
Soos: Forget what, dude?
Branden: You forgot my birthday! (starts to snivel)
Me: Oh, buddy. It's not like that. I would have been happy to do something for your birthday. It's just that I didn't have a lot of time, this review had already been on the backburner for too long now, I wish there was something I could do.
Branden: Well, I can name something.
Emily: Yeah?
Branden: Can I...join you in this part?
Rosalina: I think it's the least we can do since we didn't have anything planned for his birthday in time.
Me: Okay, Branden, as a belated gift from us to you, you can s
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 28
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (10-12)
(A faded blurry POV is shown)
Emily: Look! He's waking up!
(Spring Man comes to)
Spring Man: Ugh...what happened?
Galleom: You were overcome with such exasperation and awe at the terrible nature of the fic that you knocked yourself out, not being able to take it anymore.
Spring Man: Oh right. That. Is it over?
Me: Nope. We're not even halfway there yet.
Spring Man: Not even halfway!? I'm outta here! (runs out the door) Help! Anyone! Please! Help! I can't stand that story anymore! Don't leave me in there reviewing anymore! Save me! HEEEEEEELP!!!
Emily: Well, more pizza for us.
(Enter Sergio and Hapu)
Hapu: Was that Spring Man running out of here?
Me: Sergio AKA Sergy92! Kahuna Hapu! You made it!
Sergio: Hey, we wouldn't miss this.
Hapu: I have heard about this from Sergio, but I never knew a fan fic series like this would actually exist.
Decidueye: Ah, yes. This was before Alola was discovered. Grand Kahuna, beware that this will be one story that none shall ever enjoy outside of guilty
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 1 6
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (7-9)
(The portal opens up and we return to our world)
Soos: I'm just saying even my show had a couple of duds here and there.
Alexis: Yeah, I know. But...Johnny Test actually had some good ones when it switched to flash and changed the theme song?
Me: It happens.
Galleom: So, anyway, now that you're done talking about my blu-ray collection, are we going to do the next three chapters?
Me: Of course. But it looks like we have a special guest.
Decidueye: What makes you say that?
Me: My doorbell ringing with one of my friends at the door.
Decidueye: Oh.
(We answer the door)
Me: Rebekah AKA BeekBeek85? What are you doing here?
Rebekah: I heard you were reviewing the third and final entry in this dreadful trilogy, and I knew that I had to come on as a guest sometime. And I just couldn't wait.
Rosalina: Looks like we got two guests today.
???: Make that three.
Heartthrobber: Now who said that?
(Enter Spring Man)
Spring Man: I did!
Me: Spring Man from ARMS?
Spring Man: Someone tol
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 1 6
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (4-6)
Me: Okay, you guys ready to do this?
Heartthrobber: Didn't we just start doing it in the previous episode?
Me: I mean, are you ready to go to where Galleom went when he died after his heroic sacrifice in the 8 year anniversary special?
Heartthrobber: Oh, that.
Emily: You're the one with the stone, dad. Activate the portal.
Me: Alright, here we go! (holds up stone) Buncha-words-that-sound-weird-when-you-say-them-together!
(The stone glows and the portal activates)
Soos: Ooh! Nice swirly design.
Rosalina: And the colors have such panache.
Decidueye: I am curious as to what could be behind that portal. I've seen my fair share of Ultra Wormholes, but none like this.
Me: Hold hands and let's go!
(We hold hands and step through the portal to the other side)
The other realm
(The portal opens up on the other side where we are on a plain of stillness)
Me: So, this is where Galleom went.
Galleom: Hey, Andy! How's it going?
Me: Ah, my big ol' assaulting automaton! How are you enjoying the
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 1 11
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (1-3)
The sun is rising over yonder
Me: Two months left. What have I been doing all this time? I have been sitting back, waiting and watching and doing nothing. And look at how much is left before the big day.
Emily: You know what you have to do, right?
Me: I do.
Soos: Can you handle it, dude?
Me: Oh, can I. I have put this off for long enough. I have to do this.
Theme song plays
Me: A while back, I took a look at the most infamous fan fiction in all of Nintendo fandom history: Supper Smash Bras: Mishohn From God. This fic has garnered a lot of notoriety for taking some of Nintendo's most beloved characters and some other video game ones in the Smash Bros roster and placing them in this story about an OC who was such a mary-sue, she became beloved by all who saw things her way and anyone was wrong about her was punished severely. She was a right-wing Christian that painted Christianity in a bad light by doing all the stereotypes saying that anyone
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 30
Gravity Falls: Tiffany's New Look
In Gravity Falls, there are lots of people feeling the love in the air. No, it wasn't Valentine's Day. They all just had someone in their life. They could always find that special someone and be together. And not with the use of some love potion for most cases. Of course, there was one girl who wanted one boy. Nick was walking down the street. He saw three girls.
"Hi, Pacifica!" he said to the most popular girl in Gravity Falls.
"Uh...hey, Nick," Pacifica responded a little nervously.
You see, Nick had the hots for Pacifica, but she wasn't really that much into him. Didn't return the feelings as he thought she would. But one of Pacifica's friends was always going ga-ga over him, and that was her friend Tiffany, the girl in the red dress.
"Hi, Nick~!" she called out to him.
Nick was a little uneasy around Tiffany. She was a little obsessed with him. He just walked a little faster. Tiffany sighed.
The girls were hanging out at the mall and enjoying some sushi at the food court.
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 4
Myles visits Sonic and Friends
Myles King was a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. He had played the games, read the comics, and watched the cartoons.
"Oh, Sonic, you'll always be way past cool to me," he said.
Sure, Sonic may have hit hard times every now and then, but Myles always stayed true to the blue blur because he couldn't get enough of him no matter what.
"You know, I would like to see what Sonic's place is like, even if it's just for a day," he said.
He held up a gold ring that he kept with him. It was a bit like a souvenir of some kind, as if it were just merchandise. But it glowed a bit.
"Wow! I've never seen it do that before," he said.
He went outside, and the ring started spinning around and it grew.
"Holy cow!" said Myles.
The ring then showed an image of Green Hill, the home of Sonic the Hedgehog.
"Is this...a special kind of ring?" he asked.
He put his arm through it and saw that it indeed lead to Green Hill.
"No way! It's for real!" he said.
He then stood back, charged, and leaped right through it.
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 1 4
Gravity Falls: Haunted House Havoc
A little time has passed since Weirdmageddon had come to an end. Now, Gravity Falls was finally able to remain at peace with both natural and supernatural. Dipper and Mabel Pines decided to visit their favorite forest town this Halloween.
"Ah, it's good to be back in the Falls," said Dipper.
"You said it, Dippingsauce. Now we're a year older and more experienced with these surroundings and all the bizarre stuff that happens on a normal basis around here," said Mabel.
They noticed their friends Soos and Wendy waiting for them.
"Dudes! You made it!" said Soos.
"Hi, Soos! Hi, Wendy!" said Mabel.
"It's only been a couple of months, but it feels like a while," said Dipper.
"I'll say," said Wendy.
She then decided to swap hats back for their little visit.
"Give it the old vibe from summer," said Wendy.
"I'll say," said Dipper.
"It's about time you two dorks showed up," said a familiar sassy voice.
It was Pacifica Northwest.
"Pacifica? You waited for us?" Dipper asked.
"Hey, it's not like I h
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 4 4
The Pokemon Hybrid Resistance VS Eden
Over the years, humans and Pokemon had co-existed with one another as friends and partners. We have all grown fond of our brethren and known to be one with another. It was a beautiful balance. But these times, the bond has been fused into one. The syndicate known as Eden has now started experimenting on both races and forced them to become a hybrid of some kind. Some had no name for it. Others called them Pokemans. But that name sounded a little dumb. So, it's hard what to call them.
It has gone on for who knows how long at this point, but three mutated beings had had enough. Enter Bailey Teslik, a boy whose DNA was fused with that of a Jolteon's.
"Look at this. Eden has been corrupting humans and Pokemon to no end. It's planning to expand to other regions soon," said Bailey.
Enter Jill Hallow, a girl with the form of a Gourgeist.
"That's terrible! I can't imagine just how anyone can live the way we do and see Eden's plight as ground-breaking!" said Jill.
Enter Mimi Pseudosky,
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 11


