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I'm now accepting portrait commissions!  They make a great gift and the holiday season will be here before you know it!

I can do family members, pets, celebrities, houses, vehicles and more.  I'm open to themes such as realism or fantasy and different styles for example you'd like yourself drawn as a princess in art nouveau.  If you have an idea, ask me!  :)

I use photos for reference and artists materials vary.  I work either traditionally or digitally...or both.

My fees depend on size, amount of detail and number of subjects.  For example 1 subject on 8.5x11 in monochrome graphite will likely be around $50 without background.  Paypal preferred or will accept certified cheque.  Cash too if you live close enough to deal in person.

I'll do any size but recommend common framing sizes.  I don't supply the frame unless arranged beforehand for a fee.

If you use deviantART notes feature to make inquiries or order please also comment below as I've had technical issues with that feature before.
If you want deviantArt to still exist in your country signing this petition against ACTA is important!…

Another one for good measure (Cause it's just that bad!):…

Send letters in Canada to your local MP to stop C-11 (with new added SOPA laws since you signed the last one):

MP lookup:…

The big record labels are pushing SOPA like laws into Canadian legislation and the world.  We can stop them too if we keep passing it on!

Share ideas:  Facebook, twitter, Google+, DA journals, chat statuses, Blogger, YouTube viral videos, Get creative with it!
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The internet's major sites like Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook...etc are petitioning against Stop Online Piracy Act.

Please see my previous journal for more info cause the strike link above is very disappointingly vague:…

You still have time to petition sites you use! (...I'd just like to point out I did not create any part of this strike page or the form contained in it...Mine would surely have more explanations for everything.)

If you are an artist in the United States you can sign a special petition for artists:… link in comments if you find one that is for Canada or includes other countries.
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  • Watching: A lot less user content if SOPA passes!
  • Playing: Online games will be threatened by SOPA too!
Happy New Year!...with a devil's advocate potential of disaster (not the 2012 doom).

Please take a moment to look up what's happening in Canada with potential passing of Stop Online Piracy Act (Bill C10) because it will very likely affect ALL deviantArt users. Once you've done that please also consider signing the petition and passing it along (OpenMedia is in charge of the petition).

We don't want dA to be blocked or worse over no fault of it's own occasionally having a dishonest or ignorant user posting suspicious content. Under SOPA they would take action without warrant and ask questions later (I wouldn't trust that process to be as speedy as the dead halt of service).

Link to the petition and ways to spread the word:  http/

Even huge entities like Wikipedia Google, Twitter, Amazon and Facebook are seriously considering doing a temporary nuclear style blackouts of services to protest it.

Link to article:…
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  • Watching: A lot less user content if SOPA passes!
  • Playing: Online games will be threatened by SOPA too!
Custom portraits on commission available here!  Stay tuned for pricing info update.  Until then feel free to ask and order!
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I've started another account under my professional name.  I'll post a link to it as soon as there's art on it to see.

Anyways I've been gone a long time from having done so much at school.  
Seneca College - Digital Media Arts grad complete with internship and mentoring awards...and jobless as yet.  Career here I come!
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Who agrees that watched deviations should have thumbnails so you don't need to click on every single one to view them?  This would save people a lot of time and if you're anything like me and watch a lot of people it sounds preferable than not viewing any before deleting the links cause you're sick of clicking all the time.  :)
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The wind whispers
I think of your voice
you are not here right now
I keep you close with a smile remembered
your face as time passes
I can see you again
I can feel you
in a smile

(This is for people who aren't here right now that I would like to see again...there are a lot of them come to think of it.  Includes my dad...when I think of him I try to think that he's happy where he is.)
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I had a great dream last night but then I got up feeling ill cause I was dehydrated in a hot room and my neck was soar.  I still think the dream was worth it cause it made me feel good while I was having it.

The air conditioner was on all night so I don't know why it was hot still...heat from the attic maybe..  

