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Dipper x Pacifica: Together At Last
4 years ago, in the town of Gravity Falls, things got really weird. It was known as Weirdmageddon and it put quite an end to the biggest and most memorable summer in that town. For if the being known as Bill Cipher hadn't been defeated, all of Gravity Falls, nay, the whole world would have been laid to ruin. One family in particular, the Northwests, once the richest and most prestigious family in all of Gravity Falls, had lost their entire fortune due to the man of the family, Preston, having put a lot of his fortune into funding for the arrival of Bill. And now, the Northwests were forced into a life of middle class.
For 4 years, they had been doing their best to make ends meet. Pacifica had become a teenager and gotten her driver's license a few months ago. But it was still not quite the same.
"You know, I really miss our old lifestyle," she said. "But I have been learning to cope. Better than my dad has."
Preston was having a hard time still adjusting to middle aged live while his w
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 11 27
Myles n' Fluttershy Take a Hike
Over in the Canadian Rockies, Myles King had traveled all the way from Denver, Colorado to look at the majesty that they have to offer.
"Ah, here we are. Canada's own mountain range," said Myles.
But he was not alone. He had brought Equestria Girl Fluttershy with him.
"Oh, it looks so beautiful," said Fluttershy.
They both looked on in awe at the mountains and were looking forward to trekking on them.
"Thank you again for inviting me on this trip, Myles," Fluttershy thanked her friend.
"It was my pleasure," Myles responded. "I know how much you enjoy nature and all its splendor, so why not enjoy a little time enjoying the great outdoors out here in our neighboring northern country?"
"I can't wait," said Fluttershy.
They had arrived at the base of the rockies and were preparing for their expedition.
"That should be everything. Compass, tent, sleeping bags, trail mix, lantern, first aid kit, we're ready to go," said Myles.
"Just be sure not to head into the forbidden territory. That's ma
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 3 5
Sonic the Hedgehog x Freedom Planet
In the void of space, a space vessel was making its way through the cosmos. This vessel belonged to the space criminal, Lord Brevon. For a while now, he has been on the run from the last of the Spectrum Chasers, Torque.
"WARNING. WARNING. THE CHASER'S FLIGHT IS COMING HOT ON OUR TAIL," said the Syntax drone that was Lord Brevon's retainer.
"Drat it all! He has been very persistent in seeking us out ever since our escapade on Avalice. Activate the warp speed drive! We will make the jump into hyperspace," Lord Brevon commanded.
"AS YOU WISH," said Syntax.
It then activated the emergency warp speed drive and the ship was nowhere to be seen on the current plain.
"Augh! They got away again! I haven't been able to make any new progress since I left Avalice. How will I ever catch him?" Torque wondered.
He saw that he was low on fuel.
"Perhaps I should rest a little while before resuming the chase. And see if there are any serviceable stations to find for my ship," he said.
He landed onto a li
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 5 4
Myles' Black History Month Study
Myles King was taking a trip into town. He was going somewhere quiet, peaceful, and knowledgeable.
"Ah, the city public library. A true place of wisdom and serenity," he said.
He stepped in and looked around to see what kind of books he could check out.
"Let's see. What to check out?" he wondered.
Seeing it was still February, he had an idea. He went over to the history section and picked a few books off the shelves featuring famous African American figures throughout the ages in honor of Black History Month.
"This will be the perfect read. I could learn more about people like me," he said.
He went into one of the private reading rooms, sat down and began reading.
"Let's see. Where to start?" he wondered.
He picked the first one and it was based on early African culture.
"Let's start back to our native roots," he said.
He opened it up and was fascinated at what life was like in Africa in the early days and can still be seen as such to some still native to the land.
"Wow. They were musi
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 3 7
Gamer Sunset frustrated at Specter of Torment NGP by DandyAndy1989 Gamer Sunset frustrated at Specter of Torment NGP :icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 8 21
Super Smash Bros: Daisy's Training Days
It has been two months since the Smash Bros Ultimate league had opened up. All of the fighters from previous titles have been brought back, and new fighters, both original and echo, have also been keeping up with their work. One Echo Fighter in particular was Princess Daisy of Sarasaland.
"Phew. Another tough one against Ridley and K. Rool," she said as she was wiping the sweat from her eyes.
"Were they at level 9 again?" Chrom asked.
"Oh, no. Just 7. I'm not really ready for 9 yet," Daisy answered.
It was time for lunch. Everyone headed to the recreation area and headed to get some lunch.
