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Pyrrha (RWBY)

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Yang Xiao Long by dandonfuga
Pharah by dandonfugaGrumpy Maria by dandonfugaBunny hop! by dandonfugaJuri Han (SFV) by dandonfuga
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TonyBenBlaze's avatar

I miss her so much

NeoTamer101's avatar
And THIS is one of the reasons why I think Jaune was one lucky SOB
xbox432's avatar
Amazing art all around, though I will also say that the scroll work you did on her weapon was far more detailed than I usually see, great work. Not to mention the fact that you're one of the few artists I know who sign your work in areas that won't detract from the overall image of your work. That was a clever idea putting your name on the barrel/grip like a maker's mark.
BindersoftGames's avatar
*Thanos snaps the fingers*
CascadingJewels's avatar
Liam-mitaxa's avatar
this is awesome! great work
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...a red-head with green eyes and a fine body.  it really doesn't get much better than that.
Speak for yourself.
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...yeah, that's exactly what I was doing -- same as everyone else in here.
*SIGHS* Why did they kill her off, just so Rwby could move in on Jaun?
Emilion-3's avatar
Very impressive.
DarkGodess13's avatar
I love her this is awesome she is awesome! XD
jmtnaico129's avatar
Pyrrha is my favorite rwby character. she looks amazing
thorman's avatar
wuau what pic awesome and fantastic of pyrrha she is sexy and hot in love is one great work congratulations friend:D:)
Her eyes are very alluring.
Azunon's avatar
*Is now crying*
Atlessa's avatar
Dangit... you have to do more RWBY... xD
MarshalJimmyRaynor's avatar
Absolutely stunning piece.
WilliamFDrake's avatar
I just watched Volume 3 and I'm so, so sad about her.
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