Going Ippon and On by TRC-Tooniversity Going Ippon and On :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 32 18 MT's Movie Design by TRC-Tooniversity MT's Movie Design :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 53 5 Mammoth Thighs Teaser Movie Poster by TRC-Tooniversity Mammoth Thighs Teaser Movie Poster :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 67 20 Inflataberry - Now With God Rays! by FWOOMPH Inflataberry - Now With God Rays! :iconfwoomph:FWOOMPH 87 48 Ninja Bridgette (TD Rama version) by mastergamer20 Ninja Bridgette (TD Rama version) :iconmastergamer20:mastergamer20 13 21 Ninja Bridgette by mastergamer20 Ninja Bridgette :iconmastergamer20:mastergamer20 15 41 Inflataberry - Im Going To Get HOW Big?!? by FWOOMPH Inflataberry - Im Going To Get HOW Big?!? :iconfwoomph:FWOOMPH 103 11 Wario and Jimmy T. by WarioTheInflator Wario and Jimmy T. :iconwariotheinflator:WarioTheInflator 85 31 Sylli: Bored Games by TRC-Tooniversity Sylli: Bored Games :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 35 5 Inflataberry - Frame Filler by FWOOMPH Inflataberry - Frame Filler :iconfwoomph:FWOOMPH 88 25 Inflataberry - Lookin' Comfy by FWOOMPH Inflataberry - Lookin' Comfy :iconfwoomph:FWOOMPH 94 22 Workout Ciffy by Evil-Count-Proteus
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Luna Payne

"Hmph... Getting sympathy points from me will only happen on a blue moon."

Name: Luna Payne
Nicknames: Lulu (to her annoyance), Blue Moon
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid (Human/Blueberry)
Age: 19
Born: October 31, 1993; London, England
Blood Type: Blueberry juice (Formerly A)
Height: 9'3'' (Formerly 5'6'')
Weight: 2,143 lbs (Formerly 108 lbs)
Hair: Black, straight with long bangs that cover her right eye, waist-length
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Blue
Attire: Wears a black sleeveless top with "DARK" written in red letters, red skirt with a black line around the top, black panties with a white skull design on the front, striped black-and-red socks, black shoes and a white skull necklace.
Personality: Luna is a stoic woman who doesn't show her emotions much. She's also not above giv
:icondimensional-expander:Dimensional-Expander 18 66
Mage Marta? by Sergy92 Mage Marta? :iconsergy92:Sergy92 13 5


Okay, let me rephrase that about Ultimate. Are you ready?
So...only one month left till Ultimate. ... Are you scared?
Strong Bad, tell everyone about Daylight Savings.