"Ah, nothing like some nice Shroom Pasta and Shroom Cake after a hard day's match," said Daisy.
"Are these seats taken?" Zelda asked.
She and Zero Suit Samus were looking for a table.
"Have a seat," said Daisy.
They sat down and enjoyed their lunch.
"So, Daisy, how have you been enjoying it here at Smash Bros?" Samus asked.
"I gotta say, I'm really liking it. It's a hoot to be among other characters
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 10 29
Gravity Falls: The Time That Could Have Been
In the year 207013, in the maximum security prison for all people who disobey time laws, one particular criminal had been locked away for millenniums. But today was the day for her.
"Today's the day, Pilliam," said the warden.
"I knew it would come," said the criminal.
She got out of her cell and saw the door that would bestow upon her fate. When she came out, she saw herself on the outside of the prison.
"I'm free. I'm finally free," she said.
She couldn't believe it, but the time had finally come. She was free to do what she wanted as long as it was not disobeying time laws.
"Now that I'm free, I wonder what I can do to set things right," she said.
She looked around and saw many points in history through portals that time police went through to set things straight by any means necessary.
"Perhaps I may need to speak to one man in particular," she said. She looked at an old photo of a familiar man. One who was bald and wore goggles. She was referring to Blendin Blandin, an old enemy o
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 1 7
Mature content
Myles n' Friends: Foul Mouth Follies :icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 15
Total Drama Girls: Race Down Mt. Assiniboine
Mt. Assiniboine was a mountain in Canada, and it was going to be having a special event today.
"Mt. Assiniboine. One of the highest peaks in Canada. And today, 12 lucky ladies are gonna racing downhill in the most extreme go-kart race of their lives," said the MC Don from the Ridonculous Race.
A helicopter was taking the racers up there. Other spectators which consisted of past Total Drama contestants were watching.
"This is so exciting," said Owen.
"You get easily excited, fella," said Noah.
"I know," Owen agreed.
The helicopter arrived at the top.
"The racers are arriving now! First up, we have Anne Maria!" said Don.
Anne Maria, the Jersey Shoe Wannabe, pulled up.
"I'm so gonna be winning this race," she said.
"Next up is Beth!" said Don.
"Boy, I haven't done anything like this in a while," said Beth.
"A little outta your league?" Blaineley asked.
"Former Celebrity Manhunt host, Blaineley!" said Don.
"Former?" Beth asked.
"Okay, I got replaced. Is that too much to ask?" Blaineley com
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 5 7
Super Smash Bros: Escape From Smashcatraz
There was another Smash Bros battle going on. It was Daisy and Peach VS Ridley and K. Rool at Magicant. It seemed like Peach and Daisy were gonna lose.
"I guess this is it, huh, Peach?" Daisy asked.
Peach noticed that there were plenty of items abound. Mostly, the explosive variety.
"It's not over yet!" said Peach.
She grabbed a Bomber and held it up. But there were lots of Bob-ombs, Gooey Bombs, Motion-Sensor Bombs, Explosive Boxes and capsules that had nitro glycerin inside.
"NO, PEACH! NOT THAT!" Daisy told her partner.
But it was too late. She blew up the area and not only set Ridley and K. Rool off the stage, but also caused a chain reaction that was damaging the stage a little too badly.
"Uh...we'd better go," said Peach.
She formed together the Dragoon and grabbed Daisy. The two of them took off in high speed.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Daisy asked.
"Getting us a bit of a boost," said Peach.
They were immediately out of Magicant, but heading into trouble.
Pac-Man and Incineroar were
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 3 2
3,000th Deviation: My Top 10 Favorite Projects
Me: Well...I never thought this would happen. But it looks like it's true. It's really true.
... :iconlaplz: SHOVEL KNIGHT KING OF CARDS IS FINALLY COMING! ^^; Oh, and we're hitting my might-as-well-be-official 3,000 deviations.
Enter a montage of my past deviations
Yeah, I know. I have been taking a hell of a lot of time trying to get up to this point, but I can't help it when a lot of shit tends to get thrown at me to hinder my schedule. I try, and I mean try to get back into the swing of things, I really do, but sometimes, a lot has to happen to really keep me from doing it. Sometimes I get distracted, sometimes I have to be somewhere else, sometimes something bad just affects me in a way I don't want it to, and it has to be put on hold. But I still try my best to get back to the things I have been more than willing to get back to, and I am not going to let that get in the way, or at least I hope not to. But even after the trials and tribulation
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 6 30
Freedom Planet Boss Rankings: Worst To Best
Me: Boy, was this one a long time coming.
Emily: Your 3,000th deviation?
