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Mei sketch ♥
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Zarya by dandonfuga
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Hanzo and Mercy by dandonfuga
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thorman's avatar
cool what great pic sexy and hot of mei is awesome and fantastic in love she is beautiful in love is one great work congratulataiosn friend:D:)
DarkFrgli's avatar
more mei, please!
DukeUsunA's avatar
Actually I love this emotion
luiscarlosbetran's avatar
Velma or irma or mei
Ayyyron's avatar
This is the bestt
DarkFrgli's avatar

Good work buddy! I loved it! very cute, Does more arts like that with mei or other female characters in the game, but mostly mei, like mei losing his pants in half battle in public, in front of someone and always be ashamed ... Hahaha, I know it can be Humiliation but Mei is Mei, thanks!
Davethetoaster's avatar
they took Velma 

and made her asian 
name me what could be better
mei's not fat,it's just the outfit
potente789's avatar
YOU do very tightly rendered professional looking work- I admire your style , and Elias Chatzoudis as well - do you do work for graphic novels - for you surely have great talent! the drawing  I favved - 'IZ A REEL CUTEE' !!!
A FAN , Jerry Potente
MeiIsChill's avatar
This is a - MEI - zing! ^^
Foxboy614's avatar
She looks so adorable.
QueenNachos's avatar
my boyfriend says I look exactly like Mei
Redlight47's avatar
Thats a lucky boyfriend if thats the cadr
QueenNachos's avatar
Foxboy614's avatar
I'd take that as a compliment. Mei is very cute and cuddly.
MeiIsChill's avatar
Foxboy614's avatar
You're welcome. :)
QueenNachos's avatar
Foxboy614's avatar
alphys90's avatar
This one is just a-MEI-zing!
theEyZmaster's avatar
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