(Everyone is setting everything up for the big finale)
Me: Hurry up with that equipment, guys! This big finale to our review has got to get all who helped us and then some to see it right here. That way, we'll all finish it together.
Soos: I'm more of a mechanic than an electrician, dude.
Me: Still, you know a bit about wiring, right?
Soos: Yeah.
Emily: I actually taught him. The computer skills class at school showed us how to properly wire our systems.
Rosalina: So, how long till we go live?
Heartthrobber: I'm sure we're waiting to do this just as much as everyone is waiting to see it.
Emily: And we are live! *plugs in the last plug*
(The cameras go on and everyone around the world, both real and fictional can see this)
Melanie: Hello?
Rod: What's up?
Hapu: I see we're live now.
Me: Success! It worked! Aloha, everybody! You're all viewing us right here, and you know why.
Bowser: You pretty much called us and told us, so yeah, I think we know.
Me: Right.
Spring Man: Why are you making me see more of this? You know I knocked myself out last time I look at this piece of garbage!
Me: Don't worry, Springy. We're on the end game.
Inkling: We were told there would be some cool special effects. Looks like you have the same studio.
Me: Hey, we blew the budget to get you guys on here wirelessly to join in on the finale of this trilogy! Don't ruin the mood!
Decidueye: Now then, are you all ready?
Sergio: I am!
Erin: Me too!
Connor: Same here.
Theresa: Absolutely.
Mr. Game & Watch: Yes.
Ashley: Whatever.
Me: Sweet! Strap in, viewers! Because we're going into overdrive on this final joyride that is the Super Smash Bros Mission From God Trilogy!
Heartthrobber: Two chapters left, and that clone still hasn't shown up. I fear I have already lost.
Emily: Just wait and see.
Rod: Can we get some snacks first?
Me: Alright. Everyone grab a snack, and then we can get started with the penultimate chapter.
(A few minutes later, everyone returns to the cameras with snacks)
Sonic: Okay, ready.
Mario: Here we go!
Me: I wanted to say that. But yeah. Let's do it. Melanie, this is for you, girl!
Melanie: Well, what are you waiting? let 'er rip!
Me: Okay! This is the end of Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3!

Chapter 27: The Moral of the Story

(Me: Never go into any business venture with a pantsless man?
Alexis: If you don't repay money you owe, a dinosaur squishes your head?
Heartthrobber: Licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets?
Melanie: Good jokes, but no.)

The moment you've all been waiting for.

(Sergio: Sara gets killed off?
Rebekah: Oh, please tell us Sara gets killed off!
Red: That would be something.
Spring Man: A dream come true! It's not gonna happen, is it?
Everyone else: No.
Spring Man: I was afraid of that.)

Well, now that I have full control of the author's note again, due to Sakurai being occupied fighting my avatar, I'd like to talk about sports again. I'm sure you're all thrilled. This time, however, I'm going to talk about baseball. While I only started following football in college, I've been a fan of baseball since I was a little girl, even before one of the most recognizable Japanese people in American sports started playing for the closest MLB team to where I live. I even played softball for four years in high school (by "played" I mean "spent most of my time on the bench". I wasn't actually very good). Also, as a fun little note, the Mariners are actually owned by Nintendo, making them the only Nintendo property that regularly appears in games for non-Nintendo consoles (and, before you bring up the CD-I or something, I said REGULARLY appears). I was considering voting for Felix Hernandez on the Smash ballot based on that, but I'm sure the "no real people" rule trumps the fact that the team that he plays for is technically a first party Nintendo franchise.

(Me: Well, I gotta say, Melanie, I did not know that. Probably because I'm not a sports whiz like you.
Melanie: The more you learn, Andy.
Decidueye: I always wondered how Baseball got to be such a popular sport in Japan. It feels more like their pastime than America's.
Mario: I still have nightmares about the CD-I myself.
Link: At least you only had one game on there. I was unfortunate and had three games based on my series. And I was only playable in 1 out of 3 of them.
Donkey Kong: Good thing my DKC series hadn't exactly kicked off yet. Who knows what they could have done with mine?
Pikachu: I think all of us later series dodged a bullet there.
Wario: Yeah. A Bullet Bill.
Me: But a sports team owned by Nintendo? I knew they were known for making playing cards before video games even existed, but this is news to me.)

Anyway, the reason I'm bringing up baseball is that the playoffs are going on. Like most people whose team didn't make it, I'm pulling for the Cubs to end their hundred-year curse. But, honestly, as long as the Cardinals don't win it all again I'll be happy. They're the only team in the playoffs who won a championship more recently than the early nineties. And I'm pretty sure I just guaranteed a Cardinals World Series victory. You're welcome, St. Louis!

(Alexis: Why do both the NFL and MLB have teams named the Cardinals?
Emily: *shrugs and makes a moaning tone sounding like "I don't know"*
Me: When I think St. Louis, I think of my dad's favorite football team. Who moved to LA. Now, onto the actual chapter.)

Chapter 27: The Moral Of The Story

(Hearthrobber: Insert any moral from Animanacs' Wheel of Morality segment here.)

Melanie and Sakurai stood on the battlefield, which was now utterly ruined from a full day of fighting. Sakurai was dual-wielding two massive swords: Guts' Dragon Slayer from Berserk and the version of the Masamune that Sephiroth wields in Final Fantasy VII. Melanie, meanwhile, had a set of laserbladed chainsaw-nunchucks in each hand. Suddenly, however, Sakurai's swords slipped from his hands, fell into the nearby river, and somehow the current was strong enough to carry them downstream.
(Rosalina: Oh dear. Mr. Sakurai seems to have been nerfed like you requested, Melanie.
Branden: You know, speaking of FF7, considering this story was finished right before Cloud was announced as DLC for 4, I think I speak for everyone that it was more than serendipitous that you put that in.
Melanie: Ooh, I can predict the future!
Alexis: Can you predict this week's lottery numbers?
Melanie: Not that.)