Me: No no no. That's gonna be after this one. You see, for a while now, my friend :iconmastergamer20: has been asking me to play a game that he has played before: Freedom Planet. It's an indie game that is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog as well as other Sega titles from the Genesis era. And you can tell by the graphics alone on that. The problem with it was...well, I was interested in it, but I had trouble actually getting around to playing the game. It was released for Wii U at one point, but since my Wii U was being a total buttnugget about connecting online, I had little to no chance of trying it out. But eventually, summer of last year, it did manage to get a release on the Switch's eShop, and I finally got a chance to play it.
Alexis: Oh, so you're gonna do a full-on review of the game, right?
Me: You didn't look at the title of the deviation, did you?
Alexis: I'd be lying if I said yes.
Me: So, finally, I pl
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 11
Newsboy Legion: Direct to Video
In the Newsboy Legion's HQ, Fer was busy looking into his data base on his laptop.
"What are you up to now, Fer?" Marta asked.
"Oh, you know, just checking to see if there is any illegal online activity so I can stop them through justified hacking," he said.
He then got a notice on his MiiTube account.
"But that's gonna have to wait. I just got word of a new video on MiiTube that says I am sure to love," he said.
He logged on and saw what it was called.
"My favorite funny shaped snacks"
"This ought to be interesting," he said.
He turned it on and saw that it had a picture of chocolate cookies that were shaped like cheeseburgers.
"Look at this. It's a cheeseburger, right? Wrong!" said a familiar voice.
"Where have we heard that before?" Marta asked.
It was revealed to be Laura.
"Hi. I'm BlondeInPink, and this is my list of some of my favorite snacks that have some of the weirdest shapes. Like this burger cookie. It looks like a burger, but it's actually made with chocolate and sugar. Yo
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 2 2
Rosalina's Round Record
Rosalina was sitting in her library looking over a nice book to read. Polari happened to come in with her afternoon snack.
"Here is your tea and Star Bits, madame Rosalina," said Polari.
"Thank you, Polari," said Rosalina.
She took a few star bits and put them right in her tea for extra flavor. It was very sweet.
"What may I ask are you reading?" Polari wondered.
"It's a book on all the different records set in the Mushroom World. Fastest time around Dinosaur Land, most coins stuffed into a single satchel, longest time riding a rowdy Wiggler, it's definitely quite an amazing set of feats," said Rosalina.
She looked at all sorts of records in the book and came across one that seemed a little...unusual.
"What's this? Most bounces in an inflated airbag suit in 24 hours?" she read.
The record was set at 128,513 bounces in such a time.
"Why, that's a rather peculiar record," said Polari.
"Yes, it is," said Rosalina.
She thought about it and said,
"And I'm gonna break it!"
"Break that record
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 8 7
Wii Shop Channel Tribute
(The Wii Shop Channel's start-up screen jingle plays)
Me: Listen to that. That very jingle that led to something the Wii had to offer. That's all that's left of it. It's...pretty sad, huh?
Emily: Dad, what are you doing?
Me: I'm paying tribute to one of Nintendo's greatest online phenomena that has just recently been shut down.
Galleom: Wait. Didn't you already do a funeral type story for when NWC was obsolete?
Me: Yeah, but this is pretty much mandatory.
Wii Shop Channel</strong>
On December 10, 2006, as the Wii had just been released in the four major gaming nations in the world, it then opened up a new online shopping system for you to download games, both classic from consoles in ages past as well as titles that were exclusively available for downloading here. It was called the Wii Shop Channel. You see, the Wii had a bit of a motif with its Wiimote gimmick. The main menu had little TV monitors for you to scroll and click on, and they were known as Channels. There were quite a few
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 9 13
Elastic Emma and Quick Kat Spice Things Up
The sisters, Emma and Kitty, were having a nice day enjoying their normal everyday lives. Little do many know that they are really superheroes known as Elastic Emma and Quick Kat. Though, the names do sound like they would ring quite a few bells to those they are familiar with. They were visiting the West Edmonton Mall, perhaps the biggest mall in all of Canada, with their friends: Noah, Owen, Cameron and Brick.
"Spending our Saturday here at the mall was a great idea, Kitty," Emma admitted.
"And it's not just any mall. It has some of the best shops and even a water park built in," said Kitty.
"Maybe we could take a dip," Cameron suggested.
"That's a negative, little fella. I did not pack my swim trunks for this," said Brick. "And I was thinking of a nice tiki pattern."
"Still influenced from fashion school, huh?" Kitty asked.
"It was always a dream of mine," said Brick.
"Well, while we're thinking whether or not to dip, I'm gonna hit the glorious haven in all of malls," said Owen.
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 4 4


