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I want to hug you like big, fuzzy Siberian bear!
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Rem by dandonfuga

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Mercy by dandonfuga
Pharah by dandonfugaBunny hop! by dandonfugaCheers Love! by dandonfuga
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Alex130198Ferrana's avatar

Awesome and muscular Zarya. Cool!

Petergentt's avatar
Zarya is second best girl
Xonter51stibium's avatar
I seriously can't picture Zarya having that waist. But I love the portrayal.
OP-Chill57's avatar
Man somehow you made even Zarya look hot
AiredaleValkyrie's avatar

>implying buff dangerhaired girls aren't the preference of men of culture

Let me guess, Mercy is your waifu, like every other pleb?

jordancr3's avatar
I can never picture myself being an artist. The amount of patience and detail that you have to put into your art work is something that I will never accomplish. So I applaud you for that.
Ndusk77's avatar
Androgyny at its FINEST.
amazonlover08's avatar
HMMMMMMMMMMMMM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUSHEOUS. Wonderful work thanks for sharing with us :)
The-Wolf-Fury's avatar
For someone who wears large clothing, I say she's got the body for days.
CFSTUDIOS12's avatar
I would totally bang her.😎
rsx0109's avatar
Poker54's avatar
Holy shit zarya sexy. i main her in heroes of the storm auto attack build she is probs my gf if she was real i wish i was an anime so i could be with her :((((
xXNightshade96Xx's avatar
Sexy.~ <3 VERY sexy.
Spoonk's avatar
she is cute and strong
LCSII's avatar
Excellent work
AznavourRainCode2005's avatar
ooohhh yessss zarya is my senpai Honey Senpai's Eyes of Moe (2) 
SchattenLotus's avatar
Zarya is Proof that Genetics work different for EVERY kind of Person alive :XD: :D
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