"Hey! That river wasn't there before!" Sakurai's subtitles said.
"Yes it was," Melanie said, "the geography just wasn't established... or something. Yeah."
"You're cheating!" Sakurai's subtitles said.
(Erin: Uh-oh! That classic cheating excuse!
Soos: More like that infamous one.)

"Am not!" Melanie said.
"Are too!" Sakurai's subtitles said. Suddenly, Melanie's laser-chainsawchucks exploded for no reason.
(Theresa: And now Melanie's nerfed.
Melanie: Dammit!)

"You big, dumb doo-doo head!" Melanie said.
(Alexis: *sarcastic* Oh, doo-hoo head! That's a real good insult! Couldn't really go with shit, could you?)
"I know you are, but what am I," Sakurai's subtitles said.
(Emily: When did this turn into a schoolyard fight?)
Melanie pulled out a sword and tried to hit Sakurai with it... but wait! He had a force field! But Melanie had another sword, that breaks force fields! But Sakurai had a better force field that resists swords that break force fields! But Melanie had an even better sword that breaks force fields that resist swords that break force fields!
(Rod: Okay, I see where this is going.
Inkling: The writing starts to get lazy.)

"Wait..." Melanie said, "don't you see the point we've reached?"
"Ha! You're just giving up because my next trick will beat you for sure!" Sakurai's subtitles said.
"Does it involve having an even better force field to beat my even better sword?" Melanie asked.
"No!" Sakurai's subtitles said, before he admitted, "... yes."
(Me: Looks like you hit a writer's block bigger than Stakataka, Melanie.
Melanie: It was more of an inside joke, but you didn't miss the mark by much.)

"You see, I'm not sure how the Japanese schooling system works, but here in 'Murica our children often have pretend fights with each other that inevitably reach an impasse with an infinite series of stronger force fields and stronger weapons to break those force fields. Then, one of the kids says 'girls can't break force fields because girls are dumb!' so the other kid slaps him IRL, which leads to the teacher walking over and saying 'Melanie Takahashi, go to the principal's office' and then the girl does what she's told and her parents are called and they tell her she's not allowed to play video games for a whole week. And then her mother asks her if she slapped that boy because she secretly loves him and the girl says 'no'. But her mom doesn't believe her, even though the girl is telling the truth because she actually has a little crush on that cute girl with a ponytail who sits across the aisle from her on the bus every day, but even the girl herself doesn't realize this because she's ten years old and it's 1995 and depictions of lesbians in the media aren't widespread yet, and..." Melanie said.
(Me: Uh...I'm just gonna assume you're setting up an example and not really meaning it.
Decidueye: We shall join you in that assumption.)

"I highly doubt that the scenario plays out exactly that way every time," Sakurai's subtitles said, "but, you're right. We seem to have reached a stalemate... EXCEPT I HAVE THE INFINITY FORCE FIELD THAT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN BREAK AND..."
Melanie sighed, "Infinity-Plus-One Sword."
(Emily: You know even the competitors get bored when they sigh like that knowing it's going nowhere.)
"Dammit!" Sakurai's subtitles said, "so, what now?"
"I dunno. Maybe go deal with the issues with Sara that I came here specifically to deal with?" Melanie suggested.
"Yeah, sure, whatever," Sakurai's subtitles said. And, so, they teleported to Sara's location.
(Rosalina: I knew we were gonna see her eventually, but I was hoping it would be a bit later on.
Spring Man: *sarcastic* Gee, we're gonna see more of Sara! How swell!)

"Oh no!" Sara said, "They're here!"
(Alexis: Final meme fail?)
"Sara, it's time for you to just admit it. Stop pretending to be something you're not," Melanie said.
(Theresa: Stop pretending to be a Mary-Sue?
Connor: Yeah, like that's gonna happen.)

"No!" Sara said, "I mean, I'm not pretending to be anything I'm not."
(Harold: What did she mean by that?
Mega Man: Beats me.)

"Well, that didn't work," Sakurai's subtitles said, "I don't have time for this."
Sakurai kicked Sara and knocked her to the ground.
(Me: Okay, on the count of three. 1...2...3...
Everyone: THANK YOU!!!)

"Sara!" Haley shouted.
"Yeah, I wanted to maybe try something else first," Melanie said, "but I guess violence it is."
(Me: Oh, how we wish we were there right now, tearing her apart.
Emily: Oh, ol' Gall would definitely wanna take a whack at it!
Heartthrobber: And he'd love to beat up Sara, too.)

She joined Sakurai in kicking Sara while she was on the ground. Meanwhile, Haley grabbed the Monado from Shulk.
"I'm really feeling it!" Shulk said, not even noticing his weapon was gone.
(Mr. Game & Watch: Yeah. Just...just keep telling yourself that, Shulk.)
"St... stop it!" Haley yelled at Melanie and Sakurai, electricity shooting through her body due to the fact that she's obviously not the Monado's chosen wielder, "don't hurt her!"
"Uh, I'm not sure if you've played Xenoblade before," Melanie said, "but the Monado can't do shit to either of us, but has a pretty high chance of killing you due to the whole 'you're not Shulk' thing."
(Me: Man, I really wish I played Xenoblade myself so I could learn about all of this. I still recall Sara having to fight that caterpillar thing she couldn't fight so early on in the first story.
Melanie: And Haley has it worse here.)