The Ceremony (2/4) by WarioTheInflator
Mature content
The Ceremony (2/4) :iconwariotheinflator:WarioTheInflator 69 8
Just Barley Undercover - Agent Green by KnoxRobbins Just Barley Undercover - Agent Green :iconknoxrobbins:KnoxRobbins 15 3 The Ceremony (1/4) by WarioTheInflator
Mature content
The Ceremony (1/4) :iconwariotheinflator:WarioTheInflator 76 21
The Journals by TurquoiseGirl35 The Journals :iconturquoisegirl35:TurquoiseGirl35 207 16 CE: Spring Is Here by StarSylveon11 CE: Spring Is Here :iconstarsylveon11:StarSylveon11 32 5 Bounce Man and Tilt Woman by Dimensional-Expander Bounce Man and Tilt Woman :icondimensional-expander:Dimensional-Expander 24 7 The Loud House - St Patricks Day by TXToonGuy1037 The Loud House - St Patricks Day :icontxtoonguy1037:TXToonGuy1037 18 7 Nimbus Schedule by TRC-Tooniversity Nimbus Schedule :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 39 6 Bazooka Booty! by DarthBooty1995 Bazooka Booty! :icondarthbooty1995:DarthBooty1995 37 327 Distant Relatives by MSipher Distant Relatives :iconmsipher:MSipher 115 30 Hometown Helium by KirbyDude247 Hometown Helium :iconkirbydude247:KirbyDude247 56 8 Roach with a Burger by awesomesir Roach with a Burger :iconawesomesir:awesomesir 26 10 Pacifica queen by LovefromJackie Pacifica queen :iconlovefromjackie:LovefromJackie 33 4 Tia Sit's on you by TheStarTraveler
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Paz Pose by Evil-Count-Proteus
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Paz Pose :iconevil-count-proteus:Evil-Count-Proteus 215 6
TLATOJ - Citizens of SaraWorld (Remake) by JennyRichardBlakina TLATOJ - Citizens of SaraWorld (Remake) :iconjennyrichardblakina:JennyRichardBlakina 5 8


