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Toph Bei Fong

Hello guys!

Here is my take on Toph, she's my fav girl in the Avatar TLA series. <3
I made her a few years older :)

Many thanks to all who took part in my poll, Poison Ivy won ♥♥♥



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An interesting take on adult Toph.

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Toph looks so gorgeous in this picture! Wonderful job!
WOah! Wa'snt expecting to simply stumble upon this by accident!!!
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She certainly grew up, to one beautiful woman. Great Job on her.
I love it! Toph is my fave!
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She looks older and less grumpy.
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Toph looks smoking hot here!:horny: revamp 
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She's my fave girl in the original series as well! :D This is beautiful! :heart: 
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170K views and every single one of them deserved. This is phenomenal.
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Whaa she's so pretty *_* <3
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Astounding beauty
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Absolutely beautiful depiction of Toph as a grown woman!
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Wow, that is really good. Great job.
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*thump*... the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. 

Just beautiful work. 
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