Suddenly, however, the Monado began to change drastically, becoming much more ornate-looking, turning from it's usual red coloration to a teal-ish one, and having the Japanese Kanji for "God" appear on its panel. Melanie and Sakurai both knew what this meant and backed away from Sara, who was bleeding on the ground.
(Emily: Oh no! Now Haley is Mary-Sue-ish!
Rebekah: There's just no end to this, is there?)

"Well, fuck you too, Alvis," Melanie said.
(Me: And fuck me, too, for not playing the game and getting any of the references. Why couldn't she grab the Master Sword from Link instead?)
"I call haxx," Sakurai's subtitles said. Haley reached Sara and helped her to her feet.
(Emily: I wonder what the Japanese word for "haxx" is.
Alexis: We ain't using Google Translate for that.
Sonic: Probably another Engrish thing, but correct me if I'm wrong, please.)

"Thanks Haley," Sara said, "you're such a great friend."
"Friend?" Haley said, "Just... a friend?"
"What?" Sara asked.
(Sergio: She never got the hint in those author notes, did she?
Erin: Not a one.
Harold: Now it's time for her to learn the truth.
Connor; If I may borrow from the movie Trolls...
Mr. Dinkles: Oh, snap.
Melanie: You all knew it before she did. Excellent.)

"Maybe Lauren was right about you," Haley said. She gave Shulk his Monado back, and it reverted from the Monado III back to the default Monado I, "for the last few days, she's been telling me to give up, that you'll always be too ashamed of how you really feel."
"Haley, you don't mean..." Sara said.
(Me; Drumroll, please!
*Heartthrobber starts shaking her breasts rapidly*)

"I love you, Sara," Haley said, "I want to believe you really love me back, but, you're just..."
(Me: Ta-da!)
"Haley... you told me you weren't a lesbian! You're a liar just like Lauren!" Sara slapped Haley in the face.
(Theresa: More signs that she's a monster.
Inkling: See why no one liked her? I saw why no one liked her.)

"I'm not a lesbian! I told you I was bisexual when we first met! Don't you know what that means?" Haley asked.
(Polar: Apparently, she doesn't.
Hapu: You could tell her time and time again, but she will never learn.)

"What does you being a bicyclist have to do with you being a lesbian? Stop changing the subject!" Sara said.
(Rod: If I had a dollar for every brain Sara doesn't have, I'd have one dollar.
Hapu: What's a bicyclist?)

"This stupid teenage argument is starting to bore me," Sakurai's subtitles said, "SHINKU HADOKEN!!!"
The massive ball of energy hit Haley and sent her flying. She landed a little over fifty feet away, unconscious.
(Me: And I was just about to do a Team Rocket blast off joke, too.
Alexis: Eh, could have seen it coming.)

"Holy shit! A little harsh, don't you think?!" Melanie said.
"Wait for it..." Sakurai's subtitles said, "I know what I'm doing."
(Rod: That's what the green Duck Brother said.)
"Haley!" Sara ran over to the unconscious girl, "Haley, please wake up!"
There was no response.
(Branden: Top-
Me: No! No! No Top 10 Anime Deaths jokes on my review!)

"Haley! Please! You can't die!" Sara said, "Please! I can't go on without you! I... I... I LOVE YOU!!!"
"Do... do you mean it Sara?" Haley said, waking up.
"Yes, Haley. Everyone was right about me. You were right, my mom was right, Lauren was right, all those liberals who Obama paid to comment on my stories were right. I was the only one who was wrong," Sara said, "except Ashley and Olivia's cousin Melanie over there. She said I was an imbecile, but I'm actually a lesbian."
(Rebekah: And she never found out what an imbecile really is.
Alexis: I think Sara's been busy playing 7 Minutes In Heaven, because she's finally coming out of the closet!
Heartthrobber: Hey! I wanted to say that!)

"I'm still pretty sure you're both, Sara," Lauren said.
(Decidueye: Don't we all.)
"Wait... but that doesn't make sense," Sara said.
"Just drop it, Sara," Melanie said, "focus on what's important."
(Rosalina: Exactly. Atoning for your sins and starting anew.)
"Right," Sara said, "Haley, do you... do you want to go out with me?
(Rosalina: That's a start.)
"Sara, it makes me so happy to hear you say that," Haley said, "it was almost as if all the injuries I had from being hit by a giant orb of death went away the moment you told me you love me. Of course I want to go out with you!"
(Me: *villain impression* Drat! I've been foiled by the power of love!)
"Yay!" Sara said.
"I guess the moral of the story is: there's no problem that firing massive ki blasts at teenagers can't solve," Melanie said.
(Melanie: And I'll admit, you guys were pretty close with your guesses.
Spring Man: How was the doorknob licking one close?)

"And, with that, it looks like my job here is done," Sakurai's subtitles said, "but first..."
(Soos: Is he gonna erase these stories from existence?
Me: If he is, then will my reviews cease to exist?)

Sakurai waved his hand, and all the Smashers were returned to their canon personalities and teleported back to their home worlds.
(Connor: (as Jack) I hope there's still time. (as Sandy Claws) To fix the Smash characters? Of course there is! I'm Masahiro Sakurai!)
"How did you do that all at once?" Melanie asked, "when I tried to return them to canon en masse like that, they... well, you saw."
(Luigi: At least I'm not my Mama Luigi form anymore.)
"How? I'm Masahiro Fucking Sakurai, that's how," Sakurai's subtitles said, "And, Melanie, one last thing before I go."
"What?" Melanie asked, waiting to see what timeless advise the game developer would depart with.
(Mario: Satori Iwata will never be replaced no matter what?)
"I'm the biggest troll in the Smash Bros. community, don't you forget it," Sakurai's subtitles said, "and if you try to butt in on my turf again, the entire SSB5 roster is going to be fifty shades of Pit. Sakurai, out!"
(Mario: I guess not.
Connor: I refer you to my last joke.
Mr. Dinkles: Oh, snap.)