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Scorbunny Icon by KittenLover75 🎤🎶

All the Switch was gold
With many games sold
Nothing about it seemed to get old
Not one thing was wrong
Life was just a song
Till those Smash Bros came along


Cuphead is stopping, woo-woo
Wah ha ha ha!
For some eShopping, woo-woo
Wah ha ha ha!

Nintendo's so Looney tuney, thatched with Cuphead
And now he's meeting the plumber who wears red

Ain't he a screwball, woo-woo
Wah ha ha ha!
Here's a Poke Ball, woo-woo
Wah ha ha ha!

It started with Xbox one
Now it's time for some Switch fun
Hinky dinky parley woo-woo!
Wah ha ha ha!
Happy Spring, everybody!

Congratulations, Big. You cracked me up with your trying to get your Froggy merchandise.


And the Chao memoribelia was also a nice touch. Omochao almost got his revenge.


I don't know if I will get the game, but that was a good first minisode.

Big question for you all.

Is Mountain Dew Baja Blast back in stories permanently? I have seen it in stores recently, it's not even technically Spring yet, and there's no limited time label on the ring of the can. Is it in stores for good now?
4 years ago, in the town of Gravity Falls, things got really weird. It was known as Weirdmageddon and it put quite an end to the biggest and most memorable summer in that town. For if the being known as Bill Cipher hadn't been defeated, all of Gravity Falls, nay, the whole world would have been laid to ruin. One family in particular, the Northwests, once the richest and most prestigious family in all of Gravity Falls, had lost their entire fortune due to the man of the family, Preston, having put a lot of his fortune into funding for the arrival of Bill. And now, the Northwests were forced into a life of middle class.

For 4 years, they had been doing their best to make ends meet. Pacifica had become a teenager and gotten her driver's license a few months ago. But it was still not quite the same.
"You know, I really miss our old lifestyle," she said. "But I have been learning to cope. Better than my dad has."
Preston was having a hard time still adjusting to middle aged live while his wife Priscilla was doing just fine. She had gotten a job over at the mall working at a phone kiosk.
"Honey! They doubled my pay at the mall today!" said Priscilla.
"That's nice, honey," Preston groaned.
He had been lazing around...doing nothing...all day. As usual.
"You know, I don't know what I put up with you nowadays," said Priscilla.
"Well, speaking of work, I should probably get to it," said Pacifica.

Pacifica had worked at the Greasy Diner, owned by Lazy Susan. It was the one place she could work at in town that wasn't too strict on age. As long as they were dedicated and willing to work, they could join.
"I never thought that I would end up working in this place," she said.
She had donned her uniform and gotten to work.
"Welcome to Greasy's Diner. May I take your order?" she asked.
She ran into 19-year-old Wendy and her brothers. She had entered her final teen years and was ready for her first year of adulthood soon. She had recently quit lumberjacking and started her own wooden furniture store.
"Yeah. We'll have the Paul Bunyan special," said Wendy.
She and her brothers loved that.
"One Paul Bunyan special, coming up," said Pacifica.
On her break, she was looking at the calendar on her phone. She looked at it and saw that tomorrow would be the day. The day the twins that had visited that fateful summer would be coming to visit after all this time.
"I can't wait to see them again," said Pacifica.
The Pines Twins, Dipper and Mabel, had helped her change quite a bit over the summer. She was definitely looking forward to it.
"Pacifica! Clean up at table six!" said Susan.
"Coming, Susan!" said Pacifica.
Once she stepped out of the break room, however, she saw to her surprise that Dipper and Mabel had arrived at the diner. She hid back in there and realized something.
"They don't know I work here! Oh, they'd find it so funny to see me like this they would laugh me right out the building! And just when I was happy to see them, too..." she lamented.

She stepped out to clean up the mess at table six, hiding her face behind her notepad.
"Hey, that waitress looks familiar," said Mabel.
"Haven't we seen her before?" Dipper wondered.
Pacifica was hiding as best as she could cleaning up the mess. But by the time she had finished, she had seen that they were taking that table and they recognized her right there.
"Pacifica Northwest! Is that you?" Mabel gasped.
"Uh..." Pacifica stammered.
"What are you doing here?" Dipper asked.
Pacifica sighed and came clean.
"I work here now," she sighed.
"You do?" Mabel asked.
"Yeah, ever since we lost our fortune and had to move into middle class territory," said Pacifica.
"You didn't mention that in any of your texts," said Mabel.
"That's because if you guys found out, I was afraid you'd make fun of me and call me a dweeb," said Pacifica.
"No way. We're just glad to know you're doing well for yourself and still making improvements on your life," Dipper responded.
"You mean it?" Pacifica asked.
"Besides, you look cute in that outfit," Dipper added.
Pacifica blushed bright red and said,
"Just let me take your order."
She didn't mind being called cute, but during work hours? Really?
Later, she had served them their lunch and told them,
"I'll meet you at the Mystery Shack after my shift. Bye."

