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Rayne from Bloodrayne♥

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Hot gorgeous vamp Lovey-dovey Fella (Love)

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that's a badass babe :)

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This makes me want to blow some time and actually watch Bloodrayne. THX!

God she is so hot! I wish they made an anime of Bloodrayne. Excellent artwork.

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Next do Rayne's nemesis, Bathory Mengele.

WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar

Underrated and forgotten!

I think you did an impressive job with her body and clothing, the fine details and lines are very good.

Kuato-Lives's avatar

I love all of this.

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Best Bloodrayne in like ten years

Those were the days. Great work.

I was going to say how it looks like some artistic license has been taken with her look, but then I remembered even her official art varied widely from game to game. This more than qualifies as a faithful representation in lieu of that.

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It is so incredibly unfortunate Bloodrayne Betrayal was such as massive letdown. I quite enjoy this sexy redhead female dhampir. I mean can you imagine if Platinum Games were hypothetically asked to develop a Bloodrayne video game. Of course I don't even know who even owns the rights to her with the company responsible for the first two titles filing for bankruptcy. Now then with all of that said,it it time to give my thoughts on the image I am looking at. Rayne is on the prowl,searching for vampires to slay and then feed on their blood. She has always been a busty woman and you adhere to this perfectly. Not to mention,she has stellar curves. Watching her sway her hips back and forth is hypnotic without having to use her vampire gifts. Her arm blades are as sharp as they can be along with her enhanced senses. Great job on this masterpiece of a artwork showcasing why Rayne needs to make a comeback.

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lovely. too few rayne artwork these days, great job

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Rayne was always one of my favourite video game characters, even more so than Lara Croft?

The movie's did the character no justice what so ever and it is a shame they stopped making the game.

I would certainly pick up on the franchise again if Rayne looked anything like that character you have created in the scene, lets hope there are enough fans out there to want to keep the franchise going:D

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I totally agree with you)

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Still one of the sexiest women in a game

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OH MY GAH!😍 Nude version PLS! 😊

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It's never a Pain when you draw BloodRayne *shot*

Very nice work, mate. She looks lovely. :)

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Awesome! I wish they'd make a new BloodRayne game.

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There is supposedly a remaster/remake of the first and superion BloodRayne. I hope for remaster but I doubt they will leave Rayne sexiness intact or as detailed gore system as it was in the original.

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