And, just like that, Sakurai was gone.
"Well, I guess I better get going to," Melanie said. She turned towards the group of girls. Sara and Haley were too busy making out to pay attention, though.
(Erin: Oh, I hope they don't turn into Total Drama Season 2 Bridgette and Geoff.)
"Finally, all this stupid shit is over," Lauren said.
(Me: Not yet, but we're getting close!)
"Well, actually there's going to be one more chapter on Monday to close everything out," Melanie said, "but the whole world-merging thing is about to be at it's end."
(Soos: And this will be uploaded on a Friday.)
"Monday?" Katy asked, "Isn't it Monday today?"
(Inkling: I hate Mondays. I want lasagna. I knew a Garfield joke was gonna have to be made soon.)
"Actually, it's Friday. We've kinda been freezing time a bunch," Melanie said, "anyway, goodbye, everybody."
(Me: Goodbye, fan fic, Melanie! We'll miss you!)
And, with that, Melanie pulled their reality and Sara's story apart once again.
(Emily: Thank goodness. All that merging was getting too hectic.)

End of chapter 27

Emily: Is it realy?
Alexis: Can it be?
Me: Oh, it's real, gang! We're at the final chapter of the trilogy! Finally! The finale!
Rosalina: I am so overjoyed that this is pretty much over.
Melanie: Come on, guys! You've got a story to finish!
Me: Right, right. Now then...
(Suddenly, the portal to the afterlife suddenly opens up revealing Galleom and the Pixie)
Rosalina: Galleom?
Sergio: What's he doing here? He's dead!
Pixie: Yeah, no. I can't take this big lug anymore. He's been more trouble than he's worth on the plains of the afterlife!
Galleom: But I just wanted to see what the other realms were like, see if I could make a transfer there! I was bored.
Pixie: Look, man. The sentence was final and you were stuck there, okay? But no more! *turns to me* Hey, you. Give me that Keystone.
Me: Why? Are you gonna make it so that we'll never see Galleom ever again? *hands it over*
Pixie: No. I'm gonna give Galleom his life back.
Galleom: Yeah. Turns out that I'm making a comeback in Smash Bros Ultimate.
Me: But you were killed off in my 8th year anniversary story! We saw it!
Galleom: Well, it looks like my appearance in Ultimate is gonna retcon it, little buddy. Don't need this thingy over me anymore. *points to halo*
Pixie: And so, Galleom, as the keeper of the Neutral Place, I hereby re-grant you your life. *claps hands*
(A magic beam brings Galleom back to life)
Galleom: Yeah! I am back, baby!
Me: Oh, come on! I wasn't gonna do this! Really! Why would you be back in Ultimate?
Galleom: Sakurai has plans for me appearing again. *to Inkling Girl* And you, Inkling, I wanna see what your skills are like.
Inkling: Bring it on!
(Galleom's old helmet skull from the end of the 8 year anniversary special is erased as is his old grave)
Me: Thanks, pixie. You retconned a big death.
Pixie: You're welcome. Hopefully, the next time this guy bites the dust, he won't be where I am. So long. *leaves and the portal closes*
Galleom: So, what do you think, guys? The gang's all back together!
Rosalina: Sure looks that way.
Galleom: Oh, and Decidueye, I have some sad news.
Decidueye: What do you mean? *Galleom whispers it into Decidueye's ears* :iconrageplz: WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT AND INCINEROAR DID?!
Galleom: Hey, it was their decision.
Decidueye: I mean you—... I—... I can't b—... Chiggidaba... He—g...I FUCKIN' HATE SAKURAI!!!
Soos: Hey, dude, relax.
Rosalina: You still have Pokken Tournament DX.
Decidueye: IT'S NOT THE SAME!
Galleom: Oh, and a Piranha Plant is available for a limit time as a pre-order bonus.
Decidueye: :iconoo-plz: ...Piranha Plant? I think I just died. Again. :faint:
Emily: Decidueye?



Me: Okay, uh...looks like there's been a change in the final chapter's lineup. Decidueye is gonna be out for a little while.
Decidueye: *fetal position* :fear: I didn't make the cut?! Oh, Arceus, I didn't make the cut?!
Me: So, finishing up the story with us is...the newly resurrected Galleom.
Galleom: 'Sup?
Rod: This took a strange turn.
Sergio: That's for sure.
Melanie: Well, if it's going by how the direct went, then what choice did he have?
Theresa: After all, it happens all the time in-
Theresa: Right. Sorry.
Me: Okay, here we go. Time to end this.


(Me: That first half sounds naughty.
Emily: And Riley Scurred will not be joining us tonight.)

Tha storey cums 2 an ind.

(Ashley: Gross.)