After her shift came to and end, they met over at the shack...which hadn't been doing as good for business since the two Stan's had left for adventure.
"So, Pacifica, things have really been going well for you as of late," said Dipper.
"Yeah. I'll tell you this. Greasy's Diner wasn't the first place I was intending to work at here. I tried to get a good job at the mall, but somehow, my mom was given that position. They figured age equaled experience or something," Pacifica responded.
"You know adults today. They think their kind knows better," Mabel added.
"Tell me about it."
"I know, right?"
Dipper looked around and wondered,
"So...any weirdness giving you any trouble?"
"Oh, just an occasional new case every now and then, but they have been keeping it easy ever since Weirdmageddon was prevented," Pacifica answered.
"Yeah. That was pretty crazy, huh?" Mabel replied.
They sure had a lot of fun times saving the world and whatnot.

They went over to her house and saw the place.
"And here's my room," said Pacifica.
Mabel looked at it and gawked with so much awe. Dipper wasn't that much into girl stuff, but he at the very least knew that Pacifica felt right at home.
"Now this is my dream room!" said Mabel.
"You mean you two share a room? Even at your age?" Pacifica teased.
"It's something about our parents telling us we still need to share more," Dipper groaned.
Priscilla came in.
"Oh, Pacifica, your friends are over! Why don't you two stay? I'm almost done with dinner!" she told them.
"We should really be going soon," said Dipper.
"I insist," said Priscilla.
She went off to put on the finishing touches.
"Your mom is doing pretty good for someone who has a job," said Mabel.
"I think not worrying about her appearance and status helped. But at least she's not like my dad," said Pacifica.
Preston was asleep in his chair.
"GET UP, PRESTON!" Priscilla shouted.
"Huh? Wha?" Preston asked.
"Dinner is almost ready," said Priscilla.
"Dinner? Oh, right. Can't wait," said Preston.

They all sat down and had a nice plate of chicken cacciatore.
"Mrs. Northwest, this is the best chicken cacciatore I've ever had! No joke!" said Dipper.
"Thank you, Dipper," said Priscilla.
"So, Mr. Northwest, you enjoying your new life?" Mabel asked.
"It stinks. I never should have listened to a one-eyed pyramid gentleman," said Preston.
"Preston is still a little miffed about the aftermath," said Priscilla.
"It shows," said Mabel.
"So, hey, guys, you wanna hang out tomorrow? Maybe spend a little time together? Catch up after all these years?" Pacifica suggested.
"Wouldn't miss it," said Dipper.
"Love to," said Mabel.
"Sweet! Can't wait!" said Pacifica.
After dinner, they headed off and were looking forward to hanging out with the girl who was once a walking one-dimensional bleach blonde valley girl stereotype and had become more than that.

The next day, they met up in town. Or rather, Dipper and Pacifica did.
"Yo, Pacifica!" said Dipper.
She came up to him and saw that he was alone.
"Hey, where's Mabel?" she asked.
"Well, she was gonna come, but she managed to meet up with Candy and Gretchen and wanted to hang out with them and catch up after all this time instead," Dipper explained.
"Just my luck. She never could resist hanging out with them since then, could she?"
"Afraid not."
"Well, that's okay. We could be alone...if you don't mind."
"Not at all."
The two went into town and looked around to see what they could do.

They walked by the Mystery Shack.
"You know, I remember when I first met Mabel. She and I didn't exactly hit it off very easily. It was that party your grunkle was throwing and...well..." Pacifica recalled.
That was the night Dipper wanted to dance with Wendy, and Mabel met her BFF's. Pacifica had cheated to win the party crown by paying someone to vote for her in the run for party queen.
"My desire to win was much too overwhelming," said Pacifica.
"Well, at least you don't do that anymore," said Dipper.
"Not enough in my purse for that."