In other news:
I also read something that confused me by telling how some of what I do might be wrong but it doesn't say what to do that is right...guess I'll have to keep looking for that one...nobody wants to just give valuable information for free anymore!
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I feel like I shouldn't have gotten up at all today.  I got up early to play piano cause that's the only time I could go but I didn't get to go.  I really miss people a lot not being able to just leave town whenever.  

I should go to bed earlier so I don't feel this horrible cause it makes everything twice as bad.
I wrote a poem but now I don't know what to do with it...seems too emo to post here now that I've written it...maybe it's one of those things you're supposed to write on paper and then burn it or put in a bottle and let it float far away.  Maybe I'll show it later somewhere.

hmm  I like this mood icon.
My year of school has almost ended and I'm going a little nuts with everything ...I'm making mistakes and not getting stuff done and upsetting people but mostly myself ...I can't remember being so out of it  ...I hope things will return to where they should be now.  It's a sunny day and I'm glad for sunny days.  I love the sun!  :D

I got accepted for the next school year anyway so that's not an issue...not the program I was originally expecting but it might end up better than where I was aimed before.
Even though I know what love is, there is one thing I don't understand.. how can it be true love if there is more than one person? ...If I were to truely love someone and knew they wanted to be with me I don't think I'd have the strength to ever choose another person.

There is lots of love and different kinds of love for sure but true romantic love I don't know how it can be spread around..

I want to watch Princess Bride was funny so if you haven't seen it go find it!

Speaking of love and spreading it around...
For art History we are studying the Mythology of the Greek Gods.  I didn't much enjoy this in high school and having to know sertain things like the family tree seems pointless to me in the face of art history because most of this was not actual history.  
What complicates it is all the insest and adultry making some people in the tree appear on almost every branch (Zeus) and then there isn't even consistant spelling or naming of some of them..multiple sources of the stories.  
I'm left to visualize them as people that I know today instead of trying to think of what they actually were thought to look like because then they'd be totally intangable to me like they were the first time I studied them.  
Man people were different back then...
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Valentines Day makes people lose their minds and do really stupid things...

How do I know?  I've been one of those people!
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One of my journals I realized was highly easily missunderstood so I removed it.  It really was only meant to be read from my point of view.  There are so few people who feel the same way...sadly.
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Today I'm feeling under the weather...feels like under -21 degrees out today and feels like under -40 inside my body.  I was feeling pretty good since christmas but now I'm not so hot...I hope my equilibrium rights itself again really soon.

Maybe I'll watch some Monty.

I sure hope we get to do some more sculpting because I have so much unused moddling clays.
Who else feels left out? ...I'd hold a poll but I don't know if I have that feature.
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What makes this semester better than the start of the last is I have more fun things to use my spare time on like doing stuff with friends and I know my way around better ..I think I'll miss it this summer.

I'm enjoying most of my courses ...especially one based on film and analizing it.  I hope it doesn't ruin some favorite movies for me ...I've only seen 2 movies and 5 clips since it started.  I hope to have much more to talk about after watching movies and understanding how to make them will improve my art too I think.  

Art History is a bit of a puzzle cause it's not that visual so far...if teacher would jot down stuff on the board even it would make things click better in the heads of visual learners like me.  Also we wouldn't miss what she wants us to write down.

Our life drawing teacher I think deserves a raise cause he's so good at explaining stuff.  

I slipped and fell about a week ago on idiotic metal surface inside a school entrance.  My hip seems to be healing and I submitted a letter to each school so they can smarten up!  

Time is something I'm appreciating more and more lately.  I should be doing homework or something right now...crap I need to go out and buy art supplies today...doh!  More time and money down the drain...

Oh and I got a scholarship for being first in my family to go to college and writing an essay about how I was able to get here finally.

This update wouldn't post ...GRRRR good thing it was still there to copy and paste!

Edit:  The letter writing thing comes from my Mom being a letter writer herself and she has proven it works!
Here I am so bored again and wondering the meaning of have fun.  So lacking in that tonight but I'm sure things will improve.

I hope to have at least a little fun this weekend..
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