Hi everone sorey I didant updat in liek a weak. Sum reely impotent stuf hapan taht chang my lief. I dont remamber muck off wat hapan on tha weakand ore on Mondae butt I did remamber sumthin taht im shur wil surpris everone. I tolded Haley taht I luv her and nao wer lesbans daten eech otter. I caled her 2 and she sez she remamber that 2 evan tho she aslo dosant remamber muk abot tha weakand or moast off Moondae butt she dose aslo remamber taht. Its weerd becuz I thot bean a lesban wold maek me feal evuller butt I just fell happyer than b4 and not evul atall I men I dont wanna wership Satin nao or anethin. Akshully I thank my dad mite off ben ron abot alota stuf he tolded me becuz I gotted a cal frum my mom erlier taht sed my dad wented crazey and akused her off getin a chiness sorsares naem Melony 2 scar him in2 dropen tha caes and evan my dads loyers wernt gud enuf 2 maek taht luk liek sumthin a normel persan wold say so my dad is prolly crazey and is gona loose tha caes agents my mothra and hav 2 pay alamony and chilled suppart.

(Me: You know, it's sad that we have to go back to seeing this garbled up language of Sara-ish one last time.
Melanie: But that's how her canon works. Sorry, man.
Emily: But look on the bright side. Sara finally came to the realization of her gender.
Galleom: Yeah. And one last otter joke, too.
Alexis: Do you think we should tell them what happened?
Rosalina: What? And ruin this beautiful reunion?
Heartthrobber: You mad, girlfriend?
Galleom: Good. You finally found out that everything you were told was a bunch of gobbledygook. Took your beliefs too far, and now you saw that as an error.
Melanie: Yeah, I did that to Sara's father. Too bad his ex-wife won't believe him. He's gone cuckoo. *does the cuckoo loop*
Emily: Glad he's not my dad.)

Its alredy almos tha weakand agen and thus wil be tha furst weakand Haley adn me spand 2geter ass a cuple. U no wat? 4 my hole lief I feered bean a lesban butt nao taht I no Ima lesban I dont thank I hav anethin 2 be scar off anemore. Expect spidors thos r stil scarey.

(Soos: Have a good weekend, you two! You deserve each other!
Polar: That's right, Sara. Be happy for who you really are.
Galleom: *Patrick Star impression* AAH! SPIDERS! SPIDERS! GET 'EM OFF ME! GET 'EM OFF ME!)

(Well, it kinda makes sense that coming out of the closet wouldn't magically make Sara a good writer. Though I'm sure being less hostile towards her mother and teachers will probably end up saving her education in the long run. Sorry for another anticlimactic ending, especially since this chapter is so incredibly short, though really it could be argued that Chapters 22-27 were the real climax and this is just an epilogue. With this chapter done, Sara's story is officially over. I'd like to give some big speech about the nearly three years this has been going on for, but honestly I can't think of much to say, except thanks for reading, everyone!)

(Branden: That Dyslexia of hers is gonna take some getting around, that's for sure.
Sonic: At least she's finally moving on and doing better.
Mega Man: And sure. We'll go with that logic on chapters 22-27.
Me: Her story may be over, but we're not done commentating on it yet. We still have to look at the actual epilogue itself.
Alexis: And Melanie, if you had made a speech, we'd probably have to break this finale into two parts we've filled up so much of this deviation's file space already.
Melanie: Good thing I made it short, sweet and to the point. Thanks again.
Me: No problem. Now, let's put an end to this.)

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

(Me: :icondisbelief-plz: There's more after it?
Melanie: Relax, they're not that long.)


I wuz prepair 2 fite Lauren butthan sudanly I stapped.
(Me: Might as well make one last joke at this. Did you realize that she was too powerful and you couldn't stop her?)
"Lauren I dont wana fite" I sed. I throd my sord on tha grond.
(Emily: Stand your ground, Lauren!)
"Wy not?" sed Lauren.
"Becuz I dont hav a resin 2 hat lesbans anemore" I sed "BECUZ IMA LESBAN!"
(Galleom: Dun dun dun!)
Everone gapsed.
(Hapu: Good. They did it for us.)
"So I wuz rite al alon?" sed Lauren.
"Ya u wer" I sed "al that stuf we did togeter wuz lesban stuff. And sins I wuz nevar rap I gess tahts not hao u becum a lesban. In fakt I dont thank I wuz evar reely strate."
(Alexis: Final time we use this joke! She didn't hear 13-Amp perform!
Soos: She finally realized it, dudes! It's a miracle!)

"So wut dos this men?" Lauren aksed.
(Heartthrobber: Not men. Women.)
"It mens I hop u and Kairi r hapey togeter. I no ur prolly stil made at me 4 al tha bad thins I sed abot u butt I hop on dae we can al be frends" I sed.
(Me: Uh...some kind of Kingdom Hearts joke about Kairi! I don't know if she became a lesbian, but I don't think she's into Sora! That's all I got!
Emily: It's gonna take a lot of time for her to forgive you, Sara. And a lot of work, too, to show it.)

"Wut abot u?" sed Lauren.
"I fond luv ons agen" I sed. I wlaked ovar 2 Haley and unted her. Than we kised rite in frant off everone. Expect God and Jesas who wernt their 4 sum resin and nether wuz Satin. That wuz weerd becuz they were al in tha lust chaptar. O well.
(Harold: That's because Melanie erased them with her omnipotent powers that you don't seem to remember since this is taking place before that time.
Theresa: That version of them is better off erased.)

"I luv u Haley" I sed.
"I luv u 2" she sed.
(Me: Okay, everyone, even if you don't mean it, on the count. 1...2...3...
Everyone: AWW!)

Sorey I ned 2 and this hear. Haley jus caled me in reel lief and I thank talken 2 her is moar impotent than riten thus.
(Me: And honestly, we don't mind that. Anything would be better than writing this...and reviewing it.)


(Everyone: OKILY DOKILY!!!)