Then they walked through the town square. That was when the town had its Pioneer Day festival. Pacifica looked at the statue of her ancestor Nathaniel and looked on disgusted at it.
"That faker!" she hissed.
"Yeah. It must have been pretty hard, huh?" Dipper asked.
"Yeah. And there was more to that, that's for sure," said Pacifica. "Did you know I made your grunkle sign a confession saying my family was the greatest, and he wrote "You stink" with just his teeth?"
"That's my grunkle Stan. He can do anything when he puts his mind to it."
"I'll admit, I may have been insulted by it, but that was pretty impressive."
They continued onward.
"So, how's Waddles?" Pacifica asked.
"Well, he's been doing pretty good. Though, he's been getting up there in years.  He's gone from 15 pounds to double that," Dipper answered.
"Yeesh. That little piggy doesn't seem so little anymore."
"I'm just not looking forward to win Mabel will have to accept it at one point."
He knew his sister would be heartbroken on that day. But what could they do?

Next up, they went over to the miniature golf course. But rather than play a round on the green, they were actually hanging out in the mini-arcade and snack bar that were between the gate and the golf course. Pacifica had been really into some of the games.
"Who says I can't be a beautiful gamer? Huh?" she asked.
"Man, now that's something!" said Dipper.
Of course, they recalled that one night where Pacifica and Mabel were going to have a mini-golf match to see who was better. Instead of playing fairly, Mabel wanted to cheat and teach her a lesson with the help of the mini-people, the Lilliputtians. After remembering that, Pacifica stated,
"I am just lucky to still have my head after that. But since then, I haven't touched any colored golf balls. I've been sticking to the original sport from Scotland."
"Aye!" said Dipper with a Scottish accent.
"I'd expect Mabel to do that."
"Well, she's not here, so I was doing it for her."

Then they walked by the old mansion where old man McGucket now resided and did most of his research and studies.
"I hope the old coot is making good use out of our old home," said Pacifica.
"I wouldn't exactly call him a coot anymore. I'd prefer to call him an elderly mental case," said Dipper.
Pacifica remembered that one night when Dipper came to help her family get rid of the ghost of the woodsman who had cursed them and pledged his revenge.
"Dipper...thank you..." she said.
"Thank me?" Dipper asked.
"Since that night, I had been working on being a better person. Like the ghost said, I'm not like the other Northwests, and I had still had traits of my old self, the bratty, spoiled, condescending self I had been taught to be. I feel like that night and losing my fortune had been the stepping stones I needed for the path to a better me. And it wouldn't have happened had you not convinced me otherwise," said Pacifica.
She rushed up to him and gave him a hug.
"And don't worry. I'd be happy for you to always remember this."
Dipper hugged her back.
"That's what I like to hear," said Dipper.

Another event had occurred to Pacifica. And that was one not many would know about. This event took place one day before the Northwest family photo for the local magazine. She had gotten a wrinkle on her face and needed to remove it before it was too late. So, she summoned the demon known as Mr. Whats-His-Face, a demon who stole people's faces and sold them in the town's supernatural black market. His real face was never shown. Pacifica had made a deal with him to make her face flawless and eternally beautiful, but it came at the price of her own face. He was to trick him, but when he stole the twins' faces, she wouldn't have any of that. She retaliated and gotten their faces back.
"You know, Dipper, I may still have my looks, but would you be happy with me no matter what I looked like?" Pacifica asked.
"The answer would be pretty obvious, wouldn't it? Knowing me and what I told you about inner beauty," Dipper replied.
"Yeah. I guess sometimes, I still feel a little insecure. But I'm almost over it."

It had been one crazy summer, that was for sure. Especially the events of Weirdmageddon. She had gotten the twins their birthday presents and, before they left, she had signed a note along with everyone else in town, hoping to see the twins again. And she dotted her I's with hearts.
"Dipper...there's something I want to say to you," she said.
"And I have something to say to you, too," said Dipper.
They took a deep breath and exclaimed in unison,
"I love you!"
They were speechless. They didn't think that the other would feel the same way about them. But it was true.
"You mean..." Dipper started.
" feel..." Pacifica continued.
"...the same?" they finished together.
They laughed about it and were happy to know it wasn't one-sided. They could finally understand their true feelings.
"I'm so happy to hear you admit it!" said Pacifica.
"And I didn't think I'd be your type!" said Dipper.
Pacifica leaped into Dipper's arms and he carried her somewhere special.

