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A epic piece of work. I like the realism and the beauty.

Xonter51stibium's avatar
Why is she so freaking creepy and SO FREAKING PRETTY?!
LePreuxChevalier's avatar
Bless this work. <3
Redsterfish's avatar
thotslayer420-911's avatar
Haha, my kids love this one!
BobtheSkull666's avatar
Dayum! O.O I gotta say you did her justice!
doulikedarkness's avatar
i fap to this, what a masterpiece
Edwardv17's avatar
:wow: Tharja!  You are looking so good :)
KevtheGamer's avatar
Cute tummy. Nice with the shades of dark colors as well as her entire body. ;) (Wink) 
aciddmaus23's avatar
truly stunning image!!!!
GeisKing1's avatar
Fantastic detail and pose.
Crossup's avatar
AndrewChaconArt's avatar
That gaze is magnetic
Conradwlewis's avatar
You did a awesome job on her. Those eyes are perfect.  
DarkTwilight92's avatar
Bojo72rocco's avatar
The creepy and beautiful Tharja... Really nice!
Arkana099's avatar
I love how you draw her
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