(Also, note that Sara talks about how it's "almos tha weakand agen". She's actually talking about last weekend, in case you're wondering. Those time freezes permanently put Sara's universe four days behind ours)

(Soos: Makes sense to me.
Heartthrobber: Whatever works.
Emily: I'm all for that.
Alexis: No wonder she doesn't remember.
Rosalina: I can live with that.
Galleom: Color me convinced.
Me: And that is why you should never mess with time, kids. Something always goes wrong.)


Me: And just like that...the final entry of the Super Smash Bros Mission From God over.
Emily: So, we finally did it?
Galleom: Sure looks that way!
Alexis: Sweet! We are finally done with this trilogy!
Me: Yeah! And you know what?
Soos: What what?
Me: I...have to admit something about it.
Rosalina: What is it?
Me: I think I kinda like this trilogy now.
Me: Yeah. I mean it. Sure, I used to hate it because of what was going on in the first two stories. But thanks to this final one, it's finally come full circle. I never thought I would change my thoughts, but now that I see what Melanie was going for with this one, I can finally say that I'm fine with it now.
Melanie: So, not only did you enjoy reviewing my trilogy, but now you have a newfound respect for it?
Me: Yeah. Because now I know what you were doing. It's clear to me now.
Sergio: Wow. Never thought I'd see the day.
Theresa: You know, he does have a point. Some people can take things too far, and Sara was like that until the end there.
Spring Man:'s not awful? But at the same time it is?
Me: Something like that. I hated the Sara from the first two stories. I hated what she did in them. And I can't say I easily forgive her for finally coming out of the closet, but I do like this new path she'll be going down. I laughed, I cried, I went through many trials to do this trilogy, I had fun doing it, and I just can't think of any other way to send this off than to say, thank Melanie it's finally over.
Melanie: Congratulations, Andy. You got through it and found it as a guilty pleasure.
Me: Yeah. That's what it is. So, yeah. We don't have to like or hate the same thing. Thanks to the third story, I can say that Super Smash Bros Mission From God may look like a piece of crap, but I understand why. It's to plagiarize those right-wing and Christian extremists and how they take their beliefs to far as well as attack those that are the opposite of them. Nobody's perfect, and Sara is certainly a prime example of denying that at first, and Melanie showed an example herself about how no matter how powerful you are, you'll still have some flaws. And I can always be thankful that, in the end, our favorite Nintendo characters were still brought back to the way they were. So, yeah. In the end, I went from downright despising this series to actually enjoying it for what it truly is. And, Melanie, I thank you greatly for giving me the opportunity to see just the fun you had in such satire.
Melanie: Don't mention it, Andy. Well, too late for that, you just did. But I'm happy you enjoyed reviewing my series.
Hapu: And we had fun helping, too.
Inkling Girl: Even if some of those chapters were kind of a hassle.
Sergio: Don't we know it.
Me: Hey, I thank you guys, too. It was a roller coaster of epic proportions, but now, it's finally time to move on. Super Smash Bros Mission From God, you are finished!



Me: That's all for this review, and this trilogy! Thanks again for everything from reviewing it with me to reading my reviews! I'll never forget this! Till next time, I am Dandy Andy! Tootles!


Galleom: This has been the Super Smash Bros Mission From God Trilogy Review Series!

(Credits roll)


(After credits)

Me: So, Galleom, it looks like you're here to stay now, huh?
Galleom: Yep. Just think, I'll be hanging out with you guys like all times.
Decidueye: :slamhead: WHY? WHY? WHY?
Emily: I don't think Decidueye's over it yet.
Heartthrobber: *sighs* Well, Andy, looks like you won the bet. Sara's clone didn't show up ever again after that one appearance. So, I guess booty time is off. And I'm gonna keep my end of the deal and binge watch a show of your choosing.
Me: That's right. And I think I may have the next show in mind. I think it's time I decided to review a Netflix series.



Me: Oh, yeah. We're going there.

Deviant Art


Me: And Galleom...welcome back.
Stupor Smash Bras Mishen from doG 3 Review (FINAL)
And so, we finally arrive at the end. The last two chapters of not just this story, but the entire trilogy as a whole. Everyone who has been there to join in on the review and then some are watching us now, and we wrap it up in style.

Also, Decidueye receives some shocking news and an old friend returns...for good. Because of business decisions.

Characters (c) owners

Thank you all so much for reading my reviews of these stories and the journeys through them. I really had a blast doing them. And special thanks to :iconprincessamerica: who enjoyed my reviews and I will see you for future projects. ;)
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I'm talking about the fans who may not like what they see about the final Smash Ultimate direct.



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I've been thinking. Should I write a Pokemon story about a Tournament of Versions or a Tournament of Types? 

18 deviants said Versions
15 deviants said Types


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Raffikii Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello. :)
DandyAndy1989 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Raffikii Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you friends with TRC-Tooniversity? :)
DandyAndy1989 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Well, sort of. It's more of a watch I gave him, but I'm sure in due time, we'll bond more.
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mylesterlucky7 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Andy, I hope you're OK. I heard the news about the fires and I'm praying those in a tragic situation.
DandyAndy1989 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah, I'm fine. Wish I could say the same for those more directly affected.
mylesterlucky7 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I have some family and friends who live in California who were safe away from that. But I'm praying for those affected.
DandyAndy1989 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
While I'm not near the flames, the smoke from them had blown over and really done a number on the air for a few days.
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pikatwig Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Bit of a small thought. Tabuu coming back and causing World of Light gives you a chance to bring back Galleom...
DandyAndy1989 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I already did. He was brought back in the finale of my series of reviews of the Super Smash Bros Mission From God trilogy.
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