They went to the Manotaur Mountains and were bathing in the hot springs together. They were enjoying the hot waters and being close to each other.
"I feel like he really is the manliest of us all," said Chutzpar.
"How come we don't have mates?" Pubertar wondered.
"Sorry, boys, but I'm taken," said Pacifica.
The two of them soaked more and more until they felt like they were boiling like lobsters to get it. Of course, the breeze coming off them as they got out was a bit of a cold shock to them. But they still enjoyed it.

Later, they finally met up with Mabel with her buddies.
"There you two are! We've been looking high and low!" said Mabel.
"It was quite a search. We looked in all the supernatural locations," said Candy.
"And not in one of them you were," said Grenda.
"That's because we were walking down memory lane," said Pacifica. "Pun definitely intended."
"So, why do you look like a couple of steamed vegetables only smarter?" Mabel asked.
"Hot springs," said Pacifica
"By the by, Mabel, you might be a little jealous of me," said Dipper.
"About what?" Mabel asked.
"This," said Pacifica.
She gave Dipper a nice kiss on the face.
"Wah-ho! I know where that's going!" said Grenda.
"I do not know what to say about this, other than the classic girly squealing sound!" said Candy. "EEEEE!"
"No way! Pacifica, did you just..." Mabel asked.
"Yep. Dipper and I have a thing for each other. So, now, it looks like we may be soul mates," said Pacifica.
"What do you think, sis?" Dipper asked.
Mabel was indeed jealous of her brother, but more importantly, she was proud.
"My brother has a girlfriend! I never thought this day would come! He's finally over Wendy!" said Mabel.
"I was over her when that one summer ended," said Dipper.
"It felt like you weren't, just saying," said Mabel.
"Oh, Mabel," said Pacifica.

She and Dipper told Priscilla about their new relationship.
"So, what do you think, Mom? Is he a keeper?" Pacifica asked.
"Well, honey, you can have any boy you want as long as he doesn't end up like your father," said Priscilla.
Preston was reading the paper, seeing if there were any get-rich-quick schemes he could try.
"Maybe I could become a commercial airline steward. No, I don't want to feel like a slave to some commoners. Maybe I could go into the medical field. But I might get squeamish around organs. How about a casino dealer? No, no. Then I would end up gambling my paycheck away," he read.
"That dad of yours won't change, will he?" Dipper wondered.
"Afraid not," said Pacifica.
"Well, be that as it may, as long as Dipper makes you happy, then I'm happy, too," said Priscilla.
"Thank you, Mrs. Northwest," said Dipper.
"Oh, please. Call me Priscilla," said Priscilla. She followed that with a standard housewife chuckle.
"Thanks, mom," said Pacifica. "Come on, Dipper. Let's go somewhere a little more private."
"Works for me," said Dipper.

The two of them were out on the pier to the lake, looking at Scuttlebutt Island.
"Nothing like a look out onto the lake, is there, Dipper?" Pacifica asked.
"Not that I can think of," Dipper answered.
"The moon is perfect, the creatures of Gravity Falls are friendly, and there's nothing to bother us."
"Nothing at all," said Dipper.
He put his arm around Pacifica and the two of them looked on at the gorgeous moon.
"Any secrets about the moon your grunkle Ford was looking into?" Pacifica asked.
"About how it has its own cheese supply?" Dipper joked.
"I don't know if you mean it or if it's a joke," said Pacifica.
"It's a joke."
"Oh, okay."
Or was it? They didn't know for sure.
"Thank you again, Dipper. This is the happiest I've ever been in my whole life," said Pacifica.
"Me too, Pacifica. Me too," Dipper replied.
The two of them shared another kiss while Mabel and her friends were watching from afar.
"Girls, our wedding planning begins," said Mabel.
Her friends nodded in agreement.

Finally, after all this time, Pacifica was able to be more than just a pretty face, and Dipper had gotten the girl of his dreams. It was well for the Pines boy and the Northwest girl, as they would one day become the happiest couple in Gravity Falls.

Dipper x Pacifica: Together At Last
I know I said I wouldn't be doing the shop this month, but this art trade is a freelance one with :icontxtoonguy1037:. I haven't done one with the guy in a while.

It's a Gravity Falls story involving our favorite pairing, Dipcifica. 4 years have passed since that fateful summer, and the two of them spend a lot of time together and catch up. Eventually, it leads to something